How To Use Microsoft Teams For Collaboration

Posted by Errin O'Connor on Mar, 29, 2021 02:03

Microsoft Teams is one of the popular collaboration platforms in today’s modern and digital generation. It is a powerful tool you can use to improve business communications. The use of Microsoft Teams also helps to make creative decisions to make your business more profitable. 

You can use Microsoft Teams to make quick conversations with your team members as well as other people outside your organization. It also allows you to share files, host meetings, and make phone calls. 

The following are the best practices on how to use Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

  • Make private teams for sensitive data. 
  • Make teams for specific projects. You can also apply protection based on who must be included.
  • Make an org-wide team for collaboration with anyone in your organization. 
  • Make a specific team for communication with your external partners to separate them from the sensitive data of your business. 

Add campaigns 

It is also a good idea to add campaigns to collaborate and communicate with your teams securely. 

  • General campaign team 

It is for anyone to use for daily work and communications. 

  • Campaign leads team

You can set up a private team so that it can be accessed only by your key campaign members. It allows a team to discuss sensitive concerns. 

  • Partners team

You can coordinate with your partners, vendors, or volunteers without providing them any sensitive data of your business. 

Microsoft Teams features for your collaboration needs 

With Microsoft Teams, you can access features that can enhance collaboration in your business. 

  • Meetings

You can view your lined-up meetings for a week or a day. You can also schedule a meeting. The calendar can be synced with your Outlook calendar. 

  • Teams

You can search channels or make your own. With these channels, you can make conversations, hold on-the-spot meetings and share files. 

  • Activity

You can also catch up on your unread replies, @mentions, messages, and more. 

  • Calls 

As you set up Microsoft Teams for your organization, you can make calls to anyone even though they’re not users of Microsoft Teams. 

Benefits of Microsoft Teams for your Business Collaboration 

Using Microsoft Teams can provide benefits to your business communication and collaboration. 

File sharing 

It allows you to securely access, store, collaborates, and share on file at home, work, or on the go. 

Simplify business processes 

Microsoft Teams can help to simplify work in your business. Thus, you can make new apps easily and automate regular tasks. It can help to meet your business needs. 

Work together 

The platform allows you to work together with your team in a hassle-free way. You can collaborate and access apps including Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can work as a team in real-time in different shared calendars, documents, and files. 

Keep organized 

Microsoft Teams can make your team more organized. You can also store your files, conversations, apps, and more in a single place to collaborate seamlessly with your team. 


Another feature of Microsoft Teams for your collaboration needs is that it allows you to communicate globally using inline translation in a channel and chat messages. It supports about 35 languages. 


Aside from enhancing your team collaboration, it is also an essential tool for training. Undergoing teams training can increase the productivity of individuals by learning effectively with the platform.

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