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Microsoft Fabric Consulting Services

Microsoft Fabric, formerly Office UI Fabric, is a design toolkit that provides user interface components and tools for developers building web applications for Office and Microsoft 365.

    What is Microsoft Fabric?

    Microsoft Fabric, once known as Office UI Fabric, is a front-end framework developed by Microsoft. It’s designed to help developers build consistent web experiences for Office and Microsoft 365 applications. 

    The toolkit provides user interface (UI) components, styles, and utilities that align with Microsoft’s design language. Developers can use these components and styles to ensure that their applications look and feel consistent with other Microsoft products, aiding in user familiarity and adoption. 

    As Microsoft 365 and Office applications have grown in popularity, they require a unified design framework, and Microsoft Fabric addresses this need.

    How Does Microsoft Fabric Work?

    By leveraging these features and tools, developers can rapidly build and deploy web applications that integrate seamlessly into the Microsoft ecosystem, providing a consistent user experience.

    UI Components


    JavaScript Utilities


    Integration with Development Tools

    Documentation and Resources


    What are the Benefits of Using Microsoft Fabric?

    Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics platform designed for organizations that covers everything from data storage and data movement to data science and real-time analytics.


    Provides a unified design language, ensuring that applications look and feel consistent with Microsoft Office and Microsoft 365 products.

    Rapid Development

    With pre-built UI components, developers can accelerate the development process, reducing the time from concept to deployment.


    While adhering to Microsoft's design principles, developers can easily customize components to meet specific application requirements.

    Enhanced Accessibility

    Microsoft Fabric components are designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring applications cater to a wide range of users, including those with disabilities.

    Seamless Integration

    Designed to work smoothly with popular web development tools and frameworks, facilitating easier adoption into existing development workflows.

    Comprehensive Documentation

    Provides developers with extensive resources, guidelines, and code samples, simplifying the learning curve and implementation process.

    Components of Microsoft Fabric

    Microsoft Fabric offers a suite of components designed to enhance web application development. These elements, grounded in Microsoft's design language, encompass UI elements, styles, and utilities to ensure consistency, functionality, and a seamless user experience across Office and Microsoft 365 applications.
    Azure Data Factory
    • Data Integration
    • Data Pipelines
    • Visual Interface
    • Connectors
    • Data Flow
    • Triggering and Scheduling
    Azure Machine Learning Models
    • Automated ML
    • Model Interpretability
    • Model Deployment
    • SDKs
    • Pipeline Creation
    • Experiment Tracking
    Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Integrated Workspaces
    • On-demand Querying
    • Big Data and Data Warehousing
    • Serverless Data Exploration
    • Integrated Apache Spark
    • Real-time Analytics
    Business Intelligence Tools
    • Power BI Service
    • Data Connectors
    • DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)
    • Power Query
    • Embedded API
    • Datasets

    Features of Microsoft Fabric

    Microsoft Fabric, a design-centric toolkit developed by Microsoft, empowers developers to craft web applications with a cohesive look and feel, mirroring the design aesthetics of Office and Microsoft 365 environments.

    Real-Time Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

    Unified Experience for Business Professionals and Analysts

    Ability to Monitor and Manage Data in a Single Platform

    Language Modeling for a Wide Range of Sensitivity Labels

    Why Choose EPC Group for MS Fabrics Consulting

    The platform has been designed to provide a consistent foundation for application development, data management, and other enterprise-level functionalities. For businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge, leveraging Microsoft Fabric is essential.

    We stand as a seasoned consultant with extensive experience in the Microsoft realm. We offer deep insights into optimizing the benefits of Microsoft Fabric. First and foremost, we can help businesses seamlessly integrate Microsoft Fabric into their existing technology infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruptions and maximizing efficiency. 

    We recognize the importance of safeguarding enterprise data and ensuring all operations align with regulatory standards. With our expertise, businesses can be confident that their implementation of Microsoft Fabric enhances functionality and adheres to the strictest security and compliance guidelines.

    Keep the complexities of technology from holding your organization back. With us by your side, unlock the true potential of Microsoft Fabric and transform your enterprise operations. Reach out today and let EPC Group guide you to success.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Microsoft Fabric is a platform designed for developing, deploying, and managing scalable and reliable microservices and containerized applications, ensuring consistent application performance and easy management within enterprise infrastructures.

    Microsoft Fabric is a platform for managing scalable microservices and containerized applications. On the other hand, Azure SQL is a cloud-based relational database service in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, focused on data storage, retrieval, and management. Both serve distinct roles within the Microsoft ecosystem.

    Microsoft Fabric, more commonly known as Azure Service Fabric, is a part of Azure. It’s a distributed systems platform that helps developers quickly package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers within the Azure cloud ecosystem.

    Microsoft Fabric, known as Azure Service Fabric, is a distributed systems platform for scalable microservices and containers. Its significance lies in its ability to simplify the deployment and management of cloud-native applications, making it essential for modern, scalable application architecture.

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