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How Much Does A Microsoft POS System Cost

POS System Cost

No doubt, technology has completely transformed the processes for cash-registers, Point of Sale (POS), and more. Historically, electronic cash-registers only have limited features. Thankfully, touchscreens featuring graphical POS software came into play. Then, the POS solution was introduced to the market in 1992.  Today we will discuss the Microsoft POS system cost and features in detail.

Since then, POS systems have become more advanced. Microsoft POS solutions are known to be smarter than before. You can run them on any device. You also have the power to integrate these solutions with any solution. As complex systems, MS POS solutions provide the end-users with the speed, functionality, and ease of use necessary for a seamless and efficient service. 

Microsoft POS system cost: Pricing and License  

Microsoft Dynamics POS provides an easy-to-use app to track customer information, inventory, and sales. It was designed and developed to replace the cash registers. In return, the users save time and money through single-store retail operations automation at a reasonable price. 

With MS Dynamics POS, you can use your existing cash drawers, PCs, POS receipt printers, and other POS peripherals. It works with MS Office Systems and even integrates with QuickBooks Accounting Software to achieve streamlined store operations. You can efficiently manage inventory while reducing double-entry and manual processes. You can also integrate essential data from debit and credit card transactions into the accounting software. 

Pricing Details

Free Support30 Days Free Support
After Eligibility $45 Monthly – Unlimited Monthly plan

Initially, customers can take advantage of the 30-day free unlimited support. After that, they gain eligibility for the $45 unlimited monthly plan. With that “pay as you go” arrangement, the user only pays for the support they need. Upgrades and supports are also available under add-ons, and they are charged individually.  

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What are the Features of the Microsoft POS ? 

With MS Dynamics POS’s end-to-end solution, the entire business is enabled with full visibility. In comparison to POS system cost, the benefits are far-reaching. It provides customer engagement capabilities, such as business intelligence service, order management, channel management, marketing, and store operations. It also includes bank-office capabilities like financials and procurement.  

When it comes to the features, MS Dynamics POS systems offer the following: 

  • Multiple Language  
  • System Security and Software Management  
  • Multiple Currency  
  • User Management  
  • Purchase, Inventory Management, and Consumption Tracking  
  • Inventory Management  
  • Invoices 
  • Sales Tracking  
  • Customer Management  

What are the Advantages of the Microsoft POS System? 

One of the great things about Microsoft Point of Sale systems is that they come with a user-friendly interface. The support coming from the MS post product purchase is speed and responsiveness. In return, end-users enjoy a reduced manual effort. Below are other advantages of using these POS systems: 

Time- and Cost-Saving  

Microsoft POS system is designed to automate various POS functions. It helps many businesses to save time and cost. It enables seamless customer information, sales, and inventory management and tracking. Time-saving is a big area of concern in organizations and what they spend after POS system cost, benefits far exceeds in terms of time-saving.


Besides the functionality and user-friendliness, MS POS systems also offer customization to small to medium-sized businesses. This customization makes the POS solution for businesses that aim for continued growth. 

Ease of Accessibility  

Microsoft POS systems are not only used for different businesses; they also provide ease of accessibility from multiple devices. This accessibility makes it easier for companies to meet the requirements and demands specific to their needs.  


With Microsoft Dynamics POS solutions, business owners have the flexibility to streamline their day-to-day operations. As a result, they can gain customer loyalty and revenue growth in no time.  

What are the Specifications and Compatibility of Microsoft Dynamics POS Systems? 

Here are the specifications and compatibility of MS POS systems: 

Connectivity Limitations  

If real-time service calls are not part of the priority list, an organization can go for Store Scale Unit with offline capabilities. Other deployment options need some connectivity dependency level. However, once the internet connectivity goes down, POS systems become inoperable. Plus, POS operations have limitations in terms of local operations. 

Storage Unit with Local Hardware Station and Offline Capabilities  

Store Scale Unit is ideal for retailers having store locations with limited to no internet connectivity. The local hardware station runs a local channel database syncing to and from the headquarters. It enables the peripheral device’s integration like cash drawers and printers. If this is an area of concern and interest then you should check if these capabilities are included in the POS system cost that you are investing in.

Remember that the internet is necessary to retrieve data from the headquarters when performing the actions below: 

  • Gift card issuance and redeem  
  • Loyalty card redeem  
  • Credit memo issuance and redeem  
  • Customer record creation and updates  
  • Sales order creation, updates, and completion  
  • Purchase or transfer management  
  • Inventory counts  
  • Sales transaction retrieval across stores  
  • Return transaction completion  

Cloud-based POS

Cloud-based POS system cost and deployment options involve Channel Database and Retail Server being hosted in Azure. It also shared a similar hardware station. With this configuration, offline capabilities are available as well as device connectivity, such as payment terminals, cash drawers, and printers. 

Offline database from the local hardware station enables offline capabilities to ensure continuous connectivity and independence in operation. During connection loss, MS POS systems go into offline mode. However, it still allows continuous transactions. Once the connectivity is restored, the POS systems go into online mode and sync back the synchronization jobs. 

Surface Laptop for Microsoft POS

Are there Microsoft Surfaces that are not POS? 

Windows Surfaces support all Windows-based Point of Sale systems. It also supports cloud-based systems as long as the device operating system is not RT. That is because it restricts some app installations. 


 Microsoft Dynamics POS systems are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses of the whole or single-chain store. This software help retailer who want to expand to facilitate it due to functionality and scalability. It also helps expand businesses beyond a single language or region. 

For retailers, the MS POS system helps them reach customers from different parts of the world using a single portal. It is possible to translate the content into multiple languages while keeping the content hierarchy the same. 

With MS Point of Sale systems, integration with top financial software in the market is possible. Using advanced and reliable tools like advanced purchasing, receivables management, multidimensional inventory management, and customized reporting, retailers can meet the needs and demands of the ever-growing retail industry.  

Whether you own a small business or startup, having MS POS systems is a business advantage. So, investing in this software is worth it. Plus, you can create more opportunities.

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