Mobility & BYOD Consulting Services


EPC Group provides mobility, BYOD, and mobile device management (MDM) consulting services that will help increase user adoption and open new possibilities to your organization’s user base that will increase the long-term success of your SharePoint 2019, Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or custom application development initiative.

EPC Group approaches the information architecture (IA) and security design of your organization’s user base from a device-centric approach.

EPC Group will provide for a common user experience which is both device and browser agnostic. We deliver our time tested “from the consulting trenches” strategies and related policies for your organization which follow a Responsive Web Design (RWD) user interface (UI) design for your SharePoint 2019 or Office 365 sites, communities, and branding elements, as well as in all aspects of custom development.

EPC Group’s SharePoint responsive web design (SPRWD) methodology, a SharePoint specific responsive design approach, will provide your organization’s users an optimal viewing experience with common “content reading areas” and device/browser agnostic navigation that will allow for functions such as panning, scrolling, and resizing across devices.

EPC Group will provide detailed planning from both the business and technology perspectives to companies both small-to-midmarket as well as large enterprise organizations.

If you are a large or global organization, or one that has users in multiple locations, in various countries, or possibly spread throughout the globe, EPC Group will provide you with a user experience and related responsive web design from a “device channel” perspective to ensure seamless mobile device management.


“Remote workers” as well as “internal/onsite workers” empowered with “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies can push the boundaries of IT and the typical IT-driven culture.

A lot of IT organizations are playing catch-up in the areas of governance and their information management policies and have pushed back on BYOD due to the added complexity around security and compliance it brings and the way it ultimately forces specific polices to be approved.

EPC Group will help your organization navigate the questions around the “trade-off” between not allowing BYOD and the work required to actually implement a BYOD strategy as well as address the risks of “shadow IT” in users finding shortcuts and utilizing other methods or access points to share files or obtain reports.

EPC Group has provided our clients with measurable productivity increases with a tailored BYOD policy that comes with empowering users. We will help you navigate the balance of privacy in conjunction with other obligations such as legal risks that may come with personal or PII/PHI data.

We provide internal BYOD policies that follow tailored password requirements and pins as well as provide integrated technology with a layer of file encryption.

EPC Group will enable your organization’s users to security access content stored within your SharePoint 2019/Office 365 environments or ECM platform regardless of the remote working environment.

Our experience in developing and designing enterprise wide strategies around BYOD as well as in areas such as cloud or hybrid computing has given EPC Group years of added experience and real world working knowledge that you will not find in another technology partner.

EPC Group also offer integrated solutions that can be implemented on your existing infrastructure around device locking as well as remote wiping if a device is lost or stolen and for secure backups, certificate/encryption and virus protection.