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Data Architecture Consulting Services

Organizations today are striving more than ever to understand and predict latest market trends, customer preferences and other key variables. This makes understanding and making sense of your data absolutely essential to compete in today’s modern landscape.

  • Leveraging SQL Data Warehouse
  • Developing Azure Based Data Lakes
  • Integrating On-Prem & Cloud Data Sources
  • Integrating SaaS based Data sources in Power BI

SQL Data Warehouse is up to 14 times faster and costs 94% less than other cloud providers

Boost your analytic capabilities with SQL Data Warehouse

Discover insights from your data with the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a fully managed cloud data warehouse for organizations of any size that blends unmatched query speed with industy-leading data security.

Providing fast, on-demand workload scaling. Enjoy unlimited storage, automated administration, auditing and threat detection. Integrate seamlessly with Azure Active Directory, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Databricks and Microsoft Power BI to provide a single holistic modern data warehouse solution for all of your analytical workloads.

SQL Data Warehouse is supported by a broad ecosystem of partners, including data preparation, ingestion service and visualization tool providers. You can look forward to a guaranteed 99.9 percent availability in 40 Azure regions worldwide.

Azure vs BigQuery

Price Comparison of Azure SQL Data Warehouse vs. Google BigQuery

Azure SQL Data Warehouse beats Google BigQuery in all TPC-H and TPC-DS queries. SQL Data Warehouse consistently demonstrated better price performance compared with BigQuery and costs up to 94% less when measured against SQL Data Warehouse clusters running TPC-H queries

Azure vs AWS

Comparing the price-performance of Azure SQL Data Warehouse and AWS

GigaOm benchmarks revealed that Azure SQL data Warehouse beats AWS in 86% of all the TPC-H queries. SQL Data Warehouse also demonstrated better price performance compared with AWS with costs up to 46% less when measured against SQL Data Warehouse clusters running TPC-DS benchmark queries.

Lighting-fast performance

Built on the Microsoft SQL engine, SQL Data Warehouse provides breakthrough query performance in the cloud for even the most complex workloads.

Scalable compute

Our separated compute and storage enhances compute provisioning to meet your workload demands and save you money on your highly variable workloads.

Industry-leading security

Get end-to-end security and compliance features including Azure Active Directory virtual networks, auditing, threat detection and data encryption.

Seamless integration

Incorporate data silos and unify structured, unstructured and streaming data with our cloud data warehouse solution.

What can you build with Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

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Modern data warehouse

Leverage SQL Data Warehouse with Azure Analysis Services to create the scale what you require with the performance you need. This architecture also comes with resource isolation and advance security features.

Advanced analytics for big data

Integrate your on-premises and cloud data applications to your enterprise data warehouse using Azure Data Factory. Choose from the leading open-source solutions, including Azure Databricks for Apache Spark and Azure HDInsight for Apache Hadoop, Spark and Kafka. Process unstructured data and load terabytes of results to SQL Data Warehouse using PolyBase. Use Azure Machine Learning to write algorithms and run them on-premises or in the cloud.

Real-time analytics

Secure data continuously from any IoT device or from website clickstream logs using Apache Kafka for HDInsight or Azure IoT Hub. Process data in real time using leading open-source solutions, including Azure Databricks for Apache Spark and Azure HDInsight for Apache Hadoop, Spark and Kafka. Easily adjust the frequency of your microbatching with Azure Event Grid, which sends an event to SQL Data Warehouse to load processed data using PolyBase.

Distributed data hub for BI

Use hub-and-spoke architecture to achieve the scale you want at the price and performance level you choose. This architecture also provides resource isolation and advanced security features.

Data mart consolidation

Consolidate multiple databases into an enterprise data warehouse to eliminate multiple silos making the appropriate insights accessible across your organisation.

On-premises data warehouse migration

Migrate your traditional workloads to SQL Data Warehouse to optimize your data, maintain legacy applications and create new use cases by incorporating unstructured data.

Service capabilities

Massive query concurrency

Liberate and expodite decision making for core underlying opportunities across your enterprise.

Integrated data processing

Query from multiple data types and sources within a single solution.

Easy provisioning

Provision thousands of compute cores in less than five minutes, and scale to a petabyte in hours.

Scalable design

Independently scale for performance or memory with separate compute and storage.

Secure ecosystem

Integrate with leading data preparation and visualisation vendors and enjoy support from our partners to accelerate time to value.

Powerful SQL engine

Take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server, the industry’s top-performing SQL engine, offering comprehensive support for SQL language.

Industry-leading compliance

Help ensure peace of mind with more than 50 government and industry compliance certifications, including HIPAA.

Global availability

Benefit from availability in 40 Azure regions, the most among all cloud-based data warehouse providers.

Other Platforms that EPC Group Supports

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Hybrid data integration at enterprise scale, made easy

Data Lake Storage Gen2

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Analysis Services

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Power BI

Improve business analytics

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