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Empower Your Internal IT withManaged IT ServicesFrom EPC Group


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Headquartered in Houston’s Greenway Plaza business district in Upper Kirby, our team of IT support experts are working hard to empower businesses across the state of Texas and beyond. With locations in Dallas and San Antonio, we take pride in the fact that we are empowering our clients to focus on innovation and strategy, while we focus on their IT support.

  • Our team of 250+ experts offers 24/7 support for more than 30 technologies
  • Reduce costs by 40% while increasing reliability
  • Enterprise-wide support & continuous monitoring services customized to your business
  • Reduce business risk and smoothly handle surge capacity
  • Flexible resource pool provides skillsets you need to control development costs

Reduce business risk by having complete IT coverage and continuous support, delivered for a predictable flat-rate fixed monthly cost!

Cloud Design and Deployment
Infrastructure Support
Solution as a Service
Application Services
Advisory Services
Support Services

Additional Benefits:

Empower your existing IT team to focus on innovation & strategy within your organization.
Experience peace of mind with the confidence of knowing that your IT needs are covered.


EPC Group delivers Managed IT Services that leverage cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployment architecture. Our “from the trenches” expertise and unique set of services allow for monitoring, support, and management of:

  • SharePoint (Both on-premises and SharePoint Online)
  • Office 365 (Including Lync, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Dynamics CRM, and Project Online)
  • Project Server (Both on-premises and Project Online)
  • Custom Applications (.NET custom applications, legacy applications, websites, mobile applications, etc.)
  • SQL Server (Including SQL Server 2012/2014 and SQL Server 2008 both on-premises and cloud-based)
  • Microsoft Exchange (Both on-premises and Exchange Online)
  • Unified Communications (Lync Server & Lync Online | Lync & Skype Video Integration Configuration)
  • Infrastructure (Virtualization, SAN, AD, DR, Monitoring)


One Contract, One Cost

With a single contract and a single monthly recurring cost, EPC Group Managed Services includes:

  • IT assistance and empowerment: We help your team do what they do best by filling in the gaps and reducing complexity through 100% transparency and visibility into daily operations and system performance.
  • Reduced Costs: Our managed IT service offerings and extensive skillsets result in cost up to 60% when compared to a full time resource.
  • Improved Insights and Efficiencies: We provide custom Managed IT Services tailored for your direct business needs and are assigned directly to a solutions and services technology manager. You work with consistent team members that carry the skillsets needed to deliver successful solutions and services.
  • Confidence and Peace of Mind: Our commitment to providing our clients the best possible service and solutions is seen through the level of expertise you will receive from our team. Our experts maintain competencies in all of our technology offerings and have at least 10 years of experience each.
  • Increased Reliability: We offer a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees our responsiveness 24/7, 365 days a year. Our customer satisfaction scores average over 90%.


We Understand Your IT Challenges

In today’s digital landscape, unified communication and collaboration technologies equip organizations with new ways to get work done. With the convergence in technologies, IT teams are struggling with the ability to meet end user and business expectations. They face challenges around making the most of the latest technologies with little budget and without disrupting the business and a host of roadblocks such as:

  • Meeting compliance and security standards
  • Misunderstanding how the business operates and how to properly align tech strategies
  • Not mastering the workforce and employee function
  • Lack of in-house skillsets and ability to demonstrate ROI
  • No time of capacity to focus on projects

Key technology areas are converging more than ever in areas such as: collaboration, messaging applications, business applications, application development, application management and infrastructure optimization. While the uniting of technologies opens up a world of potential, organizations simply lack the resources to take advantage of the opportunities available. The ability to properly deploy, integrate, develop and manage key technologies require specialized skillsets and investment.

IT leaders work diligently to obtain budget and buy in to use these technologies, but the inability to respond and properly pilot and deploy leaves technologies and projects sitting still.

Settling for an older version of technology to avoid risks or errors, flaws, incompatibilities and data loss greatly influence competitive advantage and opportunity for the business. IT teams become stuck in an ongoing state of deployment and routinely overestimate the power of in-house skills.

Choosing the right technology partner for your business can be a challenge. Contact us today to see why 5,000+ organizations in the City of Houston and all over the globe trust EPC Group with their IT support needs. We’re located at 12 Greenway Plaza #1100, Houston, Texas 77046.

200+ IT experts supporting more than 30 different technologies, including:
  1. Office 365 Migration Services
  2. SharePoint Online
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Power BI
  5. Exchange Online Migration Services
  6. OneDrive for Business
  7. Microsoft Intune
  8. Custom SharePoint Branding
  9. Custom Apps / .NET Development
  10. Office 365 Governance
  11. Lotus Notes to SharePoint Online
  12. Mobility and BYOD
  13. Project Online
  14. Identity Management
  16. AirWatch
  17. SharePoint Custom Branding
  18. SQL Server / SQL Azure
  19. SharePoint 2016 On-Premise
  20. OpenText Integration
  21. Microsoft Exchange
  22. Skype for Business
  23. Microsoft Teams
  24. Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX