Microsoft Teams Updates For Rooms And Surface Accessories

Posted by Errin O'Connor on May, 04, 2021 12:05

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows, version, is available in the Teams Admin Center. The latest update includes an improved meeting join the experience.

Customers using Advanced Threat Protection safe link service can now offer external users a seamless meeting join experience as organizations using a third-party URL rewrite service just need to add domain to their exception list.

There are Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android updates as well, which includes the Center of room meeting console support. 

As of now, meeting participants can control the center of room touch control console the same way they do on Windows devices: using directional keys to navigate. 

Microsoft Teams Meeting Mobile App

The touch console includes calendar functionality to view current and future meetings, ability to view or add more participants, and features the most common meeting and calling functionalities. – Currently available with Poly TC8 and Yealink CTP18 devices.

Improved Microsoft Teams Rooms

Users will now also get an improved display experience: a full view of a conference room’s daily schedule. It’s now possible to join a meeting, and interact with common features like calling right from the easy-to-navigate, front of-room display screen.

Join meetings from the room console in personal mode

You can now bring more Microsoft Teams Rooms experiences to meetings. Users can now sign in with their personal credentials and navigate from the center-of-room touchscreen console. 

These are some of the things you can do from the console: you can apply background effects, record the meeting, and initiate whiteboarding to share with both in room and with remote participants

Microsoft Teams Room

Intelligent detection and remediation for Microsoft Teams Rooms

The service in Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium uses Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to provide advanced threat protection capabilities.

This means that it can detect incidents, vulnerabilities, and missing security KBs. Additionally, based on these detections, the service will take action to apply necessary updates, keeping the organization’s rooms secure and ready.

Microsoft and Surface Accessories Certified for Teams

The first line up of Microsoft and Surface devices certified for Teams include Microsoft Modern USB & Wireless headsets. This provides a wired and wireless option for headsets that keep Teams call controls literally at user’s fingertips. 

Additionally, the first Surface audio device certified for Teams is out and this premium headset has a dedicated Teams button and an advanced microphone system to provide great voice clarity during meetings.

For users who prefer audio by speakerphone while using Microsoft Teams Phones, the new Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker captures and delivers sound in a way that ensures users are heard clearly in their calls. A Teams button conveniently brings up the interface, and the user only needs a USB-C wire to stay connected all day.

The new Microsoft Modern Webcam allows a seamless video call experience and activates Teams features like background blur and replacement. It can be easily attached to a laptop, monitor, or tripod and connected to a PC or docking station via USB cable. 

It has 1080p video, 78 degree field of view, and True Look technology. Additionally, a privacy shutter slides closed with an LED indicator, that lets the user know when they are and are not seen in meetings. All of these make this device great for personal office use. 

The Yealink UVC20 is a personal web camera designed for easy plug and play functionality. 


You can connect to a laptop or monitor, and it offers a privacy shutter that lets you switch off video when you need to as well. 

The Poly Studio P5’s powerful 5-megapixel camera lets you be seen even in low or backlit conditions. It’s the first web camera from the brand designed entirely with the personal office in mind: with compact form factor, exceptional camera optics, and digital zoom technology for where users work.

Poly Studio Ps

All of these features allow users to show up to their video calls and meetings with confidence and clarity, ensuring a professional look every time.

The Audiocodes C435HD and the Yealink MP52 are two new phones with a lighter weight experience bringing them to a lower price point. 

This means that users can experience the same richness of a Teams call with devices better suited for their budget. You can also check Wireless Voice IP Phones compatible with Microsoft Teams

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