SharePoint Field Guide Advice from the Consulting Trenches eBook
SharePoint 2013 Field Guide – Advice from the Consulting Trenches – eBook by Errin O’Connor. Chapters 1-2 and 3
Author: Errin O'Connor
Publish: June 8, 2018
Publisher: EPC Group
Translator: English USA
Format: ebook
Pages: 117
Country: USA
Language: English
Dimension: pdf
File size(e-book): 2.40 MB
Reader's Review: A phenomenal book! Practical, real-world expertise that gets results. And I say this not as a newbie to SharePoint, but like this team at EPC, I've worked with SharePoint since the early days - since version SPS 2003, starting in 2005 - so not quite as long (or extensive) as them! But a ton of experience, and what they've developed and shared here helped me transition well into 2013 a couple years ago - especially as I was about to ramp up on a new and exciting project. It's a reference book I still come back to, and just sorry it took me so long to come back and review it. Kudos guys! Great book...
5.0 rating
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About E-Book:

The main goal of this book is to provide a central resource that shares lessons learned, best practices, and an unfiltered version of real methodologies covering what really works and what pitfalls you should avoid. Within the next 18 chapters, I have put together a compilation of what I have learned from working with clients “in the trenches” on consulting initiatives of all shapes and sizes, from small to mid-size organizations, as well as enterprise and global organizations


Whether you are upgrading or migrating from a previous version of SharePoint, or are new to SharePoint, this book covers all aspects of every type of SharePoint implementation I have experienced since I started beta testing “Tahoe” (SharePoint 2001) back in late 2000. With the new offerings of SharePoint 2013, Office 365, and SharePoint Online, this publication will provide you the “from the consulting trenches” perspective in this fifth version of SharePoint, to cover all the moving pieces that encompass a successful initiative that will stand the test of time.

Errin OConnor
Author Details:

Errin is EPC Group’s overall Chief Architect and project sponsor, captaining EPC Group’s experienced team of architects and consultants. He will be directly involved in recommending, architecting, and implementing design and development tasks that will meet the exact business and functional requirements of your organization. Errin works closely with our project team to ensure the effort meets all stated objectives. EPC Group’s team will provide engagement management including monitoring and adherence policy and immediate escalation of any items that may impact project delivery.

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