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Microsoft Government Cloud

EPC Group helps in building trusted government services. Out Microsoft Government Cloud consulting services aim to empower every government agency and person to achieve more and drive growth.

    What is Microsoft Government Cloud?

    Microsoft government cloud was unveiled with a motive to provide customized cloud services to the US government and their partners having stringent security and compliance standards. It is a set of comprehensive cloud-based solutions specifically designed for the Federal government and agencies meeting the US government’s thorough compliance and security standards.

    The Microsoft government cloud complies with almost all the US government agencies standards including HIPPA, CJIS, ECSB², FedRAMP¹, DoD IL4, and IL5, IRS 1075, ITAR, CMMC, NIST 800-171, and more within an open and integrated platform. It provides rich infrastructure, storage, and identity management capabilities delivered through the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid solutions. Besides, all the data is stored within the United States. Microsoft has designed the government cloud to deliver integrated, familiar experiences with Office 365 for Government in the cloud.

    The Microsoft government cloud motivates Federal Government and its agencies to embrace cloud computing not only for the web and apps but for advanced technologies like e Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors, machine learning, digital agents, bots, and speech recognition tools. It allows them to better analyze and understand the data output. In this way, governments can deliver deeply contextual, personalized, and consistent experiences to citizens by harnessing tools that allow them to increase engagement and cost-efficiency.

    