10 Ways Cloud Support Providers can Transform & Streamline Your Operations

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Oct, 09, 2019 02:10

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Cloud Managed Services providers refers to the practice of outsourcing your daily IT management of your cloud-based needs to an outside vendor to supplement your technical support your cloud managed solutions and enhance your business performance and operations.

Often, internal IT resources don’t possess the skills or have the time to effectively monitor and maintain the complexities of a cloud environment. Sometimes clients with particularly sensitive or business-critical applications choose to manage them internally. Others you may want to be carefully monitored by a cloud managed solutions expert, who will react when something goes awry. Managed cloud services provider like EPC Group will manage your cloud security, computing, storage needs, optimize network operations, application stacks and much more.

Whichever combination best fits your organization, the result should be a flexible, managed cloud solution that is tailored to meet your exact business needs in a way that leaves you better prepared to deal with the challenges of modern IT. Whether you have a multi-tenant or hybrid cloud environment, cloud managed service providers like EPC Group possess extensive knowledge to support your environment and supplement any management gaps.

Considering outsourcing your IT needs to an experienced cloud managed provider? Here are a few cloud management benefits you can enjoy by partnering with an experienced managed cloud expert:


1. Saves you money & more efficient

Cloud managed services afford you the flexibility by helping manage what you’re spending and how often your spending on these services. With this structure you decide how much you’re willing to pay for IT services each month and have the peace of mind of knowing that you will always have a predictable and consistent monthly bill while reducing costly network maintenance expenses.

Staffing a full-time, IT department is expensive and often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses with less complex networks or cloud infrastructures. Outsourcing to a cloud managed solutions provider like EPC Group can save you thousands each year on cost when compared to that of an in-house IT department.

2. A managed cloud partner ensures a strong Infrastructure  

When it comes to your technology, it’s critical to have a solid infrastructure that can support your organizations needs and the needs of your customers and employees.

Cloud infrastructure is configured with code and it would take months for an in-house team of software engineers to develop scripts that configure all of your applications.

EPC Group has entire libraries of scripts ready to go with security and compliance solutions requiring only minor tailoring for every client’s unique case.

Cloud managed services providers like EPC Group that offer a robust network infrastructure with 24/7 real-time monitoring and management are ideal candidates to partner with.

Depending on your service level agreement or contract, your cloud managed solutions partner can monitor and scan your network for patch requirements, security, and more.

EPC Group’s cloud managed services team also spends time making sure the union from your legacy systems smoothly integrates with the new ones they set into place. Integrating business practices and policies to manage your network to meet your businesses goals.

3. Cloud Security

With cloud managed services, your data is safe and secure across all cloud platforms and applications. If disaster strikes, you’ll rest easy knowing your organization can continue to run with minimal downtime. EPC Group provides disaster recovery as a service. With this solution, EPC Group will back up your entire environment, so you always have a duplicate to fall back on.

Now more than ever, it’s becoming more and more important to protect your network from cybercriminals and online attacks.

What kind of network security strategy does your organization have in place that can prevent these cyber-attacks? What’s your plan if a cyber-attack does occur?

Utilizing an experience cloud managed services provider like EPC Group is a great way to stay on top of your network’s security. It all comes down to having a proactive strategy in place and abandoning the reactive mindset.

In the unfortunate event of a cyber-attack or a system going down, your business and operations can continue to run smoothly without facing hours or sometimes days of downtime.

4. Quick Response Times / One-Call Resolution

One of the best ways to stay on top of all aspects of your business is by enjoying quick resolutions to issues that may arise. Here at EPC Group we pride ourselves on one-call resolutions. Your organization can expect quick response times through your monitoring and remote managed cloud services agreement with EPC Group. We can monitor and repair virtually any network issue remotely. If you must resolve an issue locally, we will deploy a technician within the same business day.

If EPC Group can’t resolve the problems that are occurring immediately, we will respond quickly (within 1 hours or less) to let you know that we are working on solutions. We have Guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLA) in place to ensure we are there for you.

5. Managed Cloud offers custom integrated scalable service

With cloud managed service providers, you can scale your resources up or down as your needs change. No more getting stuck with excess equipment or scrambling to find resources during busy times. This empowers your business to operate more efficiently and implement rapid changes when necessary.

One cloud management benefit is that some providers offer pay-per-service or payment plans, enabling your business tofocus funds when issues arise. EPC Group provides more of a converged solution, which produces even more cost savings. These converged solutions may include security protection and network monitoring.

6. Leveraging a team of dedicated cloud managed solutions Experts

With a team of certified engineers, managed service providers are well-versed on the latest technologies and trends like Power BI and Microsoft Teams. They can also support the cloud platform of your choice, be it Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and others.

When you employ an in-house IT staff, your IT personnel will have to spend company time training when a new technology or when a required upgrade gets released. Our EPC Group cloud managed cloud technicians are already prepared to manage the latest technology.

EPC Group’s broad range of experience and dedicated team of experts means that it can offer the best in solution design and implementation. Our team of solution architects design business-focused cloud solutions every day so that you can maximize your cloud management benefits.

7. Centralized network services & applications

With a managed cloud network, EPC Group manages all applications and servers in a central data center. This increases network availability and raises employee production. Your remote network users can access centralized data within the same network including virtual services while building storage and backup into a centralized network

8. Modernizing your infrastructure

Leveraging EPC Group to modernize your infrastructure is one of the best ways of ensuring the long-term resilience of your business going forward. Being stuck with legacy on-premises systems in today’s fast-changing, modern marketplace can create serious challenges for businesses looking to compete for market share.

Migrating to a cloud environment is the first step in modernizing your organizations IT infrastructure.

9. Compliance

A full-service cloud managed services cloud hosting provider can ensure you stay compliant.    

EPC Group follows strict security standards around HIPAA and PHI as well as with industry leading encryption standards. Cloud managed service providers can help you stay compliant by getting to know your business and developing customized solutions that are bullet-proof to help you achieve your underlying business goals and improve your bottom line.

10. Automatic Upgrades

On-premise servers can be troublesome and extremely susceptible to unplanned additional maintenance and security costs. These can cause companies to have to invest significant amount of expenses to ensure that their servers remain functional. With managed cloud services, the service provider takes this off your plate. EPC Group will provide regular updates and maintenance, liberating your organization form these types of unplanned expenses.


If you are looking for an experienced managed cloud service provider please feel free to reach out to schedule a call and request a quote.

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