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Whether your company has a fresh user joining the team who needs to learn and train with the basic functionalities quickly, or an experienced individual who wants to get some additional know-how regarding Microsoft Dynamics Business Central such as Power BI, extensions to enhance their capability and productivity ‐ we have a training program to suit everyone’s needs.

Post D365 Business Central implementation, we offer comprehensive training and support for your organization. The training programs are conducted for groups as well as individual learners. Our Business Central training programs can also help individuals enhance their skills to excel and advance on the professional front.

Key Facets of EPC’s Business Central Training Modules

Smooth Transition

Along with ongoing support, we ensure a smooth transition from project implementation to completion through training.

Latest Software Solutions

We certify that your workforce is utilizing the latest software version to the best of its abilities.

Comprehensive Programs

Our training program includes virtual and on-site training, as well as webinars and workshops.

Tailored Training

We provide customized Business Central training programs for every organization based on its specific processes, different roles, etc.

Microsoft CustomerSource

Users can access MS Business Central training and education material anytime and anywhere through Microsoft CustomerSource.

Training with an Experienced Partner

Receiving training from an experienced and knowledgeable partner can help you get the information and training that is most relevant to your individual and organizational needs.

EPC Group provides you a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP training partner who best understands your industry and business processes. We can help you understand the add-ons, modules, and functions crucial to your industry, and cater to special requests and considerations upon implementation. For most organizations, this is the go-to training option.

Microsoft Customer Source

Microsoft has created a vast library of training and knowledge resources that includes videos, documentation, knowledge base, and more specific resources. This learning portal is available 24/7 and accessible to registered Microsoft Dynamics 365 users.

For MS Business Central users, it is one of the most useful resources for self-learning, self-support, and to access hotfixes, news, licensing information, and more.

Registered Dynamics Business Central users can access Microsoft CustomerSource through this link (login required) –

Customized Training Solutions

Generally, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is customized to meet your business-specific needs. Therefore, we also offer custom training programs to meet your training needs.

Our training programs are tailored to the specific needs of every role within an organization. So, whatever type of training you need, our Microsoft Business Central experts can help hone your team’s knowledge and skills.

Our training programs are conducted by certified instructors having years of Dynamics NAV and/or Business Central experience. We can provide on-site or online training for your staff as per their convenience and training needs.

Request a Demo Session

Before signing on the dotted line, if you wish to feel and understand how our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central training programs work, we would be more than happy to offer a free-of-cost demo session for your organization.

Just click on this link or call us today for a Free Consultation (888) 381-9725. One of our executives will make a note of your requirements and schedule a call with one of EPC’s Business Central ERP specialists. Our experienced and competent experts are always available to understand your queries and offer upfront advice and solutions on the same.

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