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Microsoft Teams Updates For Meetings And Webinars

Teams Updates For Meetings And Webinars

Breakout room retention and participant reassignment Breakout rooms are a great way to bring participants into small groups for things like lively conversations and brainstorming sessions.  Organizers can now reassign participants even when rooms are opened. Breakout room assignments also now persist over multiple sessions. This is how to create break rooms: Start the meeting In […]

What Are The Limitations Of Power BI?

Limitations Of Power BI e1656004595305

Power BI is used by BI developers, IT professionals, subject matter experts, and business analysts. Some components of power BI are power pivot and power maps and many more. These all components help in letting data in power Bi, alter it, edit it, and generate a lot of patterns. With several benefits of this business […]

What Is The Power BI Deployment Pipeline?

Power BI deployment pipeline

Today, analytics is an important aspect of every corporation. As the use of Power BI keeps on increasing, it needs to consume a large amount of data, be easy to learn and use, enable effortless collaboration among the workers. Also, it needs to be scalable, reliable, and always up for use. Different layers of BI […]