What Is The Best ERP Solution For Business?

Posted by Errin O'Connor on May, 10, 2021 03:05

The efficiency of any business is doubled by implementing Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software on their computer networks as it boosts productivity, efficiency by decreasing the costs and streamline processes. As considered by several business leaders, the best ERP solution is said to be none other than Microsoft Business Central. The investment by a business for their computer networks on Microsoft business central ERP turns out to be worth it.

The Microsoft Business Central is no more just Dynamic DAV but is now Dynamic 365 Business Central. Not only has Microsoft changed its name and logo, but it has also come up with several extra benefits, which in turn helps Microsoft Business Central reinforce its leading position in the ERP software sector of the SMEs.

The reasons why any well-known business leader around the globe prefers the use of Microsoft Business Central ERP are:-

Safe for the Cloud 

Business Centrals are no more considered as an on-premise solution for businesses it is a cloud-based ERP solution. Proper usage of Microsoft Business Central ERP changes the focus entirely on the cloud and web-based development of a business. Microsoft Business Central has been working over the years to develop itself with decades of automation of the ERP processes. It is primarily based on NAV and is also enriched with the proper knowledge of ERP solutions.

Microsoft ERP products solutions possess all the resources required to keep a business enterprise in a safe and secure environment as a cloud and a web-based solution. When maintaining a high level of safety and flexibility, Microsoft partners are also expanding and adjusting their ERP business central to match the scale of business of the specific industry.

Dynamics Business Central

Integration with other Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Business Central is an excellent tool that can be easily integrated with other tools like Microsoft word, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Microsoft outlook. Such collaboration is performing well, and users are happy with these tools as they are running them well without any challenges. The collaboration of Microsoft products has become possible because of the power applications and Business Intelligence of Microsoft. Through power BI it becomes possible for users to access business intelligence at all ends without any issues. The collaboration of applications has made ERP software work flawlessly with other Microsoft applications.

Microsft Business Products Suits

Fast and Smooth Implementations

Microsoft office 365 products, power platform, customized add-ons, and the standard products are an additional advantage; Microsoft offers all such things to give a new speed to your business. Even if you don’t need such customizations, you can still use Microsoft Business Central ERP software to integrate it with other solutions as per your need to achieve the company’s goal.

Upgradation made Easier

Nowadays, standard products don’t contain any customized features as an add-on. Hence the new add-on catered by the Microsoft Central platform renders additional support to the users. The functional changes can be seen very quickly as they are well separated and well designed by Microsoft Business Central ERP software. Such features give better support to the customers. During the upgrade of ERP software to the latest version, it becomes difficult for companies to analyze the latest trend, but no more now. Through Microsoft business Central ERP software, you can easily upgrade the software to the new release.

Take smart decisions

When data is not in one place, the creation and configuration of business reports become complex, and often critical information regarding cash flow, customers, and inventory is lost. By streamlining the reporting process through Microsoft Central ERP, it becomes possible to work on the cloud, allowing a company to make better decisions using predictive analytics consulting.

Move to the cloud with Cloud based ERP

Enhance Sales Process and Customer Service

Multidimensional reports and configurable dashboards result in better analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs), order status, sales, and inventory. Easily track the performance of the sales cycle, take appropriate actions and target the customers who have the most significant potential of conversion. Through this Microsoft platform, it becomes easy to overview workloads, service tasks, and employee skills, to effectively assign employees and fuel up case resolution process.


Microsoft Business Central ERP solution has been working over the years and has established itself to be the best in the market. Business leaders worldwide have come forward and agreed to the Microsoft Business Central ERP solution being the best around the globe. Businesses on all scales start from small-scale businesses to large-scale businesses; Microsoft Business Central has worked effectively and gave out some unbelievable results.

The Microsoft business partners have been working day and night to make the Business Central ERP solution better than before. Microsoft considers itself to be its biggest competitor and tries to be better than it. When the best features of the Microsoft Business Central ERP solution meet the new and refreshing ideas of the business, one can only imagine success.

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