How is Microsoft Azure Marketplace an Expert at Cloud Computing Services?

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Aug, 24, 2022 05:08

How is Microsoft Azure Marketplace an Expert at Cloud Computing Services?

Welcoming you to a marketplace, where one can discover, deploy and try customized cloud software, is Azure marketplace. Being a virtual store, Azure Marketplace is inclusive of thousands of software applications and IT services that are built by advanced technology companies, leading the industry.

Browsing apps is like finding what you exactly need in the Azure marketplace. Hence, simplifying your search with the help of filtering and refining the search options, Azure offers you the best app solutions. Interestingly, vendor name, keywords, or product name is decided by you.

Hence, Microsoft Azure Marketplace is that final destination, where you optimize your software need. And this premier software option is ready to run on Azure. Microsoft is this providing end-to-end solution architecture that is reliable and quick to respond.

Azure Marketplace is an open-source container platform

See when you explore an app gallery at Azure Marketplace, the best part about your research will be a free trial! Now, this test drive narrows your result and helps you to find the best operating system, pricing model, product type, and publisher as per your need.

Azure Marketplace even lets you filter your catalog categories like Security, networking, storage, DevOps, and analytics. And thereby selection of subcategories become easy.

It simplifies your software and IT management requirement with a simplified solution infrastructure that provides:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Price elasticity
  4. Deployment of multiple methods
  5. Streamlining procurement of software
  6. Standardize contract agreements
  7. Offers consolidated billing
  8. Centralized subscription management
  9. Virtually advanced invoicing
  10. Microsoft preferred solutions

Microsoft preferred cloud computing service

Because it includes Microsoft preferred solutions, hence filtering catalog is done through the preferred solutions badge given at the app card on the service window.

Microsoft is offering you their experts and these problem-solving techniques are published by Microsoft partners. We indeed want you to know that Microsoft Gold partners like EPC guide you with their deep and proven expertise and belief in the Azure marketplace.

The capability of this platform is beyond perfection and hence addressing each of your needs as a customer, becomes our industry vertical as well.


Get your personalized solution Immediately at Azure Marketplace

While you tap your selection, Microsoft still supports a test drive. This testing is like a curated demo in which you don’t require to select any configuration option. Hence, this semi-final step helps you to decide whether the solution architecture meets your business demands or not.

You can also click free trial, where the software provider will be glad to kick start a demo of your solution. And then with due respect, you can order the provider to contact you to purchase the solution directly.

Any payment method is accepted with a couple of billing options, making your acquisition quick and readily customized. It is noteworthy that all the products at Azure marketplace are duly certified and comply with the security standards.

Optimizing Innovation through Azure Marketplace

While accessing a top purchase for your business solution, your priority is Azure priority. Hence, procurement of a streamlined deployment program through the Azure marketplace is the most comprehensive platform for your diverse demands.

While Microsoft has simplified your billing procedure, it has also supported a seamless deployment of apps in your system. Not only this, Innovation has accelerated like never before!

Coming to the Cloud computing part of the Azure marketplace, it has eased down the regular requirements of a refine OS where configuring, monitoring and provisioning become an integral part of your selected solution.

Integration of a marketplace at a centralized platform, and timely delivery of the same, results in a high-performing business where on-premises cloud data sources are integrated as per security standards pre-determines by Microsoft experts.

Explore more apps in the Azure marketplace for a consistent unified billing and enhanced user experience

With continuous monitoring of your purchased apps, building modern solutions becomes easy. Your feedback or suggestions help Microsoft to refine the search results for the entire IT community.

This step helps to reduce the operational complexities while searching for a high-performance secure solution that fits your business. The focus of Azure marketplace is to provide you with a transparent pool in which you get what you are looking for.

Hence, this marketplace becomes a fully managed cloud computing expert service that can enhance the user experience. It makes your business lead the logical tracing analytics for following better trends in the IT sector.


Publish your app for the better customer base

Keeping aside the purchase option, just like any common market, the sales/publish option is given to reach more customers. Interestingly, you can reach up to 4 million users per month. It has driven revenue with this partner-focused commercial marketplace platform through:

  1. Commercialization of Azure marketplace for solutions.
  2. Making the selling process with Microsoft.
  3. Driving higher revenue models.
  4. Global exposure to your published solutions.
  5. Giving marketing support with Azure marketplace rewards.
  6. Teaming up with Cloud partners
  7. Provision of a robust cloud ecosystem for every user
  8. Reaching more customers and accelerating growth architecture
  9. Directing the salesforce with transacting capabilities
  10. Creating awareness and training with Microsoft field sales channels
  11. Forrester consulting Total economic Impact scrutiny commissioned by Microsoft.

Azure Marketplace listing Directions

This component gives you a brief about guidelines for listing your new offers on Azure Marketplace. All offers are listed only when they meet the listing standards and are developed for most of the offers.

  1. Offer Title keeping online promotion as its basic requirement
  2. Display of Logo correctly
  3. Summarized yet quality offer Description
  4. Offering capabilities in categories and subcategories divided clearly.
  5. Listing image requirements in the partner center
  6. In the case, where you require video, the quality parameters need to be reached
  7. Must always provide contact information
  8. Provision for multiple billing should be available
  9. Helpdesk options and support should be included
  10. All the terms and conditions with a definite set of policies are mandatory to be displayed

Now the above green checks are just a few guidelines through which you can publish your managed service cloud solution in the Azure marketplace. Azure Lighthouse serves the rest of the delegate subscription management.

EPC analyzing your solution requirements and troubleshooting your Azure marketplace concerns

To make you learn the publishing and managing considerations, EPC provides you with a set of required accepting rules to help you acquire the best solution or to publish your considerations.

Being an expert at explaining the long-term worth of cloud computing services, we always look forward to giving you a detailed explanation of how Azure works for your business.

Here, Azure marketplace is providing you with an expert platform that is backed by quick access to new built-in roles with Azure Lighthouse characteristics.

Creating manages service cloud, with powerful asset management IT techniques, a commercial marketplace like Azure is leading the customer onboarding process. It offers you access control and grants you management experiences that are cross-tenant.

Getting the most out of your marketing efforts is significant to making a cloud business strategy and accelerating your customer base. EPC being your best practice solution guide helps you to draw more customer attention with the perfect Azure marketplace solution app. We are being meaningful towards your online marketplace requirements and will guide you towards finding, buying, trying, deploy the development solutions at this commercialized marketplace.

Welcome to the Azure Marketplace and procure:

  1. Best marketing practices
  2. Cloud solution providers
  3. Best Offer listing practices
  4. Best Troubleshooting solutions
  5. Authenticated Dynamics 365 operational apps.

Please feel free to reach the best practices guided by EPC for Microsoft Expert Cloud computation solutions at Azure Marketplace.

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