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Business Consulting Services & Solutions

EPC Group’s IT Business consulting team partners with CIOs, CFOs and IT executives to implement business driven technology strategies that ensure organizations maximize the return on information systems investments while minimizing risk. EPC Group combines change management consulting and technical services to help clients drive successful transformational technology projects and strategies. Today’s competitive environment demands more cutting edge innovation and change management strategies that align with the marketplace and opportunities to improve productivity, efficiency, market share and profitability.

We work with businesses to develop a strategy, build a case for change and manage the journey towards achieving their goals. EPC Group understands the efforts required for business transformation across job roles, responsibilities and organizational units. We work closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their business to begin implementing strategies for measurable results and immediate impact. We look for new ways of doing things and strive to deliver a clear vision for our clients through practical strategies based on data, capabilities and business culture.

Our strengths lie in business and technology expertise in business analysis, technology, data analytics and user centric design.


EPC Group provides our clients with proven analytics services that assists them in making educated and data-driven strategic decisions to implement related business improvements. Process innovation involves re-evaluating and redesigning processes for high-impact results often with the use of technological improvements.


EPC Group maximizes the value of IT by helping you develop an IT strategic plan that is fully aligned with the underlying strategic goals of the business. We help our clients identify and get buy-in, for the business benefits of change, particularly when there is a lack of support from the rest of the organization. EPC Group achieves this through a “business driver assessment” which looks at the vision and strategy, business case for change, impact of change on the organization and training and support. EPC Group process then leads us to develop a pragmatic, robust and tangible plan to help our clients find a successful way forward.

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Architecture Design and Roadmap Development


EPC Group believes that at the core of all successful projects is good requirements management, and to that end, we help our clients with stakeholder engagement, scope definition, capturing information, validation, compliance and change control. We bring together the right stakeholders and get their buy-in.

  • We communicate project details clearly
  • We uncover the risks involved in a project early
  • We understand costs, maintain control of projects and help our clients make rapid decisions


We work with organizations deploying technologies by working with them to design integrated processes to ensure technology deployments align with IT goals, business needs, strategic needs and requirements of the organization.


Our experts deliver well architected federated identity management solutions for seamless authentication and authorization. EPC Group diligently implements sound solutions to address regulatory concerns, security concerns and strategies to rectify and prevent productivity issues resulting from scattered sources of identity and security management.

  • Access Management Policy and Standards
  • Unified Communications and Identity and Access Management architecture, design and deployment services, advisory and strategies
  • Unified Communications and Identity Access Management design and implementation best practices
  • Identity Credential Selection and Directly Services: User/Group/Role profiling and consolidation
  • Identity Federation Strategy and Implementation


EPC Group provides over a decade of proven strategies that can help turn risk and compliance efforts into true ROI opportunities to drive sustainable underlying business value. As the overall business and regulatory environment continues to quickly evolve, many organizations face unprecedented regulatory scrutiny and emerging and systemic risks that can challenge traditional strategies and assumptions. We help you in defining security policies that align with your business goals and making them operational with a robust architecture, relevant document procedures and meaningful controls. We design and develop IT risk management and governance programs, including policies and procedures, program charters, IT risk assessments, risk metrics and reporting and IT risk awareness training. Our information security experts help to establish security management frameworks, strategies, procedures and operating models.

  • Data Discovery
  • Data Classification
  • Data Leakage
  • Encryption and Storage
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Privacy Management and Implementation