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Salesforce Consulting Services

Our Salesforce experts can help in all areas, including strategy, migration, design, integration, implementation, and more.

  • Initial Assessment
  • Deployment
  • Customizations
  • Migrating Data
  • Integration with other applications

    EPC Group is a leader in delivering enterprise cloud-based solutions. Our team of Certified Salesforce consultants can help you better leverage this often under-utilized and under-performing solution into a valuable tool that improves business processes, provides actionable data, engages sales teams and drives results. If you need real-time sales visibility, collaborative relationships, and flexible enterprise applications, our extensive platform knowledge and best practices approach will deliver sustained value across your organization.

    In today’s rapidly changing market, companies must be able to quickly adapt in to stay ahead of the competition. Salesforce is widely considered the world’s #1 CRM solution because it enables businesses to connect with their clients in new, innovative way by creating more predictive decisions in real-time. However, many companies aren’t leveraging the benefits of Salesforce’s platform to their full potential.

    EPC Group helps clients take full advantage of all that Salesforce can offer with our Salesforce consulting services. Our team of consultants and developers bring a depth of experience across various verticals delivering creative and flexible solutions to our customers.

    As a registered Salesforce Consulting Partner, EPC Group is able to extend our best practices approach to implementing, integrating and optimizing our clients use of their technology investment.

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    Other Services

    Looking for a CRM upgrade?

    Our salesforce services include:
    • Salesforce assessment and evaluation, implementation, customization, and data migrations
    • Strategic business process review and optimization, including optimization and enhancement, integration between Salesforce CRM and other applications
    Our experts help you:
    • Increase data quality and reporting capabilities to achieve a single, high-quality view of customers and prospects
    • Enhance processes across all departments
    • Improve your marketing campaigns
    • Enhance business mobility, saving time and money while improving productivity
    • Streamline customer communications and improve sales results
    • Optimize Salesforce!

    Sales Cloud

    Follow up on leads. Manage relationships. Close deals. From anywhere.

    With the world’s #1 CRM solution, selling has never been easier. By implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, we put the power of knowledge in your hands. The knowledge that gives you the customer insights you need to close deals and grow your accounts.

    Sales Cloud enables you to:

    • Track your leads
    • Stay up-to-date on your customer accounts
    • Capture actionable intelligence on every contact
    • Track your opportunities throughout the sales process
    • Deliver and track quotes
    • Monitor past sales activities
    • Produce sales forecasts

    Service Cloud

    Let EPC Group help you maximize customer loyalty and profits by capitalizing on every customer interaction. We will help you increase service quality while managing costs. Our contact center services will help you transform your organization into a social enterprise while optimizing agent productivity. Our experience with self-service communities will help your organization deflect calls, improve first call resolution and reduce case resolution time. As a result, you will see an improvement in overall customer satisfaction.

    With Service Cloud®, there is no such thing as being unavailable to your customers. You can deliver great service anywhere and all the time on any device. Your customer service team has access to everything they need to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Or set up a self-service portal to free up your representatives to only handle the most urgent calls.

    Service Cloud enables you to:

    • Stay in-tune with customer feedback
    • Provide self-service
    • Quickly resolve customer issues
    • Personalize service and predict future needs
    • View dashboards to track service metrics
    • Support customers from any device

    Marketing Cloud

    Marketers understand that their job is to increase revenue, but getting there is the challenge.

    Marketing used to be easy. Today we live in a different world. To get your company where you want it to go, you need a solution that will help you manage all aspects of marketing, from pricing to promotion.

    With Salesforce, we make it easier for you to take your marketing message to the market through multiple channels, from email to mobile to social media. With Marketing Cloud, implementation and tracking can be done from any device, wherever you are, giving you the ability to optimize your ad campaigns at any time.

    Marketing Cloud enables you to:

    • Build and send promotional and triggered emails
    • Personalize messages based on data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other sources
    • Utilize mobile-optimized email templates
    • Reach customers with SMS, MMS, push messaging and group messaging
    • Customize and automate mobile app activities
    • Create webpage and landing pages with personalized content
    • Leverage social media in your sales and marketing campaigns
    • Trigger mobile and web messages based on real-time behavior

    The EPC Group team specializes in both Marketing Cloud and Pardot integrations with Salesforce. Marketing Spotlight supports every aspect of an implementation, from technical configuration & integration, asset build or migration from other systems, to list configuration, lead nurturing setup, and long-term strategy with coaching and training.


    Data-driven. Intelligent. Dynamic. Pardot by Salesforce gives you everything you need to transform your B2B marketing into a sales-producing machine.

    B2B marketers understand that advertising is not enough in this game. Relationship building is the key to success. With Pardot, you get a powerful platform from which to build creative lead generation programs and an automation system that will trigger campaign activity off of CRM data, allowing you to move through the sales cycle from prospect to customer.

