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Microsoft Power Apps Consulting

    What is PowerApps?

    Are you eager to solve business problems with intuitive visual tools? This is the application for you! It’s called PowerApps, and it helps you work faster with a platform that’s easy to build and share on any device.

    We will show you how you can use PowerApps to:

    • Connect to the systems you’re already using or create the data you need
    • Build useful apps without the hassle of writing code
    • Publish apps instantly for web, mobile & more!

    Contact EPC Group so we can show you how you can leverage PowerApps at your organization.

    Providing consulting services on Microsoft technologies for the past 22 years, EPC Group offers a wealth of proven, time-tested professional consultants and developers for your business. Our services include consulting and 24/7 support for Microsoft PowerApps, a key component of Microsoft’s Business Application Platform. Whether you’re looking to leverage PowerApps to customize SharePoint forms, or create a custom business solution, EPC Group can design and create new PowerApps, as well as troubleshoot existing ones.

    Our PowerApps Development Services

    Create Custom Business Apps

    To get the customized business power application development, we will help you with the quality based and cost-effective services

    Build Azure Functions

    A function app that allows you to develop a group of function within the single unit is an Azure function. We have the resources to help you to build Azure function apps.

    Embed Apps

    We can help you create an application which can give you a consistent user experience with embedded apps.

    Build Dynamics 365 Functionality

    We can enable the functionality through which you can build customer relationships and drive your sales through Dynamics 365.

    Build Offline-Capable Apps

    Building an offline application is a new capability of EPC Group that enables you to run an application while a user is offline.

    Power BI Platforms

    Power BI is a business analytics service that provides interactive visualization with self-service business intelligence capabilities.

    SharePoint Integration

    EPC Group can provide you the services through which you can have a PowerApps for existing lists in SharePoint Online.

    Salesforce Integration

    We can enable the integration of Salesforce with the Power App through our expertise

    Dataverse (Common Data Service) for Apps

    Dataverse (Common Data Services) for Apps with Microsoft Azure-based services that enable creators to create their applications easily and extend their existing app.

    Model-Driven Apps

    If you want to develop Model driven apps then we can help you accomplish this.

    Need Help with PowerApps

    Ready to engage your company with modern, mobile-friendly line-of-business solutions but don’t have the time or expertise to bring your vision to life?

    Through our PowerApps Consulting Services, our experienced PowerApps developers can help.

    Whether you need to deploy simple data collection forms, complex integrated use cases, convert legacy InfoPath forms, or get advice on how to govern PowerApps solutions across your enterprise our consultants will get you up and running faster than going it alone.

    InfoPath is being retired by Microsoft. Is your organization ready?

    The InfoPath forms era is nearing an end and Microsoft now offers PowerApps as their new, mobile-friendly electronic forms solution.

    If you are stuck supporting outdated InfoPath forms because you don’t have the time or expertise to convert them to PowerApps? Let EPC Group help. Our team of experienced, dedicated PowerApps consultants will be able to assist you in

    • Analyzing your InfoPath forms and recommending if they should be converted or sunsetted
    • Develop and deploy new PowerApps to replace your current InfoPath solutions
    • Migrate all your historical data from InfoPath

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