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Why Organizations Recognize EPC Group's Consulting Services as the Industry Leader
Named Gartner's Cool Vendor of the Year
Named Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist,
2015 & 2016
Over 4 million Office 365 users successfully migrated
200+ years combined senior team migration experience
Expertise migrating to Office 365 in every vertical
EPC Group's Chief Architect Errin O'Connor was on the original SharePoint and
Office 365 Beta teams

EPC Group's Azure Consulting Offerings

EPC Group provides end-to-end services and products for companies building critical business solutions looking to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and cloud-native capabilities.

Our industry-proven solutions with Microsoft Azure can assist you at all stages of your cloud maturity and application lifecycle, whether it’s adopting Azure for the first time, extending your team with 24x7x365 operational management of your Azure environments, or driving business value through automation and analytics used Azure’s cloud-native features.

Faster Solutions

Our certified experts and over 21+ years of experience in cloud, databases, DevOps and analytics provide you with robust, integrated solutions.

Comprehensive Azure Services

We are your swiss army knife for operations and data expertise in Azure. Our Azure consultants help you define your cloud strategy and execute it.

Azure Solutions

Our award-winning Azure solutions, blueprints and processes can help you achieve the ROI that you are looking for out of Azure while reducing risk.
EPC Group’s flexible engagement model is designed for you to explore everything Azure has to offer. With EPC Group by your side, you’ll have the industry’s most talented Azure consultants and developers working to help you develop and refine your cloud strategy, adopt innovative technologies, execute your roadmap, and optimize service quality on an ongoing basis.

We'll Take You Beyond the Basics of Microsoft Applications

Delivering end-tp-end solutions that enhance your entire application suite.
Cloud Collaboration

Ensure collaboration and access across applications


Seamless migrations to Microsoft's cloud products from on-premise, legacy, and other systems.


Fully custom development and integration with Microsoft's suite.


Manage documents, people and projects more efficiently


Enhance reliable mobile access to employee, customers, and members without sacrificing security.


Engage, collaborate and connect in real time through the enterprise grade social networking and communications.


Monitoring & managed services to improve system reliability

Enterprise Records Management

Manage records according to legal and regulatory requirements.

Document Management

Improve accessiblity and searchability of documents within the organization.

7 Key Benefits of Azure

While Microsoft Azure has made enormous strides and positioned itself as a market leader, organizations often require more justification for its expense. Top tier managers are requiring a thorough summary of the tangible benefits of Azure. Thereafter, once the advantages of Azure can demonstrate a measurable ROI, the business can rapidly scale-up. The number of organizations adopting a cloud-based model is increasing rapidly: whether that be from a hybrid approach or going full cloud.

Here are 7 key business-driven benefits of Azure that apply across all verticals.

Azure is Really Fast

Speed is critical to organizations of all types and is a key marker of competitive advantage.

In the context of this Azure benefit, speed is a common denominator across three key areas:

  1. Speed of deployment
  2. Speed of operation
  3. Speed of scalability

With all three functions in place, on-premise solutions, even leading cloud providers will find it nearly impossible match.

Cost Effectiveness & Scalability

Azure offers a cost-effective Pay-As-You-Go model enabling you to purchase only what you need. Microsoft Azure makes it easy to scale computing power up and down with at the click of a button.


Amongst the various parts of Azure’s security proposition, one of the most beneficial is the facilitation of secure and seamless login for their users. Whether that be business to business or business to consumer.

With the help of Azure Single Sign-On, users can easily access all of their relevant platforms without having to remember a complex password. This will allow you to reduce the ability of hackers into select accounts, and enable more granular controls, such as location and device-specific.

Ensure Compliance

In the grand scheme of things, businesses don’t want to consider whether their data and solutions are meeting industry-specific, or location-based policies. They want to focus on business outcomes.

Microsoft’s heritage has enabled them to continually provide platforms that meet this requirement and have dealt with all the heavy lifting. Especially in sectors like finance, which with GDPR, and policies around types of data, have built out solutions that enable great scope with maintaining proper data security and allocation.

Catapult your Business Agility

Businesses using Microsoft Azure have faster development cycles that on-premises solutions. This means that when they are developing their applications they get more responsive feedback. Which allows them to explore the outcomes of technologies in a manner that will better fit business objectives.

From a financial perspective – these product cycles allow for measured suitability without setting up a complex infrastructure.

Azure’s Global Reach

At EPC Group, we work with clients that need their data capabilities at a global scale. Which, for those who are reliant on private data centers, have great difficulties in achieving. As such, Azure has the advantage of dynamically adapting in accordance with performance and utilization requirements. This reduces the need for a team of architects to monitor behavior and enables them to focus on core objectives. They are always getting a great experience and aren’t dependent on location.

