How To Make A Call On Microsoft Teams

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Mar, 25, 2021 08:03

With the help of technology innovation, organizations can now access advanced tools to enhance team collaboration and communication. One of these tools is Microsoft Teams. This app is more than just a chat. It also provides tools to stay connected with your team anywhere and anytime. 

Meanwhile, are you new to this group communication tool? Don’t worry because this post will help you. Making calls is essential for the collaboration of your organization’s team. The following are the steps on how to make a call on Microsoft Teams.

Making a mobile call in Microsoft Teams 

You can follow the steps below to make a call in Microsoft Teams on your mobile device. 

Go to Calls to dial a number in Microsoft Teams. Then, you can tap Dial a number and type the number of the individual you want to call. With this, you can call anyone, even though they’re not part of your organization. 

Number Dial In Microsoft Teams
Add A contact to call in Microsoft Teams

In the Calls section, you can also choose suggested and favorite contacts, check your call history as well as listen to your voicemail. Meanwhile, take note that you need to have an Enterprise Voice license to call phone numbers from Microsoft Teams. 

Call Logs in Microsoft Teams

Making a call in Microsoft Teams through Surface Hub 

If you want to call a phone number (PSTN) in the Surface Hub through Microsoft Teams, go to Call from the welcome screen and choose Dial Pad. As you access the dial pad, you can type the number you want to reach. 

Making a call from a chat in Microsoft Teams 

If you want to make a call from a chat in Microsoft Teams, you can follow the steps below:

Proceed to the chat list and choose New chat to make a new conversation. 

New Chat

Enter the name or names on To field at the top of the new chat.

Choose Audio call or Video call to make a call.  

Audio and Video Call Option in Microsoft Teams

You can only have about 20 people on the same video call. 

You can make a group or one-on-one calls directly from a chat without the need to host a team meeting. The good thing is that it will not appear in any team conversation since the calls are private. The call entries will be seen in your chat, though. 

Listen to voicemails and viewing history

You can choose History if you want to view the missed calls. 

If you like to listen to a voicemail, you can choose Voicemail. Then, you can choose More actions > Call back if you want to return the person’s call. 

Voice Mail

Dial an outside number

If you want to dial an outside number and not using Microsoft Teams:

  • Choose Calls
  • Choose Dial a number to call any number even though they’re not using Microsoft Teams. 

Aside from being an efficient tool for communication, it can also help to increase the productivity of your team. With Microsoft Teams implementation partner, you can make effective decisions and plans to make your business more profitable. 

Microsoft Teams can be the perfect solution to increase your team collaboration. Additionally, it can also be the best tool to grow your business.

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