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Microsoft Viva Learning Consulting Services

Let’s bring learning to the flow of work.

Many employees complain of low learning engagement and have exceedingly limited time for upskilling, even though learning opportunities impact workplace happiness, wellbeing, and organizational growth. Viva Learning offers a transformational learning experience by providing all learning content in one place.

Make learning more engaging, seamless, and natural part of the employee’s work.

Create Microsoft Teams as a central hub of learning for people to discover, share, assign, and learn.

Microsoft introduced Viva Learning as an integral part of Microsoft Teams, making it a central hub for learning. Organizations acknowledged the existing learning gap during the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. They also understood how limited time for upskilling negatively impacts employee wellbeing, happiness, and organization success.

Microsoft wants to make the learning experience engaging and seamless by integrating Viva Learning into the places where people spend their time most during work. Viva Learning ensures all the learning content is available in one place including, within the organization, LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third-party content providers, and other Learning Management Systems.

You can consider Viva Learning as an essential learning or training aggregation app integrated into Microsoft Teams. Whenever an employee wants to learn something or think to upskill, he/she can go to the Viva Leaning app in Microsoft Teams and find numerous courses curated for them. Often the training courses encountered by employees are relevant to their job title, skills, or expertise. These training courses would help them upskill and learn new skill sets necessary to improve their efficiency and productivity. Besides, the employee gets a chance to consume training content from various learning platforms integrated into one place – Viva Learning.

All organizations having paid subscriptions to Microsoft Teams will get Viva Learning for free. However, it will remain unavailable to the education and government sector. It is supposed that Viva Learning might ask for additional costs to get training or course content from third-party learning platforms or Learning Management Systems.

EPC Group is a well-recognized Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and likes to carry forward the earned legacy. EPC Group has upskilled its people to offer comprehensive Viva Learning Consulting Services to organizations motivating and inspiring its employees to learn new skills, update their existing skills, and become agile thinkers to achieve business growth.

Microsoft Viva Learning Key Features

About 94% of employees agree to stay longer with the company if it invests in their learning development.

Besides, 84% of top-performing companies admit witnessing a positive boost in employee engagement and performance after digital training programs.

My Learning View: After clicking on Viva Learning App in Microsoft teams, people can discover all formal and informal training content, from videos, Word documents, PowerPoint decks to everything stored in Microsoft SharePoint. It helps people to engage with the right content and access the content whenever they need it.


Single Course View: Microsoft Graph It is a powerful AI tool underpinning Microsoft 365. With the insights collected by Microsoft Graph from various data points, employee profiles, and activity, the employee starts seeing recommended training sessions and course content relevant to them. People can see course details, like it, or save it for future use.


Assigning and Tracking Learning Tasks: Using Viva Learning, Managers can assign courses or training tasks to their employees or the entire team. Besides, they can track who and how completes the course or learning task.


Embedded LinkedIn Player: The LinkedIn Learning Player comes embedded in Viva Learning. People can use it to play all LinkedIn courses directly in Microsoft Teams.

How Microsoft VIVA Learning Help My Business?

Address the skill gap by eliminating the separation between work and learning.

The potential of an organization depends on the talent it employs. Viva Learning is a platform that bridges the skill gap and provides opportunities to the employees to achieve growth through learning. Viva Learning helps in making learning a natural part of the employee’s workday.

Taking Leverage of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Viva Insights uses data and signals from Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 apps and services. Additionally, it can access data from an existing ecosystem of collaboration tools and services like Zoom, Slack, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. It delivers actionable insights and recommendations that help in building better working habits to increase productivity and wellbeing.

Address Common Learning Challenges

Viva Learning helps organizations overcome one of the most common challenges in training, learning, and upskilling its employees. The AI-based Microsoft Graph ensures only relevant training and learning content for the employees depending on their existing skills and interests.

All Learning Content at One Place

As discussed earlier, Viva Learning is a learning aggregator app. It collects learning courses from different sources like LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third-party learning providers like Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight, and edX. It is a central hub of learning where users can get anything from traditional learning courses to microlearning content.

Microsoft Viva Learning Offerings

Foster a culture prioritizing growth and learning
  • Empower everyone in the organization right from corporate teams to frontline workers by helping them develop skills in the flow of their work.
  • Collaborate communication, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in an efficient employee experience platform that empowers people to thrive at work.
  • Allow peo0ple to discover, share, assign, and learn from best-in-class content libraries across the organization and different third-party learning platforms.
  • Get learning content from Skillsoft, Coursera, Pluralsight, edX, and Learning management systems like; Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, and SAP SuccessFactors.
Drive results that matter
  • Make managers address the skill gaps for fostering an agile workplace that prioritizes learning and growth.
  • Give managers the power and tools to assign learning tasks and training courses to the employees and teams as needed.
  • Empower managers with proper tools to track the engagement status of each assignment or the learning task provided to the employee.
  • Allow managers to track the completion status of each learning task so they can understand who has completed and what is the overall progress of overall learning engagement.
Provide the best learning opportunities
  • Make learning content available in one place, including LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, third-party content providers, Learning Management Systems, and organization-wide content.
  • Allow users to search learning content from Microsoft Team, share it with groups or individuals, like it, pin it, or save it for later use.
  • Allow them to customize Microsoft Teams channels and tabs by organizing relevant learning content from different sources.
  • Let them access relevant training courses and learning content complied by Microsoft Graph and AI in Microsoft 365 in a single view.

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