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Microsoft Azure Sentinel Consulting Services

MS Azure Sentinel offers a single solution for threat response, proactive hunting, threat visibility, and alert detection. Sentinel allows you to:

  • Collect data from on-premises & cloud sources
  • Detect risks with Microsoft’s threats intelligence & analytics
  • Respond with automation & built-in processes
  • Investigate suspicious activities with AI capabilities

    Azure Sentinel: Enterprise Intelligence & Threat Detection

    When it comes to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Microsoft Azure Sentinel has emerged as one of the top solutions.

    In today’s organizations, security plays a critical role in cloud infrastructures. Ensuring cybersecurity is often a complicated and complex task to do since it involves large and resource-intensive solution deployment.

    From the start, you have to realize that cloud management is complex. You need to deal with things like operational processes, surfacing insights at scale, or investigating incidents. Fortunately, Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel is here to help you address any challenges along the way. Moreover, it offers unparalleled security through automation, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    Why Modern Organizations Need SIEM Solutions?

    At times IT professionals and organizations can find it hard to monitor all logs generated in the system daily. That is why SIEM solutions are critical to capture all the data and provide a comprehensive business information security view.

    SIEM combines Security Information Technology (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM), two essential technologies. SIM is responsible for collecting logs and data to perform careful analysis and reporting on cybersecurity events and threats. As for SEM, it is designed to monitor and perform co-relation between events and logs.

    • SIEM helps generate a large volume of incidents and alerts alongside Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR). Security analysts have a tough time looking into events and alerts and managing them.
    • SOAR helps companies design workflow and bring playbooks for quick security threat response. Both SIEM and SOAR deliver the necessary automation capabilities so that organizations will meet today’s security demands.

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    What is Microsoft Azure Sentinel?

    Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel is a SIEM and SOAR solution that is cloud-native and scalable. It delivers threat intelligence and security analytics across an organization. It offers a single hub dedicated to proactive hunting, threat response, alert detection, and threat visibility.

    With the advanced SIEM SOAR features and capabilities, Azure Sentinel keeps every organization safe and secure against different cyber threats and attacks. It collects data at a large scale from various infrastructures, users, applications, and devices, both on-premises and cloud.

    Azure Sentinel ensures that security in Azure is more accessible and more scalable to manage. It brings together the latest in advanced AI and security innovation. That way, your organization’s IT estate can reap the advantages of real-time intelligent security analytics using Azure Consulting services.

    Azure Sentinel Security Pillars

    With Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center, you will not only consume security-related data from sources within your MS tenant but also from almost any source. That way, the requirement to manage multiple pieces of costly and complex infrastructure components is removed while delivering easy-to-scale cloud platform solutions.

    In a nutshell, Sentinel security solution allows you to:

    Collect: With Azure Sentinel, collecting data at a cloud-scale across infrastructure, applications, devices, and users, both on-premises and multiple cloud locations, is a straightforward process.

    Detect: Azure Sentinel can recognize previously detected threats. It also minimizes any false positives using Microsoft’s threat intelligence and analytics.

    Respond: Azure Sentinel enables you to react quickly but calmly through built-in automation responses and processes.

    Investigate: Since Sentinel comes with AI capabilities, hunting and investigating suspicious activities and identifying threats at scale is a lot easier.

    Top Benefits of Azure Sentinel

    Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy once you take advantage of Azure Sentinel:

    • Complete a security overview of your organization by collecting all data on one platform
    • More data means more effective investigation and analysis of security issues
    • Faster detection of new potential threats through AI and machine learning
    • Faster response to incidents through general tasks automation and build-on orchestration
    • Reliable Microsoft security experts’ experience and skills on a global scale

    How EPC Group Helps You Get the Best Out of Azure Sentinel

    As a cloud-native and scalable SIEM, MS Azure Sentinel offers a single solution for threat response, proactive hunting, threat visibility, and alert detection. It serves as your birds-eye view across your organization. It will help you reduce the stress of long resolution time frames, increasing volumes of alerts, and growing cyber-attacks. And EPC’s Azure Sentinel specialists can help you get the best out of it for your organization.

    Azure Sentinel as a Service

    • Consulting – Consulting package which covers POC with use case customizations, two out of the box integration and recommendations
    • System Integration Services – System Integration Services package encompasses Design and Access, Implementations
    • Azure Managed Services – Managed services comprise processes that include monitoring, recommendations, and customizations based on your requirements

    Build and Implement

    • Requirement Gathering and Planning – Gathering technical objectives and requirements
    • Architecture Designing – Designing the Azure Sentinel Architecture as per the requirements
    • Integration and Implementation – Integration and of in-scope devices, develop and enable the relevant use cases (feeds, rules, dashboards, playbooks)

    Manage and Operate

    • Operations and Support – Definition and management of the scope, processes, and SLA. Fine-tuning for continuous improvement
    • Incident Response – Playbooks to ensure streamlined incident identification, analysis, and remediation
    • Proactive Threat Hunting – Hunting for threat behaviors proactively and automate investigations using playbooks

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