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Why Organizations Recognize EPC Group's Consulting Services as the Industry Leader
EPC Group wrote the book on SharePoint & Power BI
Microsoft Partner for 20+ Years
Over 4 million Office 365 users successfully migrated
200+ years combined senior team migration experience
Expertise migrating to Office 365 in every vertical
EPC Group's Chief Architect Errin O'Connor was on the original SharePoint and
Office 365 Beta teams

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting

Gain a complete view of your business

When your business is growing something seems to happen every day that you hadn’t planned on. Having a powerful platform that allows you to gain a more thorough view of your business and make ordering, selling and invoicing easier is invaluable. Now with Dynamics 365 Business Central you have a solution that meets these needs.

Get projects running quickly with Microsoft’s most powerful ERP solution for your business. At EPC Group we have an expert team that can help you deploy, manage and support Dynamics 365 Business Central. This tool is online, flexible, seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and has built-in intelligence to meet your needs. It’s a cloud based all-encompassing business management solution. Give your users a modern experience with up to date user interfaces and a better way to view and analyze your data.

Business & Financial Management

Revolutionize your financial reporting with accuracy while maintaining compliance

Securely Automate Your Supply Chain

Gain a more accurate view of your supply chain enabling better control over purchases

Client Engagement

Grow revenue opportunities that better serve your clients with built-in automated recommendations.

Project Management

Control your budget while monitoring your projects
progress with real time reporting purchases

Modernize Operations

Streamline your manufacturing operations to
deliver on time while reducing cost

Business & Financial

Benefit from the ability to make more informed decisions by connecting data across from different departments like sales, purchasing, accounting and inventory to gain a complete view of your business. Track your organizations financial performance in real time with rich, meaningful Power BI reports and dashboards. Automatically reconcile accounts to report on financials quickly and accurately, while maintaining compliance. Streamline your financial forecasts by modeling and analyzing your data across multiple perspectives. Customize your reporting ability with the integration of Microsoft Excel.

Automation – Work Smarter not Harder

Leverage the built-in intelligence capabilities to help predict what needs to be replenished and automatically update inventory levels. Reduce shortages by keeping the appropriate amount of inventory by automatically calculating inventory levels, lead times, and reorder dates. Implement substitutes on items when they are out of stock. Learn the best times to compensate suppliers and how often to utilize discounts and avoid overdue fines. Avoid fraud and unnecessary purchases through approval workflows.

Organize your sales leads geographically with calculated revenue potential. Track all your client feedback and get suggestions on the best sales opportunities via your own internal sales cycle. Be prepared for sales related questions, manage cases, and process payments. Leverage a comprehensive view of your tasks, workloads and team member skillsets to appropriately assign the right resources and accelerate case resolution.

Project Management & Operations

Build, manage, and monitor your internal projects using timesheets along with advanced reporting capabilities. Control your budget to ensure revenue. Properly manage your resources by planning ahead and learning your organizations capacity. Monitor invoicing for clients against your planned internal orders. Make the effective and improved decisions with real time intelligence on project profitability and resources using intuitive metrics and data.

Utilize sales forecasts and planned inventory shortages to automatically generate purchase orders. Monitor every item transaction by setting up bins based on your organizations warehouse layout and storage dimensions. Calculate manufacturing loads and internal resources improving your production schedules to better meet your client’s needs.

Secure Your Data

Leverage built-in privacy methodologies enabling your clients keep their information and data safe and secure. Grant and restrict access to personal data on multiple levels by enabling audit trails to guarantee security and accountability. Move and store personal data across your systems while securing it from unauthorized access with Microsoft datacenters’ automatic encryption.