How To Make A Phone Call Using Microsoft Teams

Posted by Kevin Booth on Mar, 26, 2021 10:03

Microsoft Teams is a popular chat-based collaboration tool ideal for dispersed, remote, and global teams. If you want to increase teamwork in your company and attain your business goals, this tool can be the best tool for you. 

It is equipped with advanced features, including one-on-one chat, document collaboration, team chat, and more. In addition, Microsoft Teams also comes with integration to other Office 365 services like SharePoint, Skype, Yammer, and Exchange. 

Meanwhile, are you curious whether you can make a phone call with Microsoft Teams? Well, the answer is yes. The following are the steps on how to make a phone call using Microsoft Teams.

Making a Phone Call in Microsoft Teams 

You can go to Calls from Teams if you want to dial a number. Then, you can tap Dial a number and enter the person’s number you want to call through using a dial pad. Lastly, you can choose Call

Other Ways to Make Phone Call with Microsoft Teams 

You can also make a call through the following ways. 

  • If you want to call someone in your contact list, choose Contacts. Then, select the person you want to reach and choose Call
  • If you called people in the past or if they’ve called you, it can appear on your call history. You can go to History, then choose More actions… to the right of the name of the person, then choose Call back. 
  • It is also possible to call people from your voicemail list. You can go to Voicemail and choose More actions… to the right of the name of the person, then tap Call back

You can choose Keypad for accessing your dial pad during the call.

Important reminders while making a call with Microsoft Teams 

Keep in mind that you can’t make a 911 emergency call if Teams doesn’t have an internet connection. In case you don’t see the dial a number option, there’s a chance that you don’t purchase a calling plan. However, you can still create calls to other individuals in Teams. 

Microsoft Teams as your business phone system

Microsoft Teams phone system can be your effective tool to improve communication in your organization. With the collaboration tool, your team members can communicate well and work as one in a specific project. With excellent team collaboration, you can make more successful results from your business projects. 

Microsoft Teams is now changing the game of business. You can use this tool to grow your business without spending much of your time, effort, and budget. It is easy to use and offers group chat that can make conversations within the team in a stress-free way. 

With Microsoft Teams, you can make as well as receive phone calls. It is also beneficial to enhance your customers’ experience. 


To sum it up, Microsoft Teams allow you to make phone calls easily. It can make better team collaboration resulting in a more successful business. Use Microsoft Teams as your collaboration tool today!

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