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Microsoft Teams for Healthcare Industry

Is it challenging to offer high-quality care to your patients? EPC Group will help you create a modern healthcare environment by providing seamless communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams for the Healthcare industry.

    Why Microsoft Teams for Healthcare Industry?

    Healthcare is the most dynamic, demanding, and changing industry in the world. It is evolving at a breakneck speed, making it imperative to adopt innovative operational process tools which will enable them to provide superior-quality patient care.

    Some subsequent challenges faced by today’s healthcare industry are,

    • Inequalities in healthcare data access.
    • An outdated approach to handle the emerging crisis in healthcare
    • The rising costs of care do not equate to better quality care. There is either inverse or no relationship between spending and quality of care delivered.
    • Burnout caregivers – A 2019 study revealed that 54% of US physicians and 35% of nurses experience burnout.
    • Health record digitization burdened caregivers to create and maintain documentation.
    • The approach to access knowledge and information is unrealistic.
    • Healthcare data is still not interoperable, hence hard to access and collaborate.
    • Lack of real-time clinical decision-making due to failing communication and collaboration.

    Microsoft Teams collaborates with cloud services designed specifically for the healthcare industry to offer the most impactful business communication and collaboration tool. Microsoft Teams for the healthcare industry aims to boost clinical efficiency and productivity to administer superior patient care in a multidisciplinary hospital setting.

    Microsoft Teams for Improving Care Coordination

    Microsoft Teams accelerates decision-making using predictive analytics in the healthcare industry by allowing caregivers to communicate and collaborate in a single source. Patient care teams can share health data in real-time and collaborate for a better outcome and personalized care.

    Microsoft Teams features playing a dominant role in improving care coordination are,

    Secure Messaging – Healthcare teams can chat, send messages, capture and share images to relay urgent information. Microsoft Teams has embedded enhanced security and compliance features making it a safe and compliant platform for sharing sensitive health information.

    Care Coordination – The care providers can connect, communicate, and share electronic health records of a patient using business line apps and daily used office apps. It allows them to organize and prioritize care coordination for a better outcome.

    Conduct Meetings – As and when needed, caregivers can arrange audio and video meetings with anyone concerned within and outside the organization. Conduct meetings across staff, specialists, clinicians, nurses, and other departments in the healthcare network.

    Optimize Performance of Healthcare Teams

    If you provide rich decision-making and collaboration tools to your care teams, it becomes easier for them to optimize their performance for delivering optimal patient care. Microsoft Teams streamlines workflows and creates a seamless environment for healthcare professionals to give the best possible care and meet the healthcare needs of every patient.

    With Microsoft Teams for the Healthcare industry, you get:

    Streamlined Processes – Microsoft Teams helps in streamlining processes, workflows, and shifts for healthcare workers. Besides, users can make an announcement and keep everyone updated about the essential updates and necessary information.

    Data Security and Compliance – Microsoft Teams is built on a secure Microsoft 365 cloud compliant with the HIPPA guidelines. Besides, it also complies with the HITRUST, SOC 1. SOC 2, GDPR, etc., data regulations.

    Analytics for Deeper Insights – Healthcare professionals can view team analytics within the Teams platform to analyze the patterns and get deeper insights into team activities and performance. Admins can utilize cross-tea analytics and per-team analytics to get a more granular view of a particular healthcare team.

    Improve Operational Efficiency of Caregivers

    Microsoft Teams helps in bringing agility to healthcare operations. It improves the patient experience by synchronizing the efforts of clinical and administrative staff. It allows caregivers to access clinical analysis technologies and tools that are beneficial for accelerating decision-making.

    Healthcare workers get a single platform to communicate. By leveraging secure messaging, video, voice calls, photo annotations, and screen sharing capabilities, you improve the operational efficiency of your healthcare teams.

    Microsoft Teams empowers care providers to securely share clinical analytics data and valuable insights with the team to make faster decisions.

    Microsoft Teams supports data interoperability across multiple systems staying compliant with all the data governance policies and regulations, so everyone involved in providing effective care remains on the same page.

    Benefits of Microsoft Teams for Healthcare Industry

    Inability to offer proficient patient care due to miscommunication and lacking coordination is the worst nightmare of the global healthcare industry. Microsoft Teams, available as an app for desktops, smartphones, and tablets, addresses this challenge subsequently.

    Benefits of using Microsoft Teams for Healthcare Industry:

    • Seamless data collection: Medical staff can facilitate data collection by using excel in Teams saving a lot of time.
    • Telemedicine: Recently COVID-19 outbreak highlighted the importance of telemedicine. Microsoft Teams allows doctors to schedule, manage, and conduct virtual visits to enhance online consultation. It reduces costs and accelerates care offerings to needy patients.
    • Broadcast complex surgeries: Microsoft Teams allows the live broadcast of complex surgeries requiring assistance from other specialists of the medical fraternity. Healthcare professionals can use it for conducting online conferences and training.
    • Shift Coordination: By integrating and using Microsoft Shifts app in Teams, helps to manage shift scheduling. Admins can create it using Excel Spreadsheet to plan shifts for upcoming days, weeks, or months and then respond to changing needs if they arise.
    • Data Security & Compliance: Microsoft Teams belong to the Tier-D category of security and compliance. By default, the security controls are enabled in Microsoft Teams. It ensures compliance with HIPAA, SOC 1, SOC 2, SSAE 16, ISO 27018, ISO 27001, and EUMC.
    • Accelerate Productivity: MS Teams offers a single platform for all healthcare needs. It forbids users from switching between the apps. Advanced features and integration of different apps like Shifts, Yammer, Outlook, Calendar, and many more increases its effectiveness and efficiency in many folds.

    EPC Group helps in Coordinating Care in Real-Time

    EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is well-known for providing Microsoft Teams consultation services. EPC Group has been developing a strategic approach for implementing Teams and driving user adoption.

    During the Pandemic, EPC Group ensured minimal business disruption in the healthcare industry while accelerating the response to the coronavirus pandemic. By deploying Microsoft Teams for the healthcare industry, the Microsoft Teams experts at EPC successfully provided flexible work locations and tools to the healthcare teams so they can safely continue serving client needs.

    • With collective expertise in Microsoft technologies, EPC Group ensures the end-to-end success of deploying every Microsoft Teams component.
    • Our Microsoft Certified professionals will customize Microsoft Teams to meet the exact needs of your healthcare facility. They will integrate rich functionality, APIs, apps, and features to accelerate the performance of your MS Teams platforms.
    • Depending on your business requirements, EPC Groups will formulate and configure a data governance process and strategy.
    • EPC Group is well versed in addressing change management issues. Their decisive plan, encompassing communication, training, and feedback, results in maximizing adoption.

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