What Is Hybrid Clouds Infrastructure Management Service

Azure in Your Local Data Center and get the consistency and flexibility to innovate anywhere, across on-premises, multicloud and edge environments

The Azure cloud provides extensive hybrid cloud management functionality, which extends to your on-premise data center. These include migration tools, networking tools, single sign-on (SSO) and identity management, and even hybrid storage devices that can be deployed on-premises.

Hybrid clouds also enable you to segregate how and where data is shared and avoid having all your data stored on one public cloud. Using a hybrid cloud, you can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of a public cloud while maintaining the security of business-critical applications and data.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Features

To help you achieve the benefits of a hybrid cloud, Azure offers services to help you connect your private cloud with their public services. These services include a variety of helpful features.

  • Run applications seamlessly across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments
  • Migrate, manage, and analyze data across your hybrid cloud
  • Build a highly available, fast, secure hybrid network
  • Manage access with a single identity platform

About Hybrid Clouds Infrastructure Management Service:


EPC Group’s Hybrid Cloud Advisory practice is led by industry experts to assist your organization in reviewing the underlying granular capabilities of the Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud offerings available to you and then architecting and deploying a tailored solution for your organization that will stand the test of time.

EPC Group’s consultants can provide a complete analysis of both your business and technical goals as well as your underlying IT roadmap and guide you in areas such as:

  • User experience and devices from which SharePoint 2019 / Office 365 will be accessed
  • 360-degree logical design of all elements involved
  • Boundaries of SharePoint 2019 / Office 365 / SharePoint Online / Microsoft Azure / AWS
  • System architecture design, performance planning, scalability

Overview of a Hybrid Clouds Infrastructure Management Service

EPC Group’s hybrid SharePoint 2019 environments architecture allows for flexibility and provide for the capability to store sensitive and highly confidential content on-premise within your own data center while storing collaboration or non-sensitive data within a public cloud such as Office 365, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Azure or AWS.

The issues that have continued to compile in the news with the NSA’s IT administrator Edward Snowden’s leakage of classified data has undoubtedly hurt the reputation of the public cloud. The NSA’s PRISM data mining program has also piled on concerns around organizations asking themselves, “How safe is the cloud?”


EPC Group has extensive experience in working with complex environments and understands the key considerations and elements that must be planned for as well as architected and implemented. These complex environmental considerations include those such as:

  • Multitenancy requirements within your organization
  • Office 365 issues when a user goes outside of IT to create a new “environment”
  • Multiple farms and the seamless security and identity management elements required: (i.e. Azure AD, FBA, SAML claims, extranets)
  • EPC Group works with clients regarding regulatory and compliance issues with PHI, PII, Safe Harbor, intellectual property and new EU Laws


EPC Group offers industry leading Power BI Consulting services for Office 365 and SharePoint Online to meet the needs of cloud and hybrid cloud environments for our clients. Microsoft Office 365’s Power BI contains a collection of features and services that enables organization to visualize data and share these discoveries in a very similar manner as SharePoint 2019’s on-premise business intelligence environmental capabilities.

EPC Group’s Hybrid Cloud Advisory Practice implements Power BI in both cloud-based and hybrid cloud scenarios for organizations who have both SharePoint 2019 on-premise as well as SharePoint Online in the cloud for the seamless reporting of data of different classification types (PII, PHI, HIPAA, EU and/or less confidential data) to limit risk and compliance concerns.

To learn more about EPC Group’s Office 365 Power BI Consulting Services and Solutions, visit EPC Group’s Office 365 Power BI Consultant Services page.


EPC Group will ensure key considerations around the possible differences in your organizations current disaster-recovery or business-continuity plan versus a cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) plan. EPC Group will provide expert hybrid cloud DR planning around:

  • Provide Environment and security governance of the cloud
  • SharePoint \ Office 365 \ SharePoint Online \ Azure \ AWS disaster recovery governance
  • Ensuring cloud-based disaster recovery has the ability to follow records retention deletion policies per the organization’s approved retention schedule
  • Availability to “intake” or copy cloud-based backups back “in-house” for eDiscovery or litigation matters to follow any court orders or to assist your organization’s legal counsel
  • Defining SharePoint 2019 \ SharePoint Online \ Office 365 service level agreements (SLAs)

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