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Microsoft Viva Topics Consulting Services

It’s your chance to put knowledge to work.

Microsoft Viva Topics uses AI to connect, protect, and manage knowledge across the organization. It makes information easy to follow and seamless to find by empowering employees with knowledge and expertise to develop skills and increase the speed to learn, connect, and innovate.

Get the Right Knowledge to The Right People at The Right Time

Turn content into usable knowledge, organize it into Topic pages, and ensure it is easy to access.

Knowledge management has always been a crucial pain point for many organizations. Microsoft has resolved it with Viva Topics – an excellent employee experience platform built on Microsoft 365.

Traditionally, organizations used to rely on subject matter experts for careful collection, curation, and management of the content. Viva Topics introduced an AI engine to empower employees by creating and suggesting topics of interest based on their enterprise signals.

Viva Topics AI works by scanning the SharePoint and in the future will scan the content from other knowledge repositories stored in systems like ServiceNow or file share using content connectors. Viva Topics comes integrated with Microsoft 365 experience. Therefore, it helps in connecting employees with insights and expertise within the app they use daily. A Topic Card popping up across the application they are using adds value and context to the content they are already reading or interacting with.

Viva Topics is licensed as a premium feature set and is made available as an add-on to your existing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. The license is made available per user per month and needs to be purchased for the entire company.

EPC Group has mastered the skills to map the core capabilities of Viva Topics with the requirements of your organization. Let us explore the scope, sites where valuable content resides, governance, and compliance considerations to interpret the role and responsibility of content authors and subject matter experts. We will evaluate the pre-requisites for initial installation and extend the value of Microsoft 365 in your organization.

Microsoft Viva Topics Key Features

The average time spent by employees to search and recreate information already existing in their organization is around half an hour. Viva Topics uses Artificial Intelligence that evaluates and analyzes organizational data for automatically identifying, process, and organize valuable content.

Microsoft Viva Topics Features and Benefits

Topic Cards: It helps to deliver knowledge in context across Outlook, Teams, Search, and other Microsoft 365 Apps used daily by your employees.


Topic Pages: It uses AI capabilities to help organize content, conversation, and expertise across the data sources to create well-curated pages.


Topic Centers: It helps to manage topics across the organization, identifies relationships between them, or assists in manually adding or creating additional Topics.


Knowledge Curation: It empowers subject matter experts to revise topics, pin resources, and recognize other experts allowing Viva Topics to learn and make updates accordingly.


Search & Discovery: It offers a seamless and integrated experience across Microsoft 365, ensuring Topics are discoverable in search and the apps used by people daily.


Management & Administration: It allows the generation and display of Topics using content accessible by the users considering the security, compliance, and privacy settings in Microsoft 365.

How Microsoft VIVA Topics help my business?

Providing Information to People When They Need It

Microsoft Viva Topics acts as an AI-powered Wiki for your business. It allows employees to view and curate knowledgeable content within your organization seamlessly. Let us see how it helps enterprises of all sizes:

Discover Knowledge from Raw Content

Every organization generates a wealth of valuable information scattered across various data points and repositories. With AI capabilities, Viva Topics deliver relevant and actionable information in one place. Viva Topics collects all scattered data and organizes it into relevant topics such as products, processes, customers, projects, etc.

Create Business Relevant Topics

Viva Topics offers the flexibility to crate Topics automatically or manually that are relevant to your business. The Topic algorithms then populate these topics with relevant content. It ensures Viva Topics searches, generates, collects, and presents relevant business information.

Make Knowledge Easily Available

Topic Cards then help your employees to access relevant information inside Microsoft 365 application they use. It makes easy availability of information to the employees by putting knowledge to work.

Microsoft Viva Topics Offerings

Extract knowledge out of content
  • AI intellects across organization data to identify, process, and organize content.
  • Recognizes topics automatically across content and conversation, devise information, and generates topics.
  • Determine relevant topics and expertise from all data sources after scalable discovery and for display.
Orchestrate knowledge
  • The combination of human expertise and AI enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of Viva Topics.
  • Build topic pages automatically along with topic cards using pertinent definitions, content, conversation, and expertise.
  • Categorizes topics by cultivating knowledge after utilizing subject matter experts and AI for relevancy, refinement, and curation of topic pages.
Easily accessible knowledge
  • Knowledge discovery in context to work by displaying Topic Cards across Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Discovers most valuable topics and displays topic cards in any Microsoft 365 app, ensuring knowledge finds you without much effort.
  • Using search to discover information so people can access knowledge anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

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