What is Microsoft Azure?

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform comprises more than 200 products and services. These services are designed specifically to help organizations willing to create innovative solutions that are efficient enough to solve modern business challenges and set the status-quo of the future. It brings seamlessness and flexibility to use tools and frameworks of your choice to build, run, and manage versatile applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, or at the edge.

Microsoft Azure is a public computing platform that includes infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) at its core. Azure offers everything a business needs for running virtual computing, storing, networking, analytics, databases, and more.

  • It offers complete IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS compatibility.
  • It offers flexibility to move computing resources up and down as per necessity.
  • It supports almost all operating systems, languages, tools, and frameworks.
  • It offers 99.5% availability and 24/7 tech support.
  • It houses data in geosynchronous data centers for seamless global accessibility.
  • It is cost-efficient as it operates with pay for what you use model.

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7 Key Benefits of Azure

  1. Speed: Azure is amazingly faster. The speed provided by Azure for Deployment, Operation, and Scalability is simply unmatched. You can connect private connections or on-premises networks to Azure using the Microsoft global network. It connects directly to WAN and supports IPv6 workloads for providing increased reliability and speed.
  2. Scalability: An organization changes over time, requiring either downsizing or growing the infrastructure-related investment. Microsoft Azure offers on-demand scalability allowing organizations to increase or decrease storage space and computing power as per their need.
  3. Security: Microsoft Azure is designed Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) model and was the first to embrace the new international standard for cloud privacy, ISO 2701. It enhances the privacy, integrity, and availability of sensitive customer information by combining existing built-in security tools with existing cybersecurity systems and policies.
  4. Compliance: Microsoft Azure offers more than 35 compliance compatibilities. Each compatibility is necessary and well-aligned specifically with the key industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, government, finance, education, etc. With Microsoft Azure, it becomes easy to comply with the evolving regulatory guidelines of HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CMMC, and more.
  5. Cost-efficiency: Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go model enabling you to purchase; only what you need. Its consumption-based pricing structure allows businesses of all sizes to leverage cloud benefits and manage their IT budgets efficiently.
  6. Availability: Compared to other cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure offers high availability and redundancy across all its data centers. As of now, Microsoft Azure operates across 55 regions globally and is available in about 140 countries. Microsoft Azure has an undisputed global reach making it the only one to offer an SLA ensuring 99.5% availability.
  7. Interoperability: Microsoft Azure provide enterprise-level development tools that can be used to build, deploy, and manage custom web apps. Microsoft Azure aids Internet protocols and open standards such as XML, SOAP, REST, and HTTP. Besides, it also offers a software development kit for Java, PHP, and Ruby. Else, you can use programming languages, including .NET, Java, Python, Kubernetes, and much more.

Remote Managed IT Services for Your Azure Environment

In today’s world, technology is ever-changing and staying up to date with online migrations can be challenging. Balancing workloads and gaining experience in new environments can be undoubtedly difficult. Luckily, utilizing EPC Group’s Azure Consulting IT Services is an easy solution to these common problems. If you are feeling overwhelmed or strapped for time, EPC Group is here to help. A Microsoft trusted company focused on helping you maintain, grow and manage your Azure environment.


24/7 Customer Service Phone Support Email Support Data Recovery Performance Issue Resolution


Real-time Environment Monitoring Daily Review of Environments Weekly Environment Status Reports Monthly Strategic Reviews

Windows Azure Consulting
Strategic Advisory Services

EPC Group can handle the daily management of your Azure environment, while you focus on business priorities. From management to overall strategic direction, we can help you acquire Azure or can provide management of your existing Azure environment.

