Microsoft SharePoint Services Is The Right Platform To Boost Business

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SharePoint serves as both a platform for teamwork and a content management system. It is a primary online gateway. You may use Microsoft SharePoint Services: The Right Platform To Boost Business to manage your and your coworkers’ documents, social interactions, data, and information. Groups can create a central, password-protected area for document sharing with this tool. It is possible to store, download, edit, and then upload documents for ongoing sharing. Given the variety of capabilities that SharePoint provides, it is difficult for someone to be an expert in all tasks.

SharePoint provides a platform for organizations to manage their data efficiently and effectively by providing secure access to information in real-time. In addition, it allows employees to work together on projects without having to send their files over email or the internet. As a result, SharePoint lets organizations focus on what matters most—delivering value—and lets them do so faster than ever before!

What Businesses Can Do With Microsoft SharePoint

Let’s explore all the possibilities offered by SharePoint. It is separated into three distinct sections:


SharePoint and the Apps it supports have a strong focus on collaboration. Bringing people together entails using several forms of cooperation, including social computing, business content management, web content management, and the discoverability of individuals and their abilities. Developers can manage collaboration on Windows SharePoint and extend, customize, or create their Apps for SharePoint.


You may benefit from the collaboration platform SharePoint bringing together your people and information into one place. SharePoint also allows you to easily integrate your data and applications with other platforms, including Office 365.


One of the critical paradigm shifts Microsoft SharePoint has undergone over the years is the notion of the cloud in SharePoint. The cloud introduces new App models such as New ways of developing, deploying and hosting SharePoint applications. New forms of authentication through OAuth, utilizing OData and REST, and new methods for data interchange.

You have three paths to get started with Microsoft SharePoint

The many types and versions of SharePoint that can be used to get started are covered in this chapter. There are three main techniques for establishing and utilizing SharePoint:

  • Foundation for SharePoint
  • Server SharePoint
  • Office 365

The first two solutions are SharePoint on-premise, and a third, totally cloud-hosted option called Office 365, which has recently become available.

Foundation for SharePoint

SharePoint Foundation is the best option for businesses needing a safe, controllable, web-based collaboration platform. You may access the foundational collaboration tools that come with SharePoint through SharePoint Foundation. In addition, the core components of Windows SharePoint are represented by SharePoint Foundation, which is available for free download and installation. 

It has several features, including user and team site collaboration, security and management, and a variety & Apps (such as document libraries and lists). Essentially, it offers a foundational set of functions that let you start utilizing and creating for SharePoint. To develop industry-standard collaboration and communication solutions for your company, SharePoint Foundation has to include a few functionalities. Document management and collaboration are the main components of the SharePoint Foundation.

Defining Features Of SharePoint Foundation

The following are some of the key characteristics that contribute to its widespread use in businesses.

  • Effective document and task collaboration: Team websites provide centralized access to information.
  • Reduced implementation and deployment costs: SharePoint Foundation is a free download for Windows Server users, significantly reducing the cost and duration of setup.
  • Better management of crucial business data for your company: Security and data management tools are also available through the SharePoint Foundation.

Windows SharePoint Foundation is the platform’s essential document management and collaboration tool. It is the perfect edition for teams and small businesses wishing to enhance their collaboration capabilities in a safe, user-friendly environment.

Server SharePoint

The functionality provided by SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Server, has a plethora of additional functions. In addition, it offers a more decadent, more sophisticated selection of features that you may apply to the solutions offered by your business.

The following list includes descriptions of a few of these extra features:

  • Advanced Search: The functionality and search tools offered by the Server versions provide additional versatility. They let you set up personalized Search Results pages using personalized search Web Parts.
  • Online content management: Windows SharePoint Server facilitates the development and distribution of web content for the internet.
  • Enterprise Services: Using the resources accessible to you inside the Office product family, these services give you a quick and straightforward approach to creating unique solutions.
  • Using Web Parts, user profiles, or SharePoint lists, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enables you to connect to these external data sources and show business data.

Office 365

Office 365 has emerged as a third, utterly cloud-hosted SharePoint solution. It is an alternative to running your farm on-premises in your own Data Center.

Essential Elements of Office 365

  • The options for licensing SharePoint Online through Office 365 depending on how many people you want to add, how much data you need to store, and which features you want.
  • It has also developed into a fantastic location where you can create sophisticated applications (both cloud-hosted and SharePoint-hosted apps) and grow without paying for on-premises infrastructure management.
  • Although it lacks certain of SharePoint Server’s services and functionalities, it does have some excellent development possibilities.
  • Any of the SharePoint editions, including SharePoint Foundation, Server, and Office 365, may be customized by developers.
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Microsoft SharePoint Features For Your Company

Microsoft expanded the capabilities of SharePoint 2013 to give closer integration and additional functionality:

CapabilityNative FeaturesExample Extensibility
SitesSharePoint’s collaboration features are located in Sites. The capacity to produce, save, and retrieve data and manage, tag, and search for material, documents, and information are just a few of the many services that websites provide. You may easily access the Microsoft Office client programs through the list and document library.Websites, site designs, SharePoint Apps, workflow, master pages, and site pages.
SocialIt enables users to search, find, and connect with individuals based on their talents, organizational location, relationships, and content ratings. It also offers social and social networking features, newsfeeds, and profile searching and tagging.Metadata tags, blogs, wikis, rating and tagging options, and customized search
ContentIt contains the ability to browse, search, and manage material via workflows, Web pages, applications, and content kinds.Word or Excel services, SharePoint apps, or workflow applications
SearchReal-time document views with Office Web Apps provide a rich, dynamic search of material inside and outside SharePoint. Additionally, the integration of data in on-premises or cloud-based LOB systems like SAP, Siebel, and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as structured database systems.Customized search in SharePoint, business data connectivity (BDC)
InsightsMostly about business intelligence (BI) and support, such as the ability to connect Microsoft Access to Microsoft SharePoint, utilize Excel and SQL Server to access and show data on a Web page, and make use of dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) to turn raw data into usable information.Dashboards, Excel Services, Access Services, BDC, and PerformancePoint Services
InteroperabilityRanges from LOB integration to Office integration to bespoke solutions created using the new Apps for Office application paradigm (imagine custom task panes powered by HTML and JavaScript that connect to cloud services instead of VSTO-managed code add-ins).BDC, Office Apps, and unique development
BrandingChanging your site’s appearance and feel through built-in template modifications or more intricate and organizationally focused branding.Master pages, standard settings, and personalized Apps for SharePoint


More and more organizations are adopting Microsoft SharePoint Services as their platform for collaboration, content management, and information sharing. SharePoint is a powerful solution that can support your business goals. However, the more you know about how SharePoint works, the better equipped you are to decide when it is appropriate to implement. EPC Group offers SharePoint consulting services for various businesses, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail. Our experts can help you get started with your SharePoint project correctly.

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