Composing Collaborating Business Reports via Microsoft Power BI

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Composing Collaborating Business Reports via Microsoft Power BI

Business reports are just like any other report that apprise us by summarizing and reviewing a specific condition, matter, or actual facts and then make recommendations to the group, person, or business owner asking for the report. Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software services and applications that slog together to turn dissimilar sources of information into comprehensible and interactive understandings. It helps in creating and automating business reports and saves a lot of time, effort, and money as well.

What are the Business reports and their objective for an organization?

Business reports are very important gear for any profession no matter what their size or operations are. They deliver a means to track and examine the performance of the business and at the same time also classify the parts that require upgrading and have the potential for growth. Similarly, the main drive of a business report is to make an available grave analysis of how the business is pursuing in all extents of the organization.

What are the different types of reports in business:

Informative Business Report

Informational reports are prepared to provide information in such an evocative way that addresses a specific subject or state or problem. They are formal reports and different from informal reports. It provides statistics in a comprehensive and detailed way which is used by those in power to gain a vision on the issue, this is why they are called informative reports.

Analytical Business Report

Secondly, an analytical report is a kind of a business report that includes three things-information, analysis, and recommendations. Besides that, the main purpose of analytical reports is to inspect business opportunities within the existing market.

Research Business Report 

There is not much of a difference between a business research report and an academic research report. The main purpose of both is to research a particular subject to collect more data about it. The most common topics are budget research and customer service satisfaction research.

Explanatory Business Report 

An explanatory report is needed when a topic or a situation has to be explained in such a way that everyone can understand it with ease. These are basically ideal business reports that include common sales reports, Item Sales reports, or weekly or annual performance reports.

Progress Business Report 

A progress report is commercial writing calculated to inform or update someone on various tasks taking place in the business. Majorly written to update managers as project status reports, project investors, or company-wide updates. A progress report is a proper, documented, and organized means of keeping people posted.

Business Process Automation

A merger of the Automated Business reports with Business Intelligence:

Report automation is a procedure through which marketing reports are formed and robotically updated using a software system. The assembled data can then be sent to detailed email addresses on a steady basis with programmed email dispatches. It puts you on the trail to be an organization that is more driven by data and facts. 

Report automation saves a lot of time by automating the parts of the reporting procedure that does not necessitate human perception and gives plenty of options to enhance those perceptions where they matter most. Business intelligence, however, is about taking practical verdicts to collect data to ask questions like why/how certain things are happening. 

A business intelligence app with integral automated reporting can bring the benefits of both approaches to the business. By making use of the BI application as a sole evidence source, anyone and everyone can study the same kinds of statistics and work from a single source to get information and visions. Moreover, simply fitting together several data sources and calm creation of reports and dashes let your operators get what they want and get on with their jobs, without any help from the IT.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence tool for reports generation

  1. Integrates seamlessly with existing applications:

Power BI Integration fits in quite easily with your current business environment permitting you to approve analytics and report proficiencies.

  1. Personalized dashboards:

The best feature of Power BI is the suggestion dashboards, you can tailor it exactly as is needed by any enterprise. Also, you can insert the dashboards and BI reports in the occupational applications to deliver a united user experience.

  1. Publish reports with utmost safety:

This tool aids you to arrange planned info and put out reports permitting all the users to avail the newest information.

  1. No particular technical support needed:

Additionally, Power BI offers supple analysis without the necessity for expert technical care. It supports an influential ordinary language interface and the use of spontaneous graphical designer tools.

  1. Extracting business intellect speedily:

It assists you in changing your enterprise data into quality illustrations, thus mining commercial intelligence for better-quality decision-making using predictive analysis.

  1. Balanced Format:

The in-memory inspection technology and DAX scripting linguistic are two exquisite examples of a sense of balance between simplicity and presentation.

