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Microsoft Power BI Embedded Consulting & Training Services

Bring your app’s data to life using Power BI Embedded

    What are Embedded Power BI Reports?

    Power BI Embedded in Azure enables us to have the ability to embed dashboards, reports or tiles into an application by using “app owns data”. App Owns Data also provides the benefit of allowing one portal to serve content from multiple Power BI tenants. This can be useful where you have multiple entities within a larger structure, that each have their own Azure AD/Power BI tenants.

    App owns data means having an application that uses Power BI as its embedded analytics tool. EPC Group can help you create Power BI reports in an application that are fully interactive. Users of this application will not be required to have a Power BI license to view the report content.

    Why would you want an analytic solution embedded into an app?

    • Embedding Power BI gives developers the ability to embed visuals into applications which can help to make better decisions without building an analytical solution.
    • Embedding analytics enables employees to access their business data and perform actions that create valuable insights using this data within the application
    • Minimize development efforts and achieve faster time to market with your application
    • Spend more time focusing on your product rather than developing visual analytics features from scratch
    • Easily explore data and gain insights from anywhere.

    Embedding Reports in SharePoint Online

    Embedding Power BI into SharePoint Online is an easy way of adding an interactive reporting tool, while keeping it secure and shareable. Combining the visualization benefits of Power BI with the collaboration of SharePoint builds the foundation for uncovering valuable insight and enables rapid comparison of your data’s business-critical metrics.

    With Power BI’s new report web part for SharePoint Online, we can assist you with embedding interactive Power BI reports in SharePoint Online pages. When using the new Embed in SharePoint Online option, the embedded reports are 100% secure so you can easily create secure internal portals.

    The ability to share Power BI data has been somewhat restricted until Microsoft recently launched an update enabling users to embed interactice Power BI reports into SharePoint.

    This new feature allows easy access to sharing data-rich visualizations as well as other presentations. These embedded reports are also much more secure because not all users have permission to access the report. The permissions to review reports are assigned from the Power BI service. Translation – they can be shared for internal or external use as needed.

    Users already consuming content on SharePoint are now able to see Power BI content right on the page. Unlike Power BI Embedded, no coding is required to insert a Power BI visualization, you can just click on the existing URL and embed as a Power BI object in SharePoint Online.

    Also, when users consume these reports, there are security checks that are applied, including enforcing data security through SQL Server’s Row Level Security. This makes building secure internal portals to disseminate critical business insights easy and trustworthy.

    It’s important to understand that a Power BI Pro license is required to access and post any dashboards on SharePoint Online. There is an initial setup process when granting Power BI Pro access to SharePoint Online which will enable the features being discussed here.

    To learn how this solution, as well as other Microsoft data management and reporting solutions are ready to help you grow your business, contact EPC Group today.

    Embedding for Your Organization:

    Embedding for your organization allows you to extend the Power BI service and requires that users of your application sign into the Power BI service when they wish to view the content. When a team member signs in, they only have access to dashboards and reports that they own or that someone shared with them in the Power BI service

    Integrate a report into an app

    With Power BI, you can embed dashboards, reports and tiles into an application by using user owns data. User owns data lets your application extend the Power BI tool so it can use embedded analytics.

    EPC Group can take you through the Embedding setup tool process to embed for your organization to get started and download a sample application that walks you through integrating a report for your organization.

    Register your application with Azure Active Directory to allow your application access to the Power BI Rest API’s. Registering your application allows you to establish an identity for your application and specify permissions to Power BI REST resources.

    You need to proceed with registering a server-side web application app to create an application secret.

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