Posted by Errin O'Connor on Apr, 01, 2015 08:04


EPC Group’s social consulting expertise centers around Yammer, My Sites and Communities in SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and SharePoint Online as well as individually via a custom Yammer-integrated platform.

Our social consulting offerings provide strategies for both the business and technology sides of a successful social implementation involving Yammer, My Sites or Communities as well as custom development via the Yammer APIs within .NET and REST endpoints.



EPC Group offers consulting services and understands what it takes to successfully implement Yammer across disparate business applications by providing a common conversation layer that also works seamlessly within SharePoint 2013, Office 365 or SharePoint Online. Within Yammer’s newsfeed, you are able to view icons indicating private messages as well as read the content posted within the groups for which you are a member.

You are able to create groups for specific projects or teams as well as share posts from within a team to a specific individual or another group that may be able to provide additional information on the topic being discussed. Yammer has several similarities to SharePoint 2013’s newsfeeds, as you are able to actually configure a Yammer newsfeed to replace a SharePoint newsfeed and it does provide a very easy way to post new messages to a targeted group with additional hashtag capabilities.

Yammer also allows for external networks and for non-organizational team members to join in on specific conversations that may be relevant, for example, in the case that they are a vendor or supplier to your organization.

Yammer provides a people directory that is a searchable database of all your organization’s team members that lists not only contact information but also skillset and interests to provide additional metadata in helping you narrow your search.

One of Yammer’s most powerful features is its ability to integrate with other applications such as SharePoint or even external CRM application via Yammer APIs for use with .NET and REST endpoints. EPC Group provides for both the business strategy and technical expertise to ensure Yammer is deployed and ROI is realized for your investment.

EPC Group’s Hybrid Cloud Advisory practice relentless focus on security and identity management also provides for the ability to synchronize and authenticate users from your on-premises environment to Yammer and Office 365 in a safe and secure manner.


EPC Group has assisted our clients with offices in the EU with the added compliance features to block specific fields within My Sites to comply with international regulations while still allowing our client’s North America offices to view these fields. EPC Group also provides for OneDrive governance strategies to ensure hybrid cloud environments data is protected and the underlying configurations are set as well as managed.


EPC Group has implemented over 500 SharePoint My Site deployments dating back to SharePoint 2003’s initial introduction of the personal site and we have since successfully implemented My Site initiatives across the globe.

EPC Group’s expertise extends to the new Communities feature and related site to offer knowledge management (KM) and communities of practice (CoP) within a centralized SharePoint 2013, Office 365 or SharePoint Online environment.

EPC Group’s design and implementations for My Sites and Communities cover SharePoint 2013, Office 365 and SharePoint Online’s underlying services and architecture elements such as:

  • My Site host site collection and web application
  • Development of governed My Site templates that contain company approved features as well as tailored lists and libraries
  • Newsfeed and Microblog features
  • OneNote client access and tailored governance policies
  • Implementing social tags and notes
  • Custom Community configurations for Likes, Ratings, Best Answers, and Badges
  • Tailored My Site branding to ensure mobile access, device and browser compatibility
  • Profile Database
  • The implementation and configuration of the User Profile service application and related User Profiles
  • Configuration of the Distributed Cache Service and the underlying Windows Server AppFabric Cache
  • Implementation of a best practices Community Membership strategy and related roles (Community Owners, Community Members, Community Moderators, etc.)


EPC Group has the ability to implement social governance strategies that have related features to automatically enforce the approved policies of the organization. EPC Group’s social governance methodologies and related deliverables do not just provide for a guide or list of recommendations but we implement tailored features and solutions to ensure users are able to collaborate while governance is being enforced.


EPC Group provides for acceptable usage limits for My Sites within the underlying architecture’s configuration that include elements such as:

  • Storage quotas and blocked file types
  • User solution that can automatically disable solutions once the defined parameters are achieved
  • Privacy controls that determine if users are allowed to view information and profiles as well as block presence indicators in Lync
  • Keyword searching based on rules and phrases with automatically alert capabilities to administrators or site owners
  • Implementation of a tailored authentication to meet your organization’s specific needs via FedAuth cookies for Claims-based authentication





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