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Big Data Solutions – Seamless and Secure


EPC Group has a defined approach to big data initiatives and we will provide you with real solutions to your specific business problem. We ensure that your big data initiative is aligned with the right technology solutions and the right approach to ensure the project’s success.

There are a large number of startups and vendors claiming to have the “single solution” to meet your organization’s big data problem.  At EPC Group, we have a defined and proven strategy of first identifying an underlying business problem and then selecting the technology architecture to address it as big data initiatives require a “reverse engineering” approach in order to be successful and scalable over time.

EPC Group’s information architecture teams, combined with our infrastructure and database architecture teams have been addressing and implementing business intelligence solutions for over a decade.

Big data initiatives, however, do differ from most business intelligence (BI) related initiatives and it is key to first understand and analyze the true business drivers so that the solution is capable of scaling in both size and “data type frequency” to provide real big data ROI to your organization.


Over the past 10+ years, EPC Group has been involved in testing and implementing an array of big data technologies to ensure we are providing our clients with real solutions to meet their needs.

Big data initiatives must be approached in manner that not only provides for the development of IT’s technology-related “big data roadmap” but also ensure the key business stakeholders understand what data they are generating and how they intend to use it to meet their current need.

EPC Group provides our clients with true value by providing an understanding, to both the business and technology stakeholders, of what other organizations within their industry are doing with big data and providing industry experts who will work to uncovering the opportunities that exist.

The business side of the organization typically does not understand what the true value-add is or the possibilities that IT can provide them around what they are currently doing and EPC Group will help you to bridge that gap.

Are there metrics or analytics that your organization could obtain that would set you apart from your competitors or open up an entire new method to address real business needs?

EPC Group’s 20+ years of consulting experience has allowed us to gain insights into many different business verticals and understand the technology systems and data that drive their success.


As EPC Group engages with your organization and works with both the business and IT to help identify the business need, we will work with you to provide the best option and then configure and deploy the technology into your organization’s architecture in a seamless manner.

EPC Group ensures the big data solution is implemented in a manner that builds upon your existing IT assets and we look to identify cost savings throughout the architecture design to ensure your organization takes advantage of the existing licensing and systems you already have in place.

EPC Group provides for expertise in both SQL Server as well as Hadoop and can provide proven architectures for nodes and related scalability. Our goal is to provide you with a solution and true understanding around any possible hardware investments (both on-premise or in the cloud) as big data initiatives require a “thought process shift” away from the SAN and into areas such as nodes and clusters.

We will work with your organization to develop a defined roadmap that will provide transparency around the data sizing estimates as well as the required technology infrastructure and support it for both the near and long-term.

EPC Group’s big data approach and the transparency we provide allows you to budget and plan for the long-term as we are able to define the business problem, align the right technology solution to address it, provide data storage estimates and architecture to support it and work with you to review and then procure the right infrastructure hosting solution to store it.


EPC Group also provides for big data consulting services and related management services to provide a strategy and approach for the administration and day-to-day operations of your big data initiatives.

With EPC Group’s expertise around both on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures, we can provide an answer to long-term support as well as “administration integration” options available to you based on the operations model your organization currently has in place.

Your big data initiative will need to integrate over time with your business intelligence and analytics solutions and EPC Group will ensure your big data architecture is designed with the enterprise standards required to support this key element.

EPC Group’s development teams can provide you with the expertise required for your big data development and programming needs as we support a wide-range of .NET, Java and other key development frameworks required to ensure the success of your big data initiative.