  1. Progressive Data facilities:

Microsoft Power BI progress teams can aid in mixing the atmosphere flawlessly with liberal cloud facilities like Cognitive services, Cortana, or Bot framework. Thus, delivering outcomes for the voiced data query given using ordinary accepted language.

Step by Step guide to create a Google Analytics report in Power BI:

  1. Firstly, sign Up on Power BI using your email address for free. 
  2. After signing up, you will see four different boxes namely MY ORGANIZATION, SERVICES, FILES, DATABASES. Choose the SERVICES box and click on the ‘Get’ button given under. 
  3. Search for Google Analytics app, then click on ‘Get it now
  4. Click on the ‘Sign in’ button. 
  5. Select your Google account.
  6. Allow Power BI to access your Google Analytics.
  7. Select your Google Analytics account, property and see whose data and you want to see in your mind’s eye and then tap on the ‘import’ button. 

Emerging research reports with the help of Power BI

  1. First and foremost, Get the data together and understand what the data is trying to tell you. 
  2. Combine the files in Power BI. 
  3. Once you transfer the data into the Power BI, generate a lookup via drag and drop interface. 
  4. Power BI uses an interrogation language called DAX, which is just like the syntax in Excel and creates measures as per your report.
  5. That’s it, there you have your business research report, you can always make changes as per your need.

Getting a Reality Check of the business by generating a Progressive Report:

  1. Select the Home tab and then click on Get Data on the Power BI desktop. 
  2. In the Get Databox, tap on the SharePoint Online List and then connect.
  3. Thirdly, enter the URL for your SharePoint site. 
  4. Choose your Project details, the ones you want to analyze, and tap on Edit.
  5. Remove unnecessary columns and add or remove data as you like. 
  6. You are done, there you have your progress report. 

You can use these reports to find weekly sales reports, competitor analysis reports, formal and informal business reports, etc. 

Acing up the accessibility by sharing business reports in the organization. 

An individual statement can be presented to consumers after it has been published in the office. You can consider sole permission that has to be upheld autonomously of all other reports, dashboards, and applications in the workstation.

  1. Direct to the Report in the office it is issued to.
  2. Share the report in the workspace.
  3. Lastly, enter Email Addresses that require access to the reports. 

That’s it.

EPC Group’s approach towards the Microsoft Power BI 

EPC Group has a general opinion when it comes to bringing Microsoft Business intelligence consulting. We make an administrated plan around curating and augmenting data. Also, shape the suitable analytics that matches the needs of their clients. We are very certain that there is a solid connection between statistics and enhanced business decision-making. Also, we partner with clienteles to change the essential necessities that bring a granular corporate intelligence game strategy that confirms data authority, security, and acceptance.

EPC Group has a 22-year lengthy past as one of the nation’s foremost Business Intelligence, Teamwork, and Data Management firms in the US. We are also Microsoft Gold Certified partner. With a focus on software program mixing within the Microsoft pile of technologies, EPC Group has been revolutionary in the way organizations examine, join forces, and share information.

EPC Group Microsoft Gold Partners

They control their time-tested know-how through verified, actual world – “From the Consulting Trenches” tactics that oblige as the groundwork for their results and services for thousands of establishments around the nation. Also, their high-quality approaches focus on attaching the administration’s methodical professional necessities to deliver the suitable end-user results that meet your corporation’s needs.


Technology vagaries at a lightning-fast stride. You can increase productivity and collaboration but keeping up with the developing site can be both stimulating and laborious. As your business nurtures, your need for IT will also nurture. Power BI commercial analytics tools permit users at all levels of an association to examine data and share perceptions.

Through dashboards, Power BI delivers a 360-degree view of your most significant metrics in one place, rationalized in real-time, and obtainable on all of your devices. With just one click, you can discover data using in-built tools to rapidly find answers to your queries. Moreover, it permits you to dig deep into your statistics while being creative with what you build. Power BI makes it laid-back to use progressive analytics to successfully transfer your message. You can also report business challenges and at the same time, it saves you money, time, and effort.

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