Why Do Businesses Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Posted by Kevin Booth on May, 03, 2021 03:05

To meet the business goals of your organization, it is pivotal to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is a perfect platform for in-depth evaluation of insights and business processes. This excellent tool of Microsoft works in coordination with your sales and marketing team and keeps them ahead in the competition. It caters to superb performance, functionality, and security to the business and thus helps them modify solutions as they adapt to the business environment. With the storage of complete information in one centralized place, CRM can analyze and automate the business procedures. 

With plenty of CRMs available in the market, like Dynamics 365, HubSpot, Salesforce, picking the one which can meet your business goals can be difficult. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete package of intelligent business applications to run the complete business and cater better results by using AI-driven insights.

Let’s put some limelight on the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to fuel up sales, get more leads, and manage customers efficiently. 


Based on the size of any organization, Dynamics 365 comes up with various pricing options. Microsoft provides an Enterprise Edition plan to companies that have more than 250 users. The Business Edition Plan of Microsoft is for companies that have less than 250 users. The platform has various plans for small companies to take advantage of Dynamics 365 at affordable rates.

It becomes possible for small companies to avail of any particular application module through such separate modules instead of purchasing the comprehensive plan. Such customized plans have allowed companies of all sizes to get benefits of Dynamics 365 and facilitates Microsoft to take a competitive edge in this overcrowded market of CRM. You can check the details Microsoft CRM pricing guide.


It becomes possible to link Dynamics 365 with other Microsoft tools, databases, and external business applications through integration. Organizations can use SharePoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Power BI Integration regularly through Dynamics 365. Irrespective of the business size, Dynamic 365 will become a perfect customized business tool through such integrations.

Data centralization

Centralize your business data by integrating it with other applications, external data sources and cloud services. This covers email marketing, accounting databases, website surveys, etc. Through data centralization, it becomes easy for companies to know their strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly to boost overall performance. Such steps keep the organization on its toes and help them to make better decisions.

Dynamics 365 Customer service

Process automation

Dynamics CRM allows you to put a full stop to time-consuming manual work. It creates process rules which can be customized as per the business to get the required outcomes. The business will remain notified, and its approval process will become flawless through such guided processes. All such things cater to desired results with high data quality. Process automation works better with Microsoft ERP Products integration with Dynamics CRM.

Cut down in sales cycle.

It becomes easy for marketing professionals to cut down the sale cycle because of the analyzed customer data they get through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With access to such technology personally, sales executives get more power in their hands.

Better customer service with social engagement

This platform provides a process-driven user interface that allows salespeople to manage customer cases on an individual basis. Also, analysis of centralized data allows professionals to respond as per the customer usage data trends in real-time data analytics. This permits them to connect socially and cater personalized solutions and give them the desired human touch. BI allows sales professionals to know website visitors’ behaviour, their activities on the website, which community they belong to, and much more. The data collections are done to know the customers’ sentiments, their buying pattern and their loyalty to the brand- all such aspects are impossible to evaluate quantitatively.

Easy Deployment

As most company employees use Microsoft Office, it becomes easy for them to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Also, it takes less time to get familiarize with it and understand new applications. Dynamics CRM can be deployed in on-premise, cloud or hybrid; thus, a company can use this tool as per their requirements.

Easy scalability 

The platform facilitates customer engagement in a business-friendly environment; such things give strength to the customer engagement process and improve collaborative sales. Besides all such benefits, the Dynamics CRMs caters to enhanced security, mobility and improves accessibility.

Excellent connectivity between different departments

Being a cloud-based CRM, Microsoft Dynamics establish a connection between different departments like sales, marketing, operations, finance and customer relations. The concept is everyone in the company, right from the development team to the production floor, should remain updated about the company insights data, which help them to do innovative business.

Final Takeaway

If you haven’t adopted Microsoft Dynamics in your business, you are probably missing the centerpiece of a puzzle! Leverage its power to give the desired boost to your company’s progress by increasing productivity through streamlined procedures. This platform is the one you need to give a cut-throat competition to other competitors.

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