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Dynamics 365 Consulting Services

Discover unparalleled business transformation with our Dynamics 365 consulting services. Expert guidance, tailored solutions, and innovative strategies to elevate your operations and drive growth.

    What is Dynamics 365?

    Dynamics 365, a suite of intelligent business applications from Microsoft, revolutionizes the way organizations operate. It blends CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) capabilities with AI and productivity applications, creating a unified platform for seamless business management. 

    Dynamics 365 offers modular applications targeting different business areas, including Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, and more. Each module integrates seamlessly with others, ensuring a comprehensive, interconnected business solution.

    Opting for our Dynamics 365 consulting services means you get expert guidance to customize this powerful tool to your unique business needs, driving innovation and staying ahead in the competitive market.

    Transform your Business with Dynamics 365 Consulting

    It offers a range of capabilities that streamline business processes, enhance customer service and drive growth

    Marketing Automation

    Plan, automate, and execute marketing tasks from a single platform. Integrate other applications with Dynamics 365 for marketing needs

    Custom Reporting

    Develop custom reports in Dynamics 365. Address unique reporting needs

    Custom Dashboards

    Create role-based custom dashboards. Tailor information to individual users' positions

    Tailored Workflows

    Build custom workflows and approvals in Salesforce. Automate unique business processes

    Event Management

    Organize events with Dynamics event management framework. Track registration, sponsors, attendees, and sessions

    Implementation Course Correction

    CRM consultants review your system. Provide a rescue plan for failed implementation

    Email Marketing

    Manage campaigns in Dynamics CRM. Integrate with Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or other platforms

    Social Media

    Leverage Dynamics 365 with Microsoft social engagement. Gain social insights about your brand on social media

    Dynamics 365 Consulting Services Offered by EPC Group

    Dynamics 365 Consulting services encompass a broad range of offerings aimed at enhancing communication, collaboration, and overall productivity within an organization.
    Implementation and Deployment

    Assisting businesses in setting up and configuring Dynamics 365 to align with their specific processes and requirements.

    Data Migration and Integration

    Helping businesses migrate data from legacy systems to Dynamics 365 and integrating Dynamics 365 with other business applications for a unified system.

    Training and Support

    Providing training to employees for effective use of Dynamics 365 and offering ongoing support to ensure smooth operation.

    Business Process Consulting

    Analyzing a company’s business processes and advising on how to optimize them using Dynamics 365.

    Power BI Consulting and Strategy

    Ensuring that the Dynamics 365 deployment complies with industry standards and regulations, and implementing security measures to protect sensitive data.

    Power BI Implementation

    Offering specialized consulting for Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP modules, helping businesses improve customer relationships and streamline operations.

    Analytics and Reporting

    Utilizing Dynamics 365’s analytics tools to create custom reports and dashboards, providing insights for informed decision-making.

    Cloud Services

    Assisting with the deployment of Dynamics 365 on cloud platforms, like Azure, for enhanced scalability and accessibility.

    Dynamics 365 Consulting for Different Industries

    Each Dynamics 365 module, through specialized consulting, offers industry-specific solutions

    Customer Service

    Enhances customer support through automation, improved response times, and personalized service.


    Streamlines sales processes, improves lead management, and fosters customer relationships.


    Provides solutions for omnichannel retail, enhancing customer experience.

    Field Services

    Helps in managing field staff, scheduling, and optimizing service delivery.


    Assists in financial planning, reporting, and compliance management, ensuring efficient financial operations.


    Streamlines HR processes like recruitment, payroll, and employee management, enhancing workforce productivity.

    Supply Chain Management

    Optimizes supply chain operations, inventory management, and production planning.

    Social Media

    Leverage Dynamics 365 with Microsoft social engagement. Gain social insights about your brand on social media

    How EPC Experts will help you with Dynamics 365

    Choosing us as your Dynamics 365 Partner offers a strategic advantage in harnessing the full potential of your business operations. Our deep industry expertise ensures that your Dynamics 365 solution is not just implemented, but optimized for your specific business needs.

    We will maximize the potential of Dynamics 365 to improve project efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability for businesses in the EPC sector.

    Integration with Project Management Tools

    We will integrate Dynamics 365 with existing project management tools and software, ensuring a seamless workflow.

    Resource Management

    Utilizing Dynamics 365, our experts will help in efficiently managing resources, including human resources, machinery, and materials, optimizing their allocation and usage for various projects.

    Training and Support

    Our experts will train your staff on how to utilize Dynamics 365 effectively for specific tasks and provide ongoing support for any challenges encountered.

    Data Analysis and Decision Making

    By leveraging the analytics capabilities of Dynamics 365, we will provide insights into project performance, helping in informed decision-making and strategic planning.

    Dynamics 365 Testimonials from Our Partners

    Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson
    EcoEnergy Solutions
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    I was looking for a solution that would bring tangible results to our operational efficiency and client engagement. EPC Group's
    TechGlobal Corp
    TechGlobal Corp
    Rachel Nguyen
    Read More
    EPC Group's expertise in Dynamics 365 for HR has revolutionized our employee management and recruitment processes. Their personalized training and ongoing support have made a significant difference in our HR team's productivity and effectiveness.
    Davidson Cheng
    Davidson Cheng
    FastMove Logistics
    Read More
    The team at EPC Group demonstrated exceptional skill in optimizing our supply chain management with Dynamics 365. Their solutions have significantly improved our inventory management and vendor relations, contributing to smoother operations and reduced costs.
    Alicia Martinez
    Alicia Martinez
    GreenTech Innovations
    Read More
    EPC Group's Dynamics 365 consulting services have been invaluable in transforming our financial operations. Their tailored approach and in-depth understanding of our financial challenges resulted in a system that truly supports our growth and financial management goals.
    Johnathan Smith
    Johnathan Smith
    BuildRight Construction Inc.
    Read More
    Working with EPC Group on our Dynamics 365 implementation was a game-changer. Their team's expertise in both the software and our industry's specific needs helped us streamline our project management processes. We've seen a notable improvement in efficiency since partnering with EPC Group.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, Dynamics 365 is highly customizable. Consulting services can tailor the system to meet your unique business requirements, whether it’s custom workflows, reporting, or integrating with other systems.

    Dynamics 365 can be integrated with a wide range of existing systems and applications. This integration ensures data consistency and provides a unified platform for managing various business functions.

    A Dynamics 365 consulting service typically offers comprehensive support, including system implementation, customization, training for your team, and ongoing technical support to address any issues.

    The implementation time for Dynamics 365 varies based on the complexity of the project, the size of your business, and the extent of customization required. A consulting service can provide a more accurate timeline after assessing your specific needs.

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