Which ERP Would Be The Best For My Trading Company?

Posted by Kevin Booth on Apr, 21, 2021 02:04

In today’s world, every company being on a large scale or a small scale needs an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution on their computer networks. Effective Trading business is one that implements ERP on their networks as it automatically increases productivity. Also, it positively affects efficiency and decreases costs and streamlines processes. The best ERP solution as considered by a number of business leaders is Microsoft Business Central. The investment by a Trading business for their networks on Microsoft business central ERP turns out to be profitable from the first day.

The money, time, and energy invested by Microsoft Business Central in making the best ERP software for the companies have given out huge returns. It has even helped Microsoft retain its position of providing the best ERP software again and again sidelining its competitors. Today there are a number of ERP software in the market but when compared with Microsoft Business Central ERP software. the benefits provided by Microsoft both in terms of money and work would easily out shadow any other ERP software.

Some basic reasons why business leaders around the world prefer Microsoft Business Central ERP are:

Safe and Secure for the Cloud and Web-Based

Business Centrals can no more be considered as an on-premise solution in the trading market. Also, with the proper use of Microsoft Business Central ERP, Microsoft changes the focus completely on the cloud and web-based development of a business enterprise. Microsoft Business Central has worked over the years and has developed itself with the experience of decades of automation of the ERP processes. You can check out the benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

It is said to be largely based on NAV but is also enriched with the proper knowledge of ERP solutions. Microsoft ERP solutions possess all the resources which are required to keep a business enterprise running. It is available in a safe and secure manner as a cloud and a web-based solution.

New and Better Functionalities

Over the years, Microsoft Business Central has invested in the quality of software. The focus is to cope up with the changes in the dynamic environment of the trading market. Also to respond to the trends by the application of new and advanced technologies. The latest developments by Microsoft business central ERP solutions were presented during the Directions EMEA in Vienna, Austria.

The Microsoft worldwide partner network and the enormous and diverse customer base of the Microsoft application gave special appreciation. The new requirements for functionalities were signaled at a very early stage. Moreover, these were immediately picked up by the development team of the Microsoft Business Central ERP.

Optimum Utilization of other Microsoft Applications

Microsoft Business Central is efficient enough for the integration of Microsoft office 385 products. It includes Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint. Moreover, they have been well organized and integrated over the years without any major issues. The power platforms with the help of power applications flow and Power BI helps to effectively combine all the tools. Power BI can also be used for ERP analytics for predictive analytics. It helps with the support of all the collaboration of all the other Microsoft products. See the predictive analytics consulting services for gaining insights from your ERP data.

The Power BI is prepared in such a way that it provides effective and powerful business intelligence. It is accessible by business users at all ends without any disturbance. It has been designed with an option for BI specialists as well. With the proper integration of the apps, Microsoft business Central has succeeded in making its ERP software work efficiently. Also, successful collaboration with other Microsoft applications.

Faster and Better Implementations

The proper use of Microsoft office 365 products, the power platform, the regular development of ads on, and the customizations offered by Microsoft along with the standard product as an extra benefit can ensure faster and better implementation. Even if much customization is not put into use, trading companies can use the Microsoft Business Central ERP in their system. It can combine the system with some other solution according to their wish depending on their requirements.

Easier to Upgrade with Better Support

With the use of new add ons and better customizations which are not anymore available with the standard product, providing efficient support to the customers becomes much easier. Functional changes can now be viewed much more easily as they are clearly defined and well separated. It makes the usage of Microsoft Business Central ERP software much clearer. It makes the support provided being more easier and efficient.

When a trading company finally decides to upgrade its ERP software to the latest version, the burden of the IT department of analyzing all the current trends and changes which have taken place over the years is released. The up-gradation can now be easily incorporated with the new release with the use of Microsoft Business Central ERP software.


Over the years, Microsoft Business Central has maintained its position of being the best in the market of providing ERP software for trading companies. EPCGroup has been at forefront of providing ERP Consulting for organizations that are looking for Microsoft Certified Gold Patners.

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You can also check out other Microsoft ERP products along with their pricing models.

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