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Microsoft Viva Insights Consulting Services

Data-driven insights to build better work habits

Microsoft Viva Insights provides personalized recommendations to change your work habits for good. All the Viva Insights are private and personal for your eyes only. Neither the manager nor system administrator could see them. Employees can enhance productivity and wellbeing using these insights.

Flourish your business, enhance productivity and wellbeing with data-driven and privacy-protected insights

Personal productivity insights to explore work patterns, develop smart working habits, enhance focus, wellbeing, and productivity.

Microsoft introduces Viva Insights to help people achieve balance, work productively, collaborate smartly, and find focus whenever and wherever they need. The personalized and actionable insights provided by Viva Insights offer managers, leaders, and everyone in the organization an opportunity to thrive.

Viva Insights is an integral part of Microsoft Viva – an employee experience platform built on Microsoft 365. It aims to empower people to be their best in remote or hybrid working environments. In a few days, Viva Insight will bring together the power of Microsoft Workplace Analytics and Microsoft MyAnalytics together under one roof in Microsoft Teams.

The data generated by Viva Insights is entirely safe and designed to maintain privacy. Strictly for the eyes of the user. Not managers, and not even system administrators can view insights of an independent employee. Safeguards such as de-identification and differential privacy by default protect individual privacy. The insights help employees to build better working habits such as following commitments made to collaborators and preserving focus time in a day for uninterrupted work.

Viva Insights is available as a free add-on, much like Microsoft MyAnalytics. However, you need a Workplace Analytics license for manager insights and organizational views. In the future, Microsoft plans to make it available under Viva Insights License.

A Gold Certified Microsoft Partner EPC Group has been offering Microsoft Services for over 24 years. EPC Groups is up to date in keeping pace with the industry development and Microsoft products. With the introduction of Microsoft Viva, EPC Group has geared up its skillset and employees to offer impeccable Microsoft Viva Insight consulting services.

Microsoft Viva Insights Key Features

About 76% of the remote working employees in the US complained of burnout, 70% reported higher work stress, and more than half agreed to have elevated levels of anxiety. Creating a culture where people and businesses can thrive together is of utmost importance.

Stay Connected: There is a Stay Connected tab in Viva Insights that reminds of commitments made by the user within emails or meetings. It prompts the user to follow up and complete the necessary actions, like conducting a 1:1 meeting with those marked as team members in Microsoft Analytics.


Protect Time: Protect Time is another tab within the Viva Insights app that provides insights on the booked or available focus time depending on how the user has configured it in the My Analytics app. It helps users to eliminate distraction, prevent multi-tasking and focus on their core priorities.


Glint Microsoft Power BI dashboard: Glint is a People Success Platform owned by LinkedIn. Available as a joint Glint-Workplace Analytics, it provides new capabilities by joining two datasets. The dashboard enables managers and leaders to identify areas where teams struggle, adjust work norms proactively, and then quantify the effect of those changes in the future.

How Microsoft VIVA Insights Help My Business?

Empower people to focus on what is significant, accomplish balance, and establish resilience.

Viva Insights inspires organizations to put employee wellbeing at the center of company culture. The actionable recommendations focus on developing better working habits amongst employees so they can be their best. Besides, managers and leaders understand the pitfalls employees experience to create a strategy that better support employee wellbeing and nurtures resilience.

Data-driven visibility in work patterns

Microsoft Viva Insights uses data and signals from Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 apps and services. Additionally, it can access data from an existing ecosystem of collaboration tools and services like Zoom, Slack, Workday, and SAP SuccessFactors. It delivers actionable insights and recommendations that help in building better working habits to increase productivity and wellbeing.

Overcome complex business challenges

Advanced tools, custom integrations, and additional data sources will help you overcome complex business challenges. Use insights and experiences with Glint, LinkedIn, and Headspace to your advantage.

Identify burnout and prioritize the wellbeing

Identify the hot spots in the data provided by Viva Insights. Analysis of data will help leaders identify burnout. These loopholes inspire them to put proper plans in action to increase wellbeing.

Microsoft Viva Learning Offerings

Address questions fill the gap and build a productive work culture.
  • Leader insight help in getting clarity on challenged faced by employees during work and answer some critical questions about organization pliability and work culture.
  • With deeper insights, leaders can strengthen resilience in the organization, boost employee engagement, and improve agility to make the organization ready for the future of work.
  • Leaders get visibility into how work patterns are impacting people and the business.
  • Enable data-driven decisions to address unique business challenges using advanced tools.
Strike balance between productivity and wellbeing
  • Get visibility to work patterns causing burnout and stress and in employees.
  • Empower managers to foster healthy working habits among employees by looking after their wellbeing and bringing balance in their life.
  • Help managers to identify the challenges they need to address urgently while supporting employees with varied works and flexibility needs.
  • Create tam action plans and provide recommendation plans to employees to improve their productivity by prioritizing their wellbeing.
Reimagine employee experience by empowering people to focus on what’s important
  • Offer a stay-connected experience to help people maintain strong relationships with important people in their network.
  • Enriched with the insights, employees find it seamless to prioritize their time in regular one-on-one meetings and keep pace with the tasks and commitments spread across emails, chats, and shared documents.
  • Let them work interrupted by providing Protect time experience further by making it easier for them to schedule focus.
  • Empower employees with personal wellbeing experiences such as virtual commutes in Viva Insights. It will inspire them to wrap up their workday. Integration with Headspace helps assists them in meditation and attentive experience.

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