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G Suite & Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

Considering migrating your G Suite files, email & users to Office 365? EPC Group has a proprietary G Suite to Office 365 migration tool that encrypts your content during the migration process to ensure a seamless migration, our senior team of G Suite (Gmail) to Office 365 migration experts have a combined 60 years of experience with these specific migrations.

EPC Group Experts in Gmail to Office 365 Migrations

Migrating from G Suite to Office 365 could be one of the smartest moves your organization ever makes. However, the migration could seem like an overly complex task – especially if your organization has never handled one before.

Rather than take an unnecessary risk that could disrupt your entire business operation and expose your data to a security breach, and loss, you can outsource your migration from G Suite to Office 365 to EPC Group an industry leader in G Suite to Office 365 Migrations.

EPC Group is Here to Help with Your Office 365 Migration from Gmail

At EPC Group, we have a dedicated team of cloud computing experts with 23+ years of global experience in the IT industry and the required skills and capabilities to help your organization seamlessly migrate from G Suite to Office 365.

We have a strong track record of providing industry leading solutions for Office 365 and all our services are cost-effective focusing on our client’s ROI. We provide an extensive range of migration methods and solution for organizations and businesses regardless of business vertical or size, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.

EPC Group offers an all-in-one cloud migration solution that guarantees high performance, encryption, and extreme security without any data loss. Regardless of the size of your organization or its location, number of employees, and the size of your data on G Suite, EPC Group can handle your Gmail to Office 365 migration smoothly and efficiently.

As cloud computing experts, we have successfully developed an all-inclusive solution to migrate organizations and businesses from G Suite to Office 365. Over the years, EPC Group has successfully migrated thousands of organizations from G Suite to Office 365 securely and seamlessly and at a competitive price. You can take advantage of our vast level of experience in cloud migration to take your business to the next level of cloud computing.

We Guarantee Seamless G Suite to Office 365 Migration

  • At EPC Group, we are fully aware that both Google’s G Suite and Microsoft’s 365 platforms have some substantial differences. As a result, migrating data from G Suite to Office 365 requires a detailed level of strategic planning that are not addressed in Microsoft’s official onboarding guides.

    As such, we have successfully created a set of best practices for migrating email, users and data from G Suite to Office 365. Regardless of the size of your organization or the extent of your data, we know precisely how to handle the migration and avoid the common pitfalls associated with Gmail to Office 365 migrations. As cloud computing experts, we can handle migration projects of all sizes – from small to large volumes of data.

    To avoid data loss during the migration, we draw upon our in-depth expertise and experience in similar migrations. During the migration, our team of dedicated cloud computing experts will work around the clock to ensure all your data is moved securely and safely from G Suite to Office 365 as required. From your Gmail email boxes to Google Drive, attachments, distribution lists calendars, contacts, folders, and tasks and forms, we can migrate your entire data from G Suite to Office 365.

EPC Group’s Office 365 best practices migration initiatives from Gmail will involve:

  • Providing the necessary support for your organization to help you prepare for the transition from G Suite to Office 365
  • Moving your Google Drive data to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online, Google Groups to Office 365 Groups and Google Sites to SharePoint Online etc.
  • Moving all your contacts, emails, distribution lists, files, folders, calendars, aliases and every other data from G Suite to Office 365.
  • Appropriate and smooth migration done with the required amount of speed and 100% accuracy.

All our cloud migration services are available at competitive prices. You can schedule a no-obligation assessment with our experts to understand how working with EPC Group can help you migrate from G Suite to Office 365 smoothly and without disrupting your business operations.

Why Migrate From G Suite To Office 365?

Over the years, the two leading cloud computing solution providers, Google and Microsoft, have rivaled each other in the productivity suite space. Though some of their productivity solutions are similar, their benefits and capabilities are clearly distinct.

G Suite is designed as a 100% cloud based suite of tools. Office 365 provides a desktop version of their products. The desktop versions of products like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc. are designed with multiple productivity features while their alternatives offered by G Suite are absolutely basic in comparison.

Despite the popularity of cloud computing, many organizations prefer to create, edit and share files locally. This makes it necessary for such organizations to have desktop applications and ultimately gives Office 365 a productivity edge. In addition, Office 365 offers reliable security, compliance, integration with other services as well as administration functionalities that simplify communication and collaboration.

EPC Group’s Office 365 best practices migration initiatives from Gmail will involve:

Learn about all these features and their benefits here.

Here are other key reasons why businesses and organizations are migrating from G Suite to Office 365:


Prices have been one of the key reasons why some organizations and businesses opt for G Suite ahead of Office Suite. However, Google has increased the prices of G Suite solutions recently to push the G Suite Basic and G Suite Business productivity suites for the first time since inception.

The price of G Suite Basic was increased from $5 per month to $6. Also, the price of G Suite Business, mostly used by SMBs, rose from $10 per user per month to $12. However, the $25 per user per month for the enterprise edition is still the same. According to Google, the changes in prices were as a result of continuous improvements to functionality to make the suite more user-friendly and secured.

Since G Suite solutions prices are now fairly similar to Office Suite solutions (though not exactly the same), there’s no reason for your business or organization to miss out on all the great perks of Office 365.

Better Offline Support

G Suite is 100% web-based. For employees who work and edit files offline, G Suite is a poor option. Alternatively, Office 365 allows users to work online and offline. Users can download and install Office 365 apps on their personal computers and smartphones and use them offline.

This is also extremely helpful when users find themselves in situations or locations without internet connections and they have to work until internet is restored. Though, G Suite allows users to work offline, it often requires an internet connection before work can be saved (synced to the cloud) or the help of an external app that allows data saving.

In addition, some organizations have strict security compliance policy that mandates them to store delicate data offline. For such organizations, Office 365’s hybrid capacities are more appealing, unlike G Suite which is strictly cloud-based.


Microsoft has been around for some years before Google. If your clients and customers are familiar with Microsoft Office and they have been using the application for years, odds are most of them will run into problems if you change the tech environment, they are familiar with.

Office 365 contains Microsoft Suite of productivity tools that businesses and organizations of various sizes have been using for many years. When you migrate from G Suite to Office 365, your employees enjoy the benefits of working in a familiar environment; communicating and collaborating seamlessly.

They aren’t required to learn anything new or work with apps that have unfamiliar user-interfaces. This means employees can complete more tasks faster and ultimately boost the entire organization’s productivity efforts. For example, Office 365 comes with Exchange Online which many people are already familiar with and it also syncs with Outlook desktop client.


It is easier to scale efficiently on Office 365 than on G Suite. This is because Office 365 has an in-built integration with Azure and has a centralized Amin Center.

Powerful Customization Option

Some organization’s documents require some level of customization. From sophisticated accounting algorithms in Excel to having absolute control over headers, footers, and formatting in Word for various businesses, Office applications make customization easier for users and they can be done offline unlike G Suite.


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