Microsoft Azure Products We Serve

AI + Machine Learning
Azure offers a portfolio of versatile AI services along with MLOps (machine learning operations), open-source interoperability, and integrated tools necessary for data scientists and developers to build, deploy, and manage high-quality AI and ML models faster and with confidence.
Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive set of solutions essential to turn your data into actionable insights. Access a fully managed, faster, easier, and collaborative Apache® Spark™ along with cloud Hadoop analytics platform optimized specifically for Azure.
Get computing capacity, virtualization, and virtual machines of your chosen configuration. Use Kubernetes to scale, build, and accelerate app development with event-driven, serverless architecture. Deploy Azure VMs on organizational physical servers.
Never compromise with security while accelerating containerized application development. Use Red Hat OpenShift for deploying and scaling containers. Access CI/CD tools to build, deploy, and manage containerized applications and run web apps on Windows or Linux.
Choose either fully managed relational, NoSQL, and in-memory databases or proprietary and open-source engines. Use it to manage SQL in the cloud, migrate SQL workloads to Azure, leverage PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, and NoSQL workloads to the cloud.
Developer Tools
Microsoft Azure gives you the flexibility to build, deploy, and manage cloud applications using the language or platform of your choice. Access a comprehensive set of developer tools and use a range of SDKs, along with fully featured IDEs with advanced debugging capability.
Azure DevOps technologies bring seamlessness to build, release, test, and monitor cloud and mobile apps. Microsoft Azure allows you to Implement DevOps, integrate it with the existing toolchain, and continuously deliver innovation using the toolchain of your choice.
Hybrid + Multicloud
With an innovative hybrid and multicloud environment, Microsoft Azure provides a holistic, secure, and seamless approach to innovate anywhere across on-premise, multicloud, and edge-environment. Get access to apps, data, management, security, identity, and networking.
The identity and access management solutions provide secure access to your resources. It helps to protect your data and apps and defends them against any malicious threats. Access identity protection tools, risk-based access controls, strong authentications, etc.
Easily integrate apps, data, and processes or build new integrated solutions for connecting applications and services that happen to be on-premise and in the cloud. Create new workflows, integrate business processes, publish APIs, and do even more.
Internet of Things
Take advantage of Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twins to build customized solutions for complex IoT scenarios. Build IoT applications leveraging Azure IoT Central and find a reliable partner or choose a fully managed or finished solution using Azure IoT partner network
Management & Governance
Microsoft Azure has inbuilt management and governance tools to protect resources and stay compliant on-premise and in the cloud. The various tools help system administrators and developers to monitor, configure, govern, secure, and protect their resources.
Microsoft Azure provides you with a unified migration platform and a range of tools to migrate Servers, databases, web apps, and more. With a range of integrated tools, numerous ISV integrations, and an option to select an assessment and migration tool of your choice.
Build high-quality mobile apps for Android, iOS, Xamarin, React Native, Unity, and Cordova. The intelligent back-end services are ready to automate your development lifecycle. Access geospatial services, publish APIs, manage access, get insights, and scale on demand.
Microsoft Azure has one of the largest network PoPs across the world. Leverage Azure Network-as-a-Service to connect everything from VMs to VPN apps, get DDoS protection, access firewall capabilities, diagnose network issues, and deploy 5G and SD-WAN network functions.
The built-in security services in Azure protect all kinds of data from all sorts of threats. Safeguard cryptographic keys, secure sensitive data, protect applications from common online vulnerabilities, and get advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud environments.
Get a highly scalable, secure, performant, and cost-effective storage platform to share all your workloads, archives, data lakes, and business applications. Access Azure Virtual Machines, enterprise file storage, powered by NetApp, Azure Data Lake Storage, and more.
Azure offers a fully managed platform to build and deploy web applications at any scale using .Net Core, Java, Docker, Node.js, and more. Access Azure Cognitive Search, Azure DNS, Azure Maps, Azure Web PubSub to build powerful and intelligent web applications.
Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Azure is optimized to offer a secure remote desktop experience virtually from anywhere. It delivers Windows 11 desktops and applications virtually anywhere. Experience the built-in intelligent security and enjoy reduced costs with an existing license.

Benefits of an Azure Managed Service Provider

According to a recent survey over 80 top IT professionals and business executives in large and mid-market organizations, 62 percent leveraged a multi-cloud environment that included Microsoft Azure. The report also found that 67 percent of participants said they were “very likely” to work with a managed service provider over the next year to help with migration to Azure or to manage their cloud or the on-premises environment. Reach out today to learn how Azure Advantage can be designed to fit your management needs.

Get Enterprise-class IT for a Fraction of the Cost

Partner with the experts who can provide full customization and support across all Microsoft Applications, and integration to others.

We'll Take You Beyond the Basics of Microsoft Applications

Delivering end-to-end solutions that enhance your entire application suite.
Cloud Collaboration

Ensure collaboration and access across applications


Seamless migrations to Microsoft's cloud products from on-premise, legacy, and other systems.


Fully custom development and integration with Microsoft's suite.


Manage documents, people and projects more efficiently


Enhance reliable mobile access to employee, customers, and members without sacrificing security.


Engage, collaborate and connect in real time through the enterprise grade social networking and communications.


Monitoring & managed services to improve system reliability

Enterprise Records Management

Manage records according to legal and regulatory requirements.

Document Management

Improve accessiblity and searchability of documents within the organization.

Azure Consulting Services from EPC Group

EPC Group provides round-the-clock Microsoft Azure consulting services for companies with critical business solutions looking to utilize the power of Microsoft Azure and Cloud-Native capabilities. While Microsoft Azure has made tremendous progress and positioned itself as a market leader, your organization may often require a more tangible, thorough summary of the benefits. Once the advantages of Azure can demonstrate a measurable ROI, your business can rapidly scale up.

Why EPC Group’s Microsoft Azure Consulting Services?

EPC Group is a groundbreaking IT consulting firm focused on giving you and your company all the tools to succeed, with over 25 years of experience in cloud databases, DevOps, and analytics to provide you with world-class solutions. Our industry-proven solutions and methodologies are designed to assist you in all stages of your cloud life cycle. With our 24/7 customer service, you will have access to top certified experts all right at the tip of your fingers. Our award-winning Azure solutions, blueprints, and processes can help your business achieve the ROI you are looking for while reducing risk.

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