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Microsoft Exchange Server Support Services

Enjoy the benefits of intensified security, increased efficiency, improved productivity, and minimized downtime.

What is Microsoft Exchange Server?

Exchange server is a Microsoft product which is a mail and calendar server used for emails, scheduling, contact, and collaboration. Often Windows Operating System is required to deploy the Microsoft Exchange Server. It offers the much-needed flexibility for sending/receiving emails, calendaring, voicemail transcriptions, scheduling, and tools to customize collaboration and messaging service applications. The inbuilt storage and security features allow users to archive content, carry out searches, and execute compliance tasks. Over the time, Microsoft Exchange Server also evolved. Now provided as a crucial component of Office 365 offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering in Microsoft Azure.
How does it Work?
Being an enterprise-class collaboration tool, it primarily focuses on sending, receiving, and storing emails. Apart from being an email productivity tool, it also offers numerous productivity tools such as calendaring and tight integration with Microsoft Office Applications. It is known for continued services due to the high availability feature even though there happens to be a network outage.

EPC Group’s Microsoft Exchange Server Support and Services

If you aim to achieve a glitch-free network, Microsoft Exchange Server will help you conquer it by effectively configuring and monitoring the network. To lower costs and increase the user experience, Microsoft has come up with online technical support having integrated email archives.
EPC Group is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner offering Microsoft Exchange Support Services by partnering with our clients.
We monitor your network and resolve instantly, report bugs immediately so that your organization can work peacefully without interrupting the continuity and quality of your workflow. Having served thousands of clients globally, we have earned a reputation of being reliable, trustworthy, and highly efficient.

Why Do You Need Microsoft Exchange Server?

  • Flexibility to deploy chosen solutions.: The Microsoft Exchange Server Support comes with a flexible deployment option. It allows the organization to deliver powerful productivity tools to its employees using the best and most precise technical requirements.
  • Disaster Recovery: Microsoft Exchange Server provides a newer and simplified approach for higher uptime and disaster recovery. It helps you increase reliability and decrease the complexity of delivering business continuity.
  • Self Service: The self-service capability in the Microsoft Exchange Server helps users to carry out regular tasks without much help. It lowers their dependence on the help desk.
  • Mobility and Access: It provides users a single location to efficiently access all their business communication in their inboxes. The universal inbox experience will amaze your users.
  • Scalable Voice Mail: It supports voice messages. Now, users will receive new voice messages directly in their inboxes, along with a text preview.
  • Fully Compliant: The newly introduced archiving functionality in the Microsoft Exchange Server simplifies the compliance issue. Besides, it also helps in the easy discovery of the content.
  • Safeguard Confidential Data: A centrally managed and enforced information protection and controlling capability seamlessly encrypts, controls, moderates, and stores the data shared daily or communicated daily using different tools.
  • Keep Away from Malware: The built-in defense is designed to keep viruses, spam, and junk mails away from communication and e-mails by supporting a set of versatile third-party security products.

Advantages of EPC Group’s Microsoft Exchange Support Services

Certified Gold Partner for Microsoft

Following best industry practices, our team of professionals is capable to design a custom exchange server as per your requirements to ensure the best performance and durability.

Customized Monitoring

More monitoring of exchange servers leads to lesser problems. We will set up real-time custom alerts so that you stay on top of the imminent threats.

Mail Flow and Delivery

We ensure your mail flow and delivery is up to date. Because any issue in it negatively impacts the organization. Our team fixes all such problems with minimal disruptions.

Configuration and Performance

Every configuration issue hampers performance leading to decreased efficiency. By quick troubleshooting and applying simple solutions, we fix these problems in real-time.

Regulate Exchange Policies

We come up with a comprehensive mailbox policy depending on the needs and goals of the client. We also crate recipient policy, user access, file sizes, attachment rules, etc.


End Support

Our gold-certified Microsoft team will train the end-users to effectively use the new or refurbished exchange server before handing over the project. Additionally, they will also offer support whenever needed.

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