EPC Group offers industry leading Office 365 Power BI solutions and consulting services to meet the needs of cloud-based and hybrid cloud environments. Microsoft Office 365's Power BI contains a collection of features and services that enables organizations to visualize data and share these discoveries in a very similar manner as SharePoint 2016's on-premise business intelligence environmental capabilities.

EPC Group's Hybrid Cloud Advisory Practice implements Power BI solutions in both cloud-based and hybrid cloud scenarios for organizations which have both SharePoint 2016 on-premise as well as Office 365 in the cloud for the seamless reporting of data of different classification types (PII, PHI, HIPAA, EU and/or less confidential data) to limit risk and compliance concerns.

Power BI provides organizations with a cloud-based self-service business intelligence (BI) infrastructure and brings the Excel workbook sharing and online collaboration together. EPC Group's Power BI consulting and tailored solutions allow teams to work together to analyze sets of data in "Shared Queries."

It is important for organizations to assess their current situation as well as plan and implement solutions to meet these needs, especially when SharePoint 2016 and/or Office 365 is at the core of those needs, to ensure it is scalable for any future hybrid cloud requirements.


EPC Group's deep expertise in designing and implementing hybrid cloud architectures enables seamless connectivity for on-premises data to be securely accessed in the cloud. Power BI works seamlessly with Excel to create content, data models and visualizations and also providing the capability to share, collaborate and extend those insights.

EPC Group will work with you to review your organization's licensing model to ensure you procure the capabilities required to meet your exact needs.

Power BI's features and functionality are robust and as follows:

  • Power Query allows users to easily discover and connect to data from public and corporate data sources
  • Power Pivot allows users the ability to create a sophisticated Data Model directly in Excel
  • Power View creates reports and analytical views with interactive data visualizations and search capabilities for your organization's users
  • Power Map provides for users to explore and navigate geospatial data on a 3D map experience in Excel

Power BI sites in Office 365's SharePoint Online allow users to share, view and interact with reports in a collaborative manner. EPC Group provides expertise in Power BI's Q&A feature that uses natural language queries to find, explore and report your data in the format and to the device you desire.

Power BI's Query and Data Management features allow your users to share and manage queries and data sources and view query usage analytics. EPC Group will design and implement a business intelligence solution for your organization's Office 365 platform with Power BI site for users to share, view and interact with the available reports.

To learn more about EPC Group's Business Intelligence Consulting Services and Solutions, visit EPC Group's Business Intelligence offerings page.