Which Is The Best Dynamic Customer Portal?

Posted by Sas Chatterjee on May, 25, 2021 06:05

Dynamics 365 is a popular choice for several global businesses. It is an excellent CRM because of its secure and easy customization and management. If you are a business owner looking for efficient and secure CRM, Dynamics 365 is the perfect choice for you.

However, if you fail to engage with consumers efficiently, then the churn rate of business may go high. Over time, you may start losing your consumers. 

But, there is scope to avoid such a situation, and that is using a feature-rich consumer portal. With a Dynamics 365 customer portal, you can bring suppliers, customers, vendors, and more in one place. It will centralize all the entities that will help to enhance communication and streamline entity management.

In short, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer portal will elevate the overall productivity by providing seamless sync in between the portal and your CRM. Nevertheless, you can’t select any customer portal without understanding it. It is advisable to analyze its suitability for your business.

Which is the best Customer Portal of Dynamics 365

PortalXpand is customizable, scalable, and ready to integrate. The professionals are available to equip you with the best in class features related to the customer portal. Below you will read the benefits of Dynamics Customer Portal, let being:

Benefits of Using Dynamics 365 Customer Portal

Now, let’s check out the benefits of Dynamics Customer Portal and check whether the customer portal is beneficial for your business or not.

Create customer Portal using PowerApps

User Friendly and Easy Configuration

Dynamics 365 Customer Portal intends to provide all the essential functions of MS Dynamics CRM. With the compact layouts, there are stacked and organized elements available on the dashboard. With this, users can easily navigate the portal efficiently. You can check out the MS Dynamics CRM prices.

Let’s catch up on the configuration part. The portal can be deployed quickly. These are ready to use, and they will start running in some time. If you are an Admin, you just need to sign in to the system and follow the given on-screen configuration steps.

Dashboard Comprising of Power BI Integration 

The Dynamics 365 Portal dashboard will extract the data from Power BI; it will be massively helpful because you can directly get business insights in real time about the consumers on the dashboard. It comprises an intuitive user interface and provides seamless navigation. With these insights, you can take action accordingly. The Power BI Integration will enhance the default portal dashboard and productively use it.

EPCGroup has been providing Dynamics 365 consulting for organization who are looking for implementing Dynamics products. We have more than 70+ Dynamics experts with over 100 years of experience combine.

Streamline User Management 

A Super Admin of the portal can also define the access rules for everyone and add user roles. As an Admin, you will also get the privilege of providing role-based configuration rights. With this functionality, you can ensure efficient and secure management and prevent data changes or unnecessary overlaps.

Simplified Entity Management

The Dynamics portal will allow using your default CRM entities. It will also let you configure custom entities that will suit your business objective. With it, you have proper control over the entities in your Portal and CRM.

Creating Customer Portal

Custom Dashboard 

The centralized management of entities on single entities will help in ease of navigation. The custom dashboard will help the users to navigate quickly, and the portal will provide the user quick access to the frequently required records. For a custom dashboard, you have to enable the settings and save quick links to standard widgets like Counter Block, Recent Activity, etc., or other entities that you want.

A dashboard that is systematically arranged and easily navigable section will elevate the consumer experience and attract sales.

Case Management

Your portal will give access to the consumers to generate cases for issues or queries they face. They can also see the history of the cases you create and track the portal’s progress.

By tracking the progress, you can engage the customers effectively with real time case generation.

Enhance and Secure Content Management

Your CRM data is essential, and you can’t afford to risk the security. To avoid a breach of security, you can share the data with the customer securely. 

The users can see the data according to the roles you assign to them. It would help if you decided the entities to privately display only with the log-in and others to display publicly without log-in. And a portal will allow you to configure that in the back end.

Final Thoughts    

It’s time for you to get over the traditional call centers and help desks. With the above mentioned benefits, Dynamics 365 portal will make sure to make you and your consumer smile. The portal must enable you but not restrict you.

By now, you know have understood about the Dynamics 365 Maps customer portal thatextendsfunctionality to Dynamics 365 and makes the most out of it. However, you should make few considerations while selecting a portal, as discussed earlier. If you are a Dynamics 365 user and looking for the right Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Portal, PortalXpand is the perfect fit for you.

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