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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Consulting Services

Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365 for sales to gain a more robust understanding of your client’s needs, engage more effectively and win more business

Dynamics 365 for Sales Consulting

Transform relationships into revenue

Go beyond sales force automation with Dynamics 365 for sales to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively and win more sales.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is Microsoft software that expands into every category of your sales pipeline. Dynamics enables you to manage all your opportunities and leads within one centralized database. Process automation can streamline your workflows working better and faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Strengthen your relationships with personalized interactions based on embedded intelligence that helps sellers to exceed the expectations of today’s buyers. Bring your email communications to the next level with embedded intelligence that lets you know when and how your clients interact with your emails, so that you can be more effective and proactive with your communications. Identify your demographic and what your buyers are really thinking with social intelligence that reveals social engagement and identifies potential competition.

Why Leverage Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Transform your culture

Collaborate on deals across functions and geography with customer information and document sharing directly from Microsoft Teams1, a modern hub for chat, meetings, notes, documents, and business applications.

Boost user adoption with familiar tools

Accelerate deals with an end-to-end, immersive experience for opportunity management. Increase seller productivity with familiar tools like Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint that work seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Available anywhere all the time

Support work on the go with modern mobile applications that provide contextual news, social data, and task flows that increase usability.

Build more fruitful partnerships

Recruit, onboard, and strengthen your partner channel through deeper enablement and activation. Give partners a quick view of interactions across opportunities, cases, and other relevant information with partner relationship management.

What’s New in Dynamics CRM | Sales

The new mobile and social features of Dynamics CRM 2016 transform the way your customers and employees experience and engage. The third aspect of this release is just as critical to digital transformation: utilizing technology to improve sales efficiency and productivity, delivering higher sales, and driving business success.

The sales enhancements include:
Predictive intelligence

Dynamics CRM 2016 features predictive intelligence, helping sellers to sell “smarter” by offering up-sell and cross-sell recommendations and trending documents inside CRM. Trending documents are proactively served from Office Delve inside CRM to offer users relevant information right when they need it.

Sales productivity

Capabilities in CRM are seamlessly embedded into productivity tools like Office 365. These familiar and intuitive tools are enhanced with CRM capabilities for a hassle-free experience. CRM for Outlook allows you to track, manage and create contacts and emails within CRM. New templates in Outlook, Word and Excel allow for the simplified, automated creation of sales documents without needing to export data, and can be delivered and accessed across SharePoint, O365 Groups and One Drive. Lastly, with the most advanced Cortana integration ever, sales activities, accounts and opportunities are embedded to allow Cortana to surface the right content at the right time to help your sales team get the job done.

Digital personal assistant

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 provides a digital personal assistant, one more tool to help your employees stay focused, prioritize and manage their multiple responsibilities. The digital personal assistant provides a complete and personalized overview of daily priorities, including key sales activities, accounts, and deals embedded in Cortana.

Information Discovery

OneDrive for Business allows users to store and share contextual content in CRM. While in CRM, get a consolidated view of relevant documents in SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Office 365 all within the individual CRM record.

Document Generation

With the new Dynamics CRM 2016, users are empowered to easily create beautiful documents based on CRM data without mining and exporting data, designing the documents and populating the data. Now, simply create orders, invoices, product sheets, etc. with the click of a button using pre-built Word and Excel templates.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications

Dynamic 365 for Sales

Remove the clutter from your sales cycle and create processes and insights that drive more authentic and profitable relationships.

Actionable Insight
Relationship Management
Get real-time, contextual intelligence to identify and act on the most meaningful opportunities and trends
Engage with prospects and customers across multiple channels to build one-on-one, trusted relationships.
Sales Productivity
Sales Performance
Built-in workflows and automations help your team spend more time selling and less time on administration.
Inspire yuour sales team and accelerate your sales cycle with at-a-glance dashboards and interactive tools.
Dynamic 365 for Customer Service

Provide customers with an easy, efficient and consistent service experience across channels to earn their loyalty.

Omni-channel Engagement
Customer Self-service
Deliver personalized, unified service across channels and platforms with a 360-degree view of your customer.
Put the power in your customers’ hands to service and support anytime, anywhere from any device.
Empowered Agents
Unified Service
Supports agents with the real-time data and automated tools needed to provide fast, accurate customer service.
Provide a consistent knowledge base for agents and customers to get the answers they need on the spot.

Dynamic 365 for Project Service Automation

Run productive and profitable projects from anywhere with mobile convenience and tools to enable growth and innovation.

Product & Project Collaboration
Planning & Scheduling
Connect your product-based and project-based opportunities to make every customer conversation revelant.
Improve your project planning from estimation to completion, including simplified resource scheduling and integration with Microsoft Project.
Time & Expenses
Project & Service Analytics
Save time and frustration with simplified, automated time and expense management, Available 24×7 from any mobile device.
Be more proactive with a 360-degree, real-time view of project and service financials and performance across the organization.
Dynamic 365 for Field Service

Give your field reps the tools to make customer happy with intelligent scheduling, mobile productivity, and real-time information.

Optimized Scheduling
Contract & Inventory Management
Increase customer satisfaction with flexible scheduling tools that ensure you deliver the right resource to the right place at the right time.
Account for your inventory and service in real-time to increase service revenue and more effectively forecast material needs.
Intelligent Field Service
Consistent Communications
Using IoT connected devices, you can resolve more issues remotely and reduce the number of unnecessary in-person service calls.
Keep office staff, field techs and customers informed and connected at all times through online portals, GPS tools, automated texts and more.

Dynamic 365 for Marketing

Bring sales and marketing together to create more targeted, personalized and consistent customer engagement.

Comprehensive Customer View
Targeted Campaigns
Give sales and marketing a 360-degree view of customer interactions, behaviors and trends for a deeper understanding of their journey.
Drive more engagement and conversions when you know how to create campaigns and messaging that resonates with your prospects and customers.
Digital Marketing Platform
Measurable ROI
Combining Microsoft Azure and Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you a scalable, secure digital foundation to manage and deliver your marketing.
Drive your business forward with the intelligence and analytics you need to measure your marketing performance and ROI.

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations delivers enterprise ERP capabilities with a single, cloud-based business application. Supply chain, financials, sales, purchase orders, inventory, production, and distribution processes are seamlessly connected. You gain the visibility and digital intelligence your organization needs to optimize operational efficiency, deliver outstanding customer experiences and accelerate growth.

Financial management

Build efficient processes that deliver robust reporting and analytics and ensure regulatory compliance across 30+ countries in over 60 different languages.

Manufacturing & Operations

Gain agility and efficiency in your manufacturing by using an integrated solution that optimizes production planning, project management, operations, activity scheduling and cost management.

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