While some may argue that this scale can only be exploited by smaller organizations, this is not the case. Want more details? Here’s a map of the various Azure regions:

Azure Solves Disaster Recovery

At EPC Group, we often work with organizations that have a global footprint and therefore require a solution that adequately meets their needs for global data transfer.

In tandem with this, security officers need to maintain a stronghold so that there is a consideration for their disaster recovery capabilities. This includes subjects like fail-over locations and recovery points objectives.

Fortunately,  Azure has all this covered.

They have:

  • Regional and global fail-over options
  • Hot and cold standby models
  • Rolling reboot capabilities

All of which can work straight out of the box. Which in short, puts them far beyond a typical on-premises option.

Azure Managed IT Services for Your Azure Environment

Technology is moving quickly, and keeping your team up to speed and ready to take on new challenges, while still managing their day to day responsibilities can be a daunting task. Gaining expert experience in new environments is a difficult thing to do while managing all your existing workloads. Utilizing EPC Group’s Azure Managed IT Services is an easy solution to these common problems, freeing you up to balance your resources while migrating to the Cloud. Overwhelmed by day-to-day management of your Azure environment? Give us a call and let the team at EPC Group help!


24/7 Customer Service Phone Support

Email Support

Data Recovery

Performance Issue Resolution


Real-time Environment Monitoring

Daily Review of Environments

Weekly Environment Status Reports

Monthly Strategic Reviews

Windows Azure Consulting
Strategic Advisory Services

Trusted Advisor Support for Strategic Initiatives

EPC Group can handle the day-to-day management of your Azure environment, while you focus on business priorities. From management to overall strategic direction, we can help you acquire Azure or can provide management of your existing Azure environment. Reach out today to learn how Azure Managed IT Services can be designed to fit your management needs.

Benefits of an Azure Managed Service Provider

According to a recent survey over 80 top IT professionals and business executives in large and mid-market organizations, 62 percent of organizations used a multi-cloud environment that included Microsoft Azure, and 46 percent had at least half of their IT infrastructure and workloads in Azure.

The report also found that 67 percent of participants said they were “very likely” to work with an MSP over the next year to help with migration to Azure or to manage their cloud and/or the on-premises environment.

Here are a few reasons why hiring EPC Group for your Azure Consulting and Managed IT Services is in your best interest:
  • According to the same survey, security was the top priority for Azure end users seeking to partner with MSPs. The survey found respondents’ top Azure challenge was data security and privacy concerns (30 percent). The most sought-after MSP skills were found to be security, backup, disaster recovery, planning and protection (72 percent).
  • Customers are also interested in partnering with MSPs because of their discovery and inventory of IT resources (65 percent). Especially when taking the leap to the cloud you need a seasoned technology partner like EPC Group to make sure your technology transformation is undertaken in the most effective way.
  • EPC Group can help you reduce hardware costs, hardware maintenance, and technician costs by configuring your virtual Azure servers and providing regular consultations so you no longer have the headache of both maintaining and constantly monitoring your servers (virtual and/or on premises).
  • MSPs’ ability to assess the cost and ROI for cloud roadmap development (59 percent) also goes a long way into caring for your company’s bottom line.

Get Enterprise-class IT for a Fraction of the Cost

Partner with the experts who can provide full customization and support across all Microsoft Applications, and integration to others.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Azure Consulting Overview

EPC Group has been on the forefront of Microsoft Azure consulting and development as our Hybrid Cloud Advisory services provide for the full spectrum of your Microsoft Azure needs from initial review and planning to deployment to meet a wide range of business and technical requirements.

Whether you are wanting to utilize Azure services for virtual machines, SQL databases, Active Directory, Hadoop or even Azure’s new media streaming services, EPC Group’s industry leading expertise will be able to meet your specific needs with your organization’s required service level agreements (SLAs) in mind. EPC Group also offers compliance and regulatory consulting services, disaster recovery (DR) planning as well as migration to Azure and even migration away from Azure should the platform not fit your long-term business and IT roadmap needs.

EPC Group will guide you through each area of Microsoft Azure to provide for knowledge transfer around identity management, compliance, DR, development, pricing and data storage as well as long-term Microsoft Azure managed services.

EPC Group will also review and provide you with licensing strategies around Microsoft Azure’s BYOD (bring your own license) through Microsoft license mobility via software assurance, which will allow you to utilize your organization’s own Microsoft Server licensing within Microsoft Azure without additional licensing fees.