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Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Services

For over 20 years, EPC Group has been assisting organizations across the globe through well-structured pre and post-acquisition integration services and advisory for Mergers and Acquisition needs. Mergers and acquisitions can be a stressful time for all involved. This process brings high profile projects, critical mission initiatives and major changes across the business. It is during this time that IT will be expected to respond to all the challenges that come from improper planning and lack of expertise and support.

EPC Group assists in all aspects of IT related requirements through methodologies built from working on a number of high profile Fortune 500 client merger and acquisition engagements. A company merger and acquisition is a key strategy for businesses to expand their operations, offerings and capabilities with the end result being an increase in profits. The integration stage is where the most business strategy planning is placed and the improper merger planning for the IT infrastructure is where, what was perceived as viable strategies, fail. This makes successful IT and data integration to be the most critical aspect of the integration phase.

Our IT acquisition integration services provide organizations with the processes and tools to appropriately plan for, execute, monitor and assess the success of the IT acquisition integration. We work with organizations in all aspects of acquisition integration from IT assessment to tailored support and advisory. EPC Group strives to provide IT solutions and services that are unique to the business process and needs while planning for immediate business growth. We focus on taking the proper steps to avoid costly interruption in employee collaboration and productivity and negative impacts on your customer experiences.

EPC Group offers the following Information Technology Specific Services for organizations facing Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • IT Operational Due Diligence Auditing and Assessment
  • Integration Planning and Execution
  • Data Room Preparation
  • Domain consolidation
  • System and program integration
  • Database consolidation
  •  Synchronization of worldwide locations
  • Post Integration Support and Advisory

EPC Group works to support our clients through all the phases of an acquisition process, both buy-side and sell-side. This creates invaluable risk management, improved financial results and a seamless extension of the expertise needed 24×7-365 days.

  • We create lasting value in business driven IT through establishing a framework for future work
  • Continue to provide services, solutions, advisory and support as needed
  • Remain aligned with our clients to be available for support on IT strategies
  • Utilize lessons learned to enhance IT operational efficiency and effectiveness