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Posted by Errin O'Connor on Apr, 02, 2019 03:04

Microsoft Teams Updates: The Latest

Microsoft has been doing an excellent job updating their MS Teams application with additional functionality. Recently, they’ve integrated another one of their Office 365 applications called Whiteboard.


What is Whiteboard, you might be asking. Whiteboard is a neat application that functions as a free-form digital canvas. Think of it as a literal whiteboard that you can use with your teammates.

This time though instead of it being something physical that you must clean after every use, it’s a digital version. With ink shades, highlighters, virtual lasso (so you can drag and resize content easily), and even a ruler, this application is extremely flexible.

It uses Smart Ink technology which allows you to turn your drawings into shapes automatically, so your lists, charts, and diagrams appear cleaner for everyone you’re collaborating with. You are even able to see in real time who’s adding content, which makes brainstorming with remote co-workers quicker and more fluid while you’re in meetings.

You can send your whiteboard easily with email or save it to OneDrive with just an easy click. One of the best features this application has is the ability to search directly from the whiteboard itself.

This allows you to not only search for web sites and pages, but it gives you the option of adding images to your whiteboard canvas.

This integration comes with two specific features that have been added just for Teams.

Ink Grab Overview

The first feature, Ink Grab, is a feature that allows you to take a picture of your notes that you’ve written down on an actual piece of paper or a whiteboard and it converts it into ink on the whiteboard. All the information is captured and recreated automatically on your digital whiteboard.

So, if you’re in a meeting and you have a physical board that you’re using but you have people that are remote and can’t quite make out what you’re writing, feel free to take a picture and recreate it in Whiteboard.

Ink Beautification

If your handwriting is as terrible as mine is, you’ll love this second feature is called Ink Beautification. It increases the readability of handwriting like mine! The feature analyzes handwriting and automatically replaces it with writing that’s more legible.

This helps to make Teams one of the leading collaboration applications out there. Especially if you’re using the Office 365 suite of applications. And with the new set of features, which are also available on Window 10 in the Windows App Store, and the use of the magic wand it’ll be even easier now to collaborate with coworkers in person or remote.

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