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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Are you interested in moving critical applications to the cloud without paying for expensive infrastructure? Leverage services from the leading Microsoft cloud solution provider to make your organization more flexible, agile, and scalable.

    Why Your Business Needs Microsoft Cloud Solutions?

    Here are some reasons you need to have Microsoft Cloud solutions,

    Integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft tools: Microsoft Azure easily integrates with Outlook, Office 365, and SharePoint. Besides, the same virtual machines (VMs) used by on-premise businesses, including Windows and Linux, are also utilized by Microsoft Azure.

    Chance to partner with industry leader: Microsoft has earned a reputation of being a trusted industry leader and is the most trustworthy and reliable for many Fortune 500 companies. Widely used tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Bing, and Dynamics 365 drive many companies to adopt Azure Cloud Services.

    Ability to customize solutions as per need: Azure as IaaS and PaaS allow businesses to use it in any way profitable to them. For instance, when you opt for the Azure IaaS service, you must pay for only those services you use. Whereas opting for Azure PaaS service allows you to build apps and software you require without buying the underlying infrastructure.

    Strong support for open-source analytics: Microsoft Azure cloud platform extends benefits of managed SQL and NoSQL data services along with embedded support. It helps in deep data digging to derive better insights and improve business processes with data-driven decisions. You also get a chance to access HD insights-power full data analytics by Azure.

    Continuous and automatic updates: Azure offers continual updates to its offerings. Each update provides new services augmenting robust functionality. All the updates and features are beneficial to users in many ways.

    Access New Growth Opportunities with Microsoft Cloud

    Microsoft cloud solutions help enterprises in taking their IT infrastructure to the next level. Moving to the cloud is a primary step for many organizations willing to secure data storage and achieving full scale-digital transformation,

    Many studies and surveys have reported that Microsoft Azure remains the most preferred public cloud computing service for many Fortune 500 companies. Besides, Microsoft Azure offers tailored services to SMEs, giving them access to a host of cloud applications and computing capabilities at affordable prices.

    Advanced Security: Microsoft cloud provides comprehensive protection against attacks using integrated security solutions. The Advanced Threat Protection from Microsoft with cross-domain coverage, integrated into domains, eliminates the need to invest in extra IT infrastructure. The Azure Sentinel with inbuilt AI offers a bird’s eye view to detect threats and respond smartly and speedily.

    SQL and Windows Server in Azure: The most cost-efficient way for enterprises to move to the cloud is migrating to Windows and SQL servers on Azure. It allows enterprises to harness intelligent security and performance. Everything at the minimal cost of ownership if they decide to combine unique pricing and extended security updates.

    Flexible Migrations: Migrating to the Microsoft cloud requires efficiently moving unique and sometimes complex infrastructure and workflows in your business. Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility of customizing cloud migration needs. Enterprises can star5t the journey by running a pilot project where they can migrate selected apps first. Besides, Azure gives full-scale digital and hybrid migration solutions to choose the appropriate cloud computing capabilities.

    Microsoft Cloud Platform Options

    Microsoft Azure PaaS

    Microsoft Azure PaaS is an open and flexible cloud platform offering a complete development and deployment environment. It provides access to a host of integrated services and resources, helping organizations to do more, save more, and innovate faster.

    • You can quickly build, deploy, manage, and deliver everything from cloud-based apps to advanced cloud-enabled enterprise applications using Azure as PaaS
    • Using Microsoft Azure PaaS, enterprises can build high-tech applications that focus more on functionality and less on infrastructure.
    • Azure PaaS is developed to support different programming languages like .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, and more.
    • Additionally, users get to choose the appropriate frameworks, like .NET, Express JS, Rails, Zend, etc.

    Microsoft Azure IaaS

    Microsoft Azure IaaS frees businesses from operating the IT infrastructure and hardware on their own. It allows users to access online services: the amount of computing, storage, and networking power they need. It empowers them to scale up and down IT environments without requiring additional servers and hardware.

    • By Combining Azure IaaS and PaaS, businesses can leverage significant features as they move to the cloud.
    • Develop, evolve, and deploy virtual machines in a flash for further development and testing.
    • Deliver and manage services like firewalls, network connections, load balancers, data storage, and identity management.

