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Sharepoint Consulting Services – Scalable & Hybrid Solutions

EPC Group’s Sharepoint Consulting Services & Solutions – What We Offer

EPC Group offers SharePoint consulting services for each and every phase and milestone required for a successful implementation to meet any business or technical requirement. From initial planning, all the way through design, implementation, configuration, customization, go-live as well as post go-live support and long-term SharePoint managed services.

EPC Group’s Hybrid Cloud Advisory services also ensure your deployment is cloud-compatible and scalable to meet the long-term needs of your organization to ensure it is done right the very first time.

EPC Group also provides for consulting and migration services from non-SharePoint based platforms into SharePoint 2016 as we cover the full spectrum of technology solutions (Documentum, LiveLink etc.) to meet any existing needs and help to successfully achieve your goal of procuring a SharePoint online environment for your organization.

Whenever a custom or tailored SharePoint 2016 app or solutions is required, EPC Group will develop it with “Office 365 | SharePoint Online compatibility” in mind to ensure it is scalable for any future hybrid cloud requirements, should they arise.

SharePoint Consulting Services – Information & System Architecture

EPC Group’s SharePoint consulting services include a comprehensive review of the overall SharePoint 2016 information architecture (IA) requirements for your organization. This will allow us to understand the business and functional requirements that are driving the IA design.We will then develop a scalable and highly performing underlying system architecture required to meet its SharePoint 2016 requirements.

EPC Group’s approach will ensure the underlying system architecture is designed based on our team having a deep understanding of your business and will take into consideration the needs of the organization in terms of metrics such as:

  • Understanding the expected number of SharePoint 2016 users at the initial go-live as well as any possible future estimates if expansion is on the horizon
  • Defining the estimated amount of content (sizing) that will be stored by individual departments, business units, and users
  • Are there any sizing issues regarding large content that must be taken into consideration?
  • Reviewing the performance requirements of these users based on the organization’s current infrastructure as well as these users locations
  • Review the organization’s underlying data center(s) to ensure a detailed understanding of the required SLAs and the organization’s disaster recovery and business continuity requirements
  • Understanding the driving factors for the current phase as well as the immediate requirements of the business
  • Reviewing the organization’s Active Directory configurations and related security models

SharePoint 2016 Upgrade & Migration Services

Our SharePoint consulting services include industry-leading upgrade and migration services for both SharePoint 2010 (SharePoint Server or Foundation) and SharePoint 2007 (SharePoint Server or WSS 3.0) into SharePoint 2016. We will work with you to help define the overall scope as well as identifying the underlying tasks and milestones that will be required to meet your objectives.

EPC Group will work with your organization’s stakeholders to review and architect an approach that is tailored to your needs and define key elements such as:

  • The overall approach to your SharePoint 2016 upgrade or migration initiative based on your existing SharePoint environment’s user base, content, configurations and customizations
  • Provide upgrade and migration options that align with any possible budgetary constraints to implement the project in a phased approach vs. a “big bang” approach
  • Providing information architecture (IA) re-design, site consolidation and content clean-up to the existing SharePoint environment prior to the migration into SharePoint 2016
  • Solutions for organizations that have multiple SharePoint instances or multiple versions that the upgrade approach, information architecture and system architecture will be required to account for and support (I.e. Organizations who have both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2007 environments)
  • Solutions for organizations with both SharePoint and non-SharePoint based systems for the upgrade and migration initiative
  • Are there existing custom features or workflows that are required to be “interoperable” between your existing SharePoint 2010 platform and the new SharePoint 2016 environment?

EPC Group has experience in upgrade and migration initiatives of any size from both a “total user base” as well as “content database and sizing” perspective. We also provide for solutions to organizations which may have “known migration issues” such as RBS configurations and related SQL Server database “flags” that must be resolved or customizations that must be re-architected or deprecated and then implemented within the new SharePoint 2016 framework.

EPC Group’s senior SharePoint consultants and development teams can provide you with solutions to resolve any issues you are facing as we have experience on hundreds of previous SharePoint upgrade and migration efforts and pull from these “from the consulting trenches” strategies and lessons learned. You will know you are engaging with a trusted partner who will ensure your high-profile project is a success.

SharePoint Consulting Services – Office 365, Azure & Custom .NET Development

EPC Group’s industry-recognized development practice covers the full spectrum of SharePoint 2016, Office 365, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure which enables us to develop enterprise solutions that are compatible for any architecture regardless of a public, private or hybrid infrastructure.

Our tailored approach enables us to develop solutions for our clients with future compatibility and scalability in mind. Our development teams also provide for deep expertise around the development of custom .NET solutions and applications that may reside outside of the SharePoint Server 2013/2016, Office 365 / SharePoint Online platform or may need to interact with it to meet a specific business need for your organization.

