How To Buy Microsoft Business Phone System.

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on Aug, 13, 2021 09:08

A business phone system helps an office to run more efficiently while enhancing its reputation for professionalism. It also improves customer service and eliminates the cost of a receptionist.  

Microsoft phone system creates a phone extensions network connected to one phone line, which is more efficient than having a separate landline installation for each employee. It works by installing a phone line and setting up as many extensions as needed. It enables a call within or outside the organization and lets employees use features like a conference call, automated menus, on-hold music, and voicemail.

If you are new to the Microsoft phone system, keep reading and get more familiar!

How To Buy Microsoft Phone System Is Very Easy 

A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) refers to the business phone system. With a phone system, your business can have PBX capabilities. It enables many businesses to replace the current on-premises PBX system with features delivered from Office 365 or MS 365, ensuring an integrated cloud experience.

If you are clueless about how to buy an MS phone system, check out the following:

Evaluate the Telecommunications Needs 

Below are the questions you can ask yourself to help you decide what a phone system do for you:

  • How many employees I have?
  • How many employees will be on the phone at any time?
  • Is someone often available to take messages and answer the phone?
  • Are my calls usually outbound?  
  • Do I have a high number of inbound calls?

Determine the Phone System Functions 

Now, you have to decide what phone system functions you want to have. For instance, know if you wish an automated message to be heard by someone calling your office to provide them options to reach company representatives. If yes, it requires voice extensions and an auto attendant function.

Meanwhile, if you wish for a multi-line Phone system, it rolls the call over from a line to another when no one answers or when lines are busy. Choosing this option also means that you have to stick with a single voicebox shared among all employees.  

Choose Between a Traditional Landline System and Voice-Over Internet Protocol System (VoIP)

Microsoft lets businesses choose between VoIP that uses an Internet connection and a traditional PSTN system that uses a landline. You can go for VoIP for device flexibility and more features.

Do you have existing land lines set up? If yes, buying a system that accommodates those lines is a lot easier. Alternatively, if you want to make the phone system operable with VoIP, arranging the landline numbers from ported to VoIP lines is a must. VoIP systems help save you a significant amount of money.  

Look for Phone System Providers

Business phone systems are supplied by technicians, small businesses, and third-party suppliers. Ensure to research phone system providers in your area.  

You can compare the retail phone prices or contact different companies to have a ballpark figure of the phone system costs. Ensue to verify whether the price listed or provided is before or after tax. That way, you can easily compare them.

In addition, you also need to check if there are hidden costs and inquire about the installation costs and service fees. Then, know the equipment warranties. You have to determine how long the system would last. If it stops working correctly or it requires some repair, ask if who is responsible for it.

Ask for Detailed Quotes 

You can ask two or three phone system providers for detailed quotes. Then, compare the quotes for phone systems as well as installation processes.  

Select a provider based on the product’s warranty, price, the company’s reputation, years of experience in the industry, and installation dates availability. You also need to consider the estimated time for completing the job. Beware that installation times often leave a business with no phone lines used for a few hours or days.

Get Ready for the Payment

Reserving the merchandise requires paying a deposit on the total contract amount along with the installation date. Then, pay the remaining balance after a successful installation.

Phone System Technology 

Most companies take advantage of phone systems to enable PBX capabilities and call control in the cloud with Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams.  

Phone systems enable users to use Skype for Business Online or MS Teams to make and receive calls, mute or unmute calls, and transfer calls. Users can also click names in the address book and then place Skype for Business Online, or Teams calls to those people. They make and receive calls using mobile devices, IP phones, or headsets with a PC or laptop.

Phone system administrators manage to call settings and options from a similar console used for collaboration, messaging, and more.  

Microsoft Phone System for Voice and Service 


You can use the Microsoft phone system for voicemail and services, including:

Call Queues 

When people call into a phone number for an organization, call queue greetings are used. These greetings come with the ability to look for the next call agent who will handle the call while the caller listens to music on hold and automatically puts the calls on hold. Businesses can also create a single or several call queues.


Once an organization gets the phone system license, they can get voicemails left by the callers. After they assigned the phone number and license, cloud voicemails are being automatically set up. These voicemails are also provisioned for users.

Auto Attendants 

With auto attendants, an organization can create a menu system that enables the internal and external callers to move through the system. That way, the calls are transferred, placed, or located to company departments or users in the organizations.  

Advantages of Microsoft Phone System 

Below are the reasons why more and more organizations are going for Microsoft Teams Consulting:

Connection Everywhere, Any Time 

Microsoft phone system enables organizations to place and receive calls from any device. They can quickly switch between devices during calls.


The phone system helps companies save time with integration. They can collaborate in Office apps during meetings or calls. This means they do everything in one place.

Reduce Costs

Many organizations are now switching to MS phone systems because they want to save money. They can save a significant amount of money on maintenance and equipment. They can set up employees with efficient and reliable devices based on the budget.

Scale and Grow 

If businesses wish to scale or continue their growth, the MS phone system is a great solution. They can create a brand-new phone extension in no time. Since they can use their existing setup, they can save time and money.  

Improve Productivity 

Even if the employees are from different locations, they can stay productive. Microsoft phone system gives them an enterprise-grade and consistent experience that can help them focus on their roles and responsibilities. Moreover, the Microsoft Teams Governance setting provides complete security toorganizations.

Easy to Use Dashboard 

With an MS phone system, organizations can manage everything centrally. They can resolve and monitor any issues. Plus, they can view call analytics using easy-to-use dashboards.


One of the most critical decisions you need to make for your organization is buying the right phone system. The phone system is what you need to stay connected with your customers and facilitate communication outside and within your company. Thankfully, the Microsoft phone system comes into play. So, rest assured that you can achieve the results you expect from a phone system.

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