Would You Recommend MS Dynamics For Startups?

Posted by Errin O'Connor on May, 11, 2021 06:05

The term “Startups” has a vast criterion. A small business with a small number of employees and a limited number of clients is a startup. And a company that’s geared toward creating small departments and has a good number of clients is also a startup. MS Dynamics is an excellent choice for startups of the latter kind.

If the business is already using MS applications like Outlook and Office 365, then Dynamics 365 can be even more profitable. It comes with seamless integration with these apps and also offers more MS products. Also, it doesn’t disturb the other processes in the business. It can very well be a centralized hub for all the data.

What makes MS Dynamics even more user- friendly is that it is easily customizable and highly flexible. For instance, a startup can opt for a CTI tool for integration if using a Microsoft phone system for customer services and sales. CTI tools such as Tenfold can unify Dynamics 365 with more than 100 phone systems. Not just this, they can also find third-party apps like a CTI in MS’s market place called “AppSource”.

Dynamics Supply chain

The most significant advantage to using MS Dynamics over other CRM platforms is that it is very cost-effective, making it all worth it. It comes with ERP functions, too, unlike ordinary CRM. MS Dynamics can genuinely give a lot of benefits to a startup with its unique technological advancements. You can refer to this detailed article on ERP vs CRM

Why Go Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Now every sector like, government services, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality or any other; everyone is going digital. However, unfortunately, digitalization doesn’t always come easy for every company.

Big companies have ample budget and resources. They can easily invest in digitalization, but what about small scale businesses and startups? Is it manageable and affordable for the small startups with limited resources and low budget to invest in digitalization?

It is probably more challenging for them to go digitized, but they can still strive to embark on this path.

Dynamics with Azure and Microsoft
Dynamics 365 build on Azure and Integrated with Microsoft 365

Before we look into how MS Dynamics is a perfect choice for new startups, let us first understand the shortcomings and problems these small businesses face. Also you can check all Microsoft ERP products

Problems That Small Startups Face:

1.      Instability

The focus of small businesses is generally to save money for unfavorable/unpredictable times and using the budget on rather most important stuff that they cannot get for free otherwise. Hence, the chance of them investing in purpose-built tools or software is scarce.

2.      Traction Loss

Startups generally struggle with keeping track of all the potential leads and often lose opportunities due to this. Small businesses must stay in touch with the existing customers and increase the new customer base.

3.      Irregularor Inaccurate Implementations

Even when small scale startups and businesses invest in purpose-built tools, they often purchase and implement the tools that ain’t fit for their business. They buy extra storage and licenses that they don’t even require. Or they get the tools that are rather best suited for other industries.

Now let us look at some essential pointers for why and how MS Dynamic s is the best ERP for startups.
  1. Regulates your business’s monthly costs, which gives you the freedom to be more flexible in your everyday work. You can also scale your expenses more wisely. Check out the MS Dynamics 365 ERP pricing and MS Dynamics CRM prices
  2. Dynamics 365 is stored on the cloud, and hence, you don’t need to make any investment in buying and maintaining hardware infrastructures. Also, it would be best if you weren’t too wary or doubt the security of cloud storage. It’s more secured than most of the local solutions.
  3. It adapts according to your growth rate. You can begin with just the basic features and carry out your daily work, and you can remain confident that whenever your business grows, all the features of the product will remain intact, without any rise in the license price.
  4. MS Dynamics launches new updates about every six months. And the most fantastic thing for you is that you can enjoy and benefit from all the developments automatically, again without any additional/raised cost for the license.
  5. All small and large scale businesses need to be consistently productive. It can especially just be the “Key” to your success if you start with your startup. MS Dynamics help you keep your data organized, avoiding data duplicity and simplifying complex tasks so that you can only focus on your efforts to make your business grow to no end.

From above points it may be clear that MS Dynamics is a boon to the start-ups. All in all, MS Dynamics has become a MUST HAVE for startups! It allows the businesses to build a complete picture of their relationship with the clients so that their journeys can be personalized. So, let’s integrate it in your process to speed up the work and productivity.

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