EPC Group provides for custom development and solutions around the following core areas:

  • SharePoint 2016 app, solution and feature development using the new SharePoint app model (Server Side Object Model, Client Side Object Model, REST APIs)
  • Custom .NET development around the new .NET Framework 4.5.1
  • Office 365 API Tools development for solutions that interact with both Office 365, SharePoint and the overall Microsoft Office 2013/2016 suite around the new Office Online
  • Microsoft Azure development covering the entire Azure suite (Infrastructure, Data Insights, Media Services, SQL, etc.)
  • Development of custom workflows that utilize the new Workflow Manager and underlying Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5
  •  Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions utilizing OData, OAuth, S2S, etc.
  • Custom enterprise content management or records management solutions for SharePoint 2016 to meet your organization’s retention schedule and policies
  • Custom SharePoint 2016 search development and configuration
  •  Yammer API custom development across disparate systems
  •  Branding of SharePoint 2016, Office 365, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Azure to meet any tailored design goals
  •  Responsive Web Design (RWD) and mobile application development that is browser and device agnostic
  • BCS and external line-of-business (LOB) development to securely interact with multiple data sources regardless of their location or underlying platform (BCS REST API, OData sources, WCF data service, etc.)
  • Development around legacy .NET applications as well as custom applications development on any widely available development framework including Java, etc.
  • Development for other major Microsoft platforms such as BizTalk, Project Server (PWA), Dynamics CRM, etc.
  • Integration and migration solution development for SharePoint and legacy ECM\RM platforms such as Documentum, LiveLink, FileNet, eRoom, Lotus Notes, Oracle, etc.
  • Custom development around the ASP.NET MVC (open source web application framework)

EPC Group’s development team is truly the best in the industry and can also assist your organization in:

  • Assessing existing application issues
  • Reverse engineering solutions
  • Implementing a new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions and related strategy to assist you with centralized management of your custom assets
  • Performance testing applications from workflows to legacy SSRS reporting solutions to mobile apps
  • Updating and/or architecting existing SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 custom solutions that your organization may require within the SharePoint 2016 platform
  • Provide knowledge transfer regarding SharePoint 2016 and .NET development best practices

SharePoint 2016 Governance Strategy & Implementation

EPC Group is a recognized industry leader in developing and implementing governance strategies for our clients around SharePoint 2016, Office 365 and SharePoint Online as well as the technologies with which they integrate such as Microsoft ExchangeSkype for Business 2016 andProject Server.

EPC Group’s governance strategies also cover custom development, code promotion and application lifecycle management (ALM). Governance is a key component to ensure long-term success and is unique for every organization. Our governance strategies define who will manage the overall platform and related granular roles and responsibilities within your organization to establish rules for its appropriate usage.

Our detailed strategies outline how the business and technical users leverage the environment with a careful balance of required restrictions and enterprise compliance policies with well-defined procedures for growth and future change. EPC Group’s strategies have been developed over the past 20 years to ensure your organization’s governance plan covers nearly any and all scenarios you may experience throughout the platform’s lifecycle.

EPC Group’s governance strategies and related development follow four major pillars:

  • People: Roles and responsibilities
  • Process: How to accomplish common tasks as well as new business and technology requests
  •  Technology: Leveraging features and tools to enforce policies
  • Policy: Collection of principles and clear definitions on how the platform is utilized

One of the major elements that set EPC Group apart from our competitors is the way in which we implement a successful SharePoint 2016 governance strategy – in a manner and mindset that reflects “operational governance”, as we configure the underlying platform and its configuration to enforce governance and its related policies.

SharePoint 2016 Managed IT Services

Full lifecycle coverage for your SharePoint 2016 implementation: With Managed IT Services, EPC Group can offer consistent and manageable service for all of your SharePoint 2016 needs. We will work as an extension to your existing team or as dedicated SharePoint 2016 experts.

All of EPC Group’s Managed Services packages start with a deep-dive health check which allows us to become familiar with the environment, provide any recommendations that may arise out of the health check and work with you to create a 24-36 month roadmap for your SharePoint 2016 implementation. All of our Managed Services packages are tailored to your company’s specific needs and we will work with you to put together a detailed package that is both cost-effective and robust.


EPC Group has developed a Lotus Notes to Office 365 / SharePoint Online migration tool that allows us to migrate custom Lotus Notes databases directly from Lotus Notes into Office 365. EPC Group provides consulting services around the analysis of your organization’s existing custom Lotus Notes databases and then deploys our custom migration tool to seamlessly migrate these custom Lotus Notes databases into Office 365 and SharePoint Online all the while retaining the Lotus Notes metadata, custom properties as well as custom workflows and views.


EPC Group provides industry-leading expertise around the analysis, planning and migration from Lotus Notes into Office 365 and SharePoint Online sites all the while retaining the data integrity of your legacy Lotus Notes custom databases and applications.

  • Migration services for existing Lotus Notes custom databases and applications into Office 365 and SharePoint Online via EPC Group’s custom Lotus Notes migration tool
  • Complete analysis and inventory consulting to gain insight around your organization’s existing Lotus Notes databases to develop a best practices migration plan
  • EPC Group’s custom Lotus Notes migration tool has no limit on the amount of content (i.e. no content limits)
  • EPC Group’s Lotus Notes migration methodologies in conjunction with our custom migration tool ensure all of your existing Lotus Notes custom views, metadata properties, versions, as well as user history and security can be migrated over to Office 365 and SharePoint Online in a seamless manner


Over the past 6 years, EPC Group’s industry-leading Lotus Notes to Office 365 and SharePoint Online migration tool has been used in over 150 organizations throughout US and Canada.

  • Unlimited data migration as there are no quotas or limits
  • Our Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool uses enhanced encryption during the migration of on-premises data to the Office 365 cloud
  • All custom views are seamlessly migrated over to SharePoint Online
  • Full metadata capture and migration from Lotus Notes over to Office 365