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Microsoft Viva Connections Consulting Services

Are you ready to inform, engage, and empower your employees?

Provide a curated, personalized, and branded experience to the people using Viva Connections. Enjoy the relevant news, conversations, and other resources similar to the intranet. It is easy to set up and fully integrates with apps and devices used by your team daily, like Microsoft Teams.

A personalized approach to the digital workplace and modern employee experience

Make communication effective, engage employees, and connect with relevant news and information.

Microsoft describes Viva Connections as the “portal” to the workday. Viva Connections aggregates the mightiness of your savvy SharePoint intranet with chat and collaboration tools in Microsoft Teams.
Viva connections empower your employees to search and discover relevant news, information, content, and sites from across the organization right from the Teams App bar. Besides, it allows you to integrate branding elements and organization identity directly in the Teams.

Microsoft Viva Connections is offered as an integral part of Microsoft 365. Therefore, you can bring in all the relevant information and news from herculean Microsoft 365 apps like SharePoint, Yammer, and Microsoft Stream. Besides, users get the liberty to add news and information from the trusted third-party sources. If needed, users can customize all the content for displaying it under the Connections tab, and if required, they can contribute additional content using Viva Connections Gateway.

Viva Connections is made available to all the existing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint license holders. An employee licensed to use SharePoint can use Viva Connections for free access to the app in Microsoft Teams can be enabled by Microsoft 365 tenant admins using the admin portal.

EPC Group has ubiquitous skills in Microsoft technologies. We have proven our expertise and efficiency by offering excellent Microsoft Teams consulting services. We are probably the first Microsoft Gold Partners to have earned the skills to integrate Viva Connections for revolutionizing employee experience. Allow us to streamline the communication across the organization and provide instant access to the tools, announcements, and conversations through a branded dashboard for your employees to succeed.

Microsoft Viva Connections Key Features

If an employee is highly engaged, then the chances of him leaving the company are 12X fewer than the less engaged one.

Companies with higher employee engagement rates achieve 21% more productivity.

Collection of Resources and Content: From the user perspective, Microsoft Teams is just another chat app. However, Viva Connections increases its capability and efficiency by allowing users to access versatile content from Teams home site. Viva Connections is a great place to access company news, announcements, frequently visited SharePoint sites, and documents they use to work.


Organized and Personalized Feeds: Using Viva Connections, SharePoint managers are empowered to deliver personalized content to each user. Besides, they can now publish content and ensure it reaches everyone in the organization to whom the news, announcements, or information matters.


Curated Dashboard for Apps and Tools: One of the great features of Viva Connections is the mobile-optimized dashboards. It is designed for employees to access apps, tools, and content they use or interact with daily. It allows them to quickly find the widgets they often use, saving their precious time.

How Microsoft VIVA Connection Help My Business?

Providing Engaging, Productive, and Supportive Employee Experience.

Viva Connections offers an innovative approach to leaders and their strategies. Using it, they can create a comprehensive workplace by asking employees to share, participate and enhance the culture by being their best. Let us see how it helps businesses:

Keep people engaged and informed

Effective communication either makes or breaks the business. Viva Connections enhances employee communication by delivering a personalized feed for employees to explore and contribute to the conversation from anywhere. Audience Targeting increases the personal reach of every content. It also makes it easier for people to share feedback and participate in discussions related to company news or announcements.

Personalized and branded employee destination

Apart from the content feed, Viva connections offer personalized dashboards to the employees to keep them in the flow of work. Through dashboards, employees can access company resources and complete tasks.

Support all employees throughout

Connections dashboards offer the flexibility to customize the dashboards for numerous employee groups like frontline workers having limited time to consume the content. It saves their time by giving them a brief glimpse of all the valuable information.

Microsoft Viva Offerings and Advantages

Power to transform company culture.
  • Reach the entire organization, strengthen connections with employees, and transform company culture to make it inclusive by powering people to succeed.
  • Keep everyone engaged and informed by reaching them personally and providing a personalized view of news, conversations, and communications.
  • Share messages authentically using videos and live events for crucial moments and create a better employee experience.
  • Ensure critical message reaches everyone cutting through the noise by boosting it to the top of the employee feed.
Stay engaged, remain productive, and succeed every day.
  • Stay connected and engaged with everyone. Seamlessly discover the information and tools you need. Actively take part in a conversation and share your unique perspective.
  • Focus on what matters more by getting everything you need at your fingertips through customized dashboards.
  • Stay engaged by accessing personalized views of communities, company news, announcements, and conversations using the apps and devices you often use.
  • Microsoft Teams is a central hub of information; access it, feel empowered, contribute innovative ideas, and share your feedback.
Create a personalized, modern employee experience using existing infrastructure.
  • Deploy Viva connections in existing apps and existing infrastructure in minimal time to help employees get what they want seamlessly and quickly.
  • Increase engagement and speed of information by offering a curated personalized feed of essential news, conversation, and communities.
  • Build a personalized and branded information hub where every employee finds all company resources and news at one place to complete tasks.
  • Use Azure Active Directory Groups to target announcements so that the right news reaches the right people at the right time.
  • Use existing Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams infrastructure to deploy Viva Connections effortlessly and with minimal effort.
Learning Advantages
  • Learning content is available from world-class learning solution providers.
  • Resourceful interface to track education.
  • Leaders can easily share, assign learning tasks and content with team members.
  • Ability to organize all learning content in one place.
  • An easy collaboration with team members to share the learning experience.
  • Organize and share curated content using a custom learning tab.
Microsoft Viva Insights

Viva Insights is the answer to rising stress levels and decreased mental health in employees. The data-driven insights help employees and leaders to thrive in their working environment. Furthermore, it also provides recommendations to improve productivity and promote employee wellbeing. Unlike Productivity Scores in Microsoft teams, Viva Insights ensures to maintain more privacy and comfort to users. Now actionable insights about the workplace are just a few clicks away.


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