    Private Cloud

    Microsoft Azure private cloud is also called an internal or corporate cloud. It is a computing service offered either over the internet or through a private internal network and only to the selected users. It extends multiple benefits of the public cloud-like self-service, scalability, and elasticity.

    • The newer hybrid cloud opportunities empower businesses to innovate faster with optimum security and control by overbridging infrastructure, applications, data, and users.
    • It offers substantial privacy and security using company firewalls and internal hosting to prevent third parties from accessing sensitive data and operations.
    • Using private cloud with public clouds, enterprises can take advantage of hybrid cloud, which helps in cloud bursting or freeing up more space and scale computing services.

    Must-Have Microsoft Cloud Solutions

    Microsoft Azure: Microsoft offers a big enterprise cloud in the form of Azure. It is available as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS services. Many companies rely on Azure services to save money, work speedily, and integrate data and enterprise apps in a powerful and scalable way. It also offers private, public, and hybrid cloud models.

    MS Office 365: By putting Office solutions in the cloud, Microsoft has made it seamless to access email and calendars on the go. Users can now work from anywhere on office apps and leverage extra flexibility to communicate and collaborate using Microsoft Teams platform. Under Office 365, users get free access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher, Lync, and InfoPath on the cloud.

    MS Windows Intune: It is a cloud mobile management service from Microsoft. It allows enterprises to control the devices connected to the MS System Center using the cloud. It extends support to the Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems making it easier to manage mobile devices and PCs from one place.

    SQL Server with MS System Center: Since its release in 2012, Microsoft SQL server enjoys accelerating popularity. It allows enterprises to run SQL serve in the cloud extending all the benefits of private cloud to the businesses reluctant about data safety and security. With the support of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, a cloud-based SQL Azure server does miracles.

    Microsoft Visual Studio: AMS Visual studio aims at those developers looking to manage their code, work, and builds on a cloud. The liberty to install the Multi-Device Hybrid apps extension empowers them to create customized apps for Windows, iOS, and Android using standard web technologies and Apache Cordova. Using MS Visual Studio, users get the capability to debug, edit, and deploy projects. Alongside ALM improvements, they manage project architecture more efficiently with the cloud version.

    Benefits of Using Microsoft Cloud Solutions

    • Microsoft cloud applications are automatically updated within seconds, ensuring they have minimum downtime and are easy to learn.
    • Microsoft cloud solutions allow enterprises to scale up/down their compute or storage capacity as per their needs, thereby helping them to keep their IT infrastructure simple, efficient, and productive.
    • The cloud environment empowers remote workers by allowing them to access information, operations, and applications from anywhere, anytime, and on any device connected to the internet.
    • Cloud solutions are cost-efficient as they eliminate the expenses on maintenance. Cloud systems are in sync with the main server ensuring automatic updates and patches. It cuts average time and costs spent on doing administrative and maintenance tasks.
    • The self-provisioning tools in the Microsoft cloud allow users to spend more time responding to customers and fulfilling business requirements reducing the overall manual intervention.
    • The minimal upfront investment ensures lower startup costs making it easier to access vital information seamlessly. With pay as you go, users have to pay only for the storage space they need.
    • Microsoft cloud maintains and manages security by utilizing technology, processes, and certifications of the latest industry standards. Besides, it complies with corporate obligations and applicable legislation as per national and international regulations.

    EPC Group is a Leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

    EPC Group is proud to be a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner. It means we are not just any Microsoft consulting service provider, but we offer specialized, recognized, and trusted Microsoft expertise and support service provider.

    We are well aware of the different facets of the Microsoft cloud and how best they could benefit your business. If you are looking for Microsoft cloud consulting and support offering maximum ROI and unlimited growth, contact EPC Group today.

    We work closely with enterprises to understand their requirements and the motive behind moving to the cloud. We then recommend the best possible Microsoft Cloud solutions suiting your needs and then help you implement them in an easy, seamless way.

    EPC Group has many years of experience with cloud computing and had dealt with complex to innovative cloud application scenarios. We focus our efforts on implementing clear procedures and seamless execution.

    Our Microsoft cloud consultant has a detailed understanding and experience of cloud computing in different industries and versatile products. They will be happy to help you in availing unique possibilities awaiting you through cloud usage.

    Get in touch with us to have a detailed discussion about your requirements and our solutions. We are happy to speak with you and guide you towards the cloud era.

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