    At EPC Group, we understand B2B sales and marketing like no other company. We know how to integrate together the processes that keep your sales funnel full and your closing ratio high.

    Let us help you use Pardot to build effective B2B marketing programs that will generate more leads, move them quickly through the pipeline, and engage buyers with personalized campaigns.

    Community Cloud

    Help your clients succeed by connecting them to the information, apps and the experts they need. With Salesforce Community Cloud, your partners can update opportunities and qualify leads, customers can provide feedback, and employees can manage customer support cases.

    Analytics Cloud (Wave)

    Everything you need to make the best business decisions is now at your fingertips. With Salesforce Wave, you can easily connect right to your Sales Cloud and Service Cloud data from any device. Get the data, dashboards, and visualizations you need to spot trends and key performance indicators, so you can take the appropriate action to lead your business successfully.

    Commerce Cloud

    Commerce Cloud is one of the leading retail and e-commerce software products that allows retailers to create unique buying experiences across communication channels. It includes tools to stimulate sales growth, from order management to personalized shopping experiences powered by AI.

    IoT Cloud

    This is a platform for storing and processing massive piles of sensor data generated by connected devices. Powered by Thunder, it allows to capture, filter and respond to events in real time. As a result, organizations can leverage a more comprehensive perspective on how clients use their products to get meaningful insights and even introduce new revenue models

    Salesforce Managed Services & Support:

    As your company grows and evolves your Salesforce platform need to do the same. Let us help you maximize your budget and ensure your users get the most out of Salesforce by leveraging the skills of our team of experts.

    Our dedicated managed services staff will assign a team with diverse skill sets to deliver exactly what you need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We’re available when you need us.
    Micromanaging hours takes precious time and energy away from delivering great service to your end users. Our service model will adjust to the demand when you need it.
    We also employ best practices for service operations to be able to manage requests efficiently, escalate quickly, and adjust to unexpected issues. This ensures that we deliver superior service, every time.

    EPC Group provides a flexible support model to provide on-demand resources for what you need. This eliminates the cost of a full-time equivalent and a steep learning curve of all the complexities and nuances of salesforce.

    Why the Managed Service / Support approach works best.

    • We provide tailored support for every need day in and day out and special requests.
    • Sales Process Optimization, Immediate gains from of an experienced resource.
    • An experienced resource means fire drills becomes manageable.
    • Manage ROI for what you need, instead of employing a full-time resource with limited experience.

    Companies always need assistance with:

    • Sales process – Hands-on experience managing a sales function, not just system support.
    • Contact mapping-Adjustments are often required as your users gain experience.
    • Reporting and Dashboard development.
    • Tricks and shortcuts- Ensure adoption when you can deploy time-tested shortcuts.
    • Ongoing administration – Managing security and access properly to prevent exposure.

    Why hire a Salesforce Managed Services Provider?

    Salesforce’s capabilities are so vast that it can be easy for organizations to underutilize the platform or become immobilized by data overload.
    Without proper support and maintenance, Salesforce can turn into a migraine-inducing platform rather than a valuable problem-solver.
    But before you create an online job listing for a full-time Salesforce specialist, take a look at the benefits of utilizing EPC Group for Salesforce Managed Services and Support.

    1. Inexpensive

    Regardless of the size of your business, bringing on a full-time Salesforce specialist may not be cost-effective. With EPC Group you have the flexibility to pay as you go. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have Salesforce support when you need it and that it’s not costing you money when you don’t.

    2. Salesforce Experts at Your Fingertips

    It’s the job of a Salesforce Managed Service provider to know Salesforce inside and out from updates and new features to bug fixes and integrations. That means you can rest assured knowing you have their expertise in your back pocket. EPC Group can clue you in on critical changes that you might otherwise never been aware of.

    3. Keep Your Team Focused on Your Core Products

    When you work with a Salesforce Managed Service provider, you have a separate team focused on making sure that your Salesforce product is running efficiently for your organization. The consultants at EPC Group take the time to understand your needs and work as an extension of your organization so you can keep your internal team focused on your core products that drive revenue.

    4. Scalable On-Demand Use

    EPC Group allows you to only pay for the hours you need. Rather than front the cost of a standard monthly retainer or pay an employee a full-time salary, you have the flexibility to use these services only when you need them, and can afford them. So, whenever you need work done, whether once a week or once a quarter, our team is ready to go and can deliver a great solution in a timely manner.

    5. Available 24/7/365

    When you choose to work with a Salesforce Managed Solutions provider, you’re signing up for round-the-clock support. Even the most loyal of employees has a sick day every now and then or plans for a vacation and is out of office, but a full management partner is available to you 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-per-week.

    EPC Group is a full-service Salesforce Consulting Partner. We deliver the ultimate Salesforce solutions to help grow your business:

    • Implementation
    • Integration
    • Customization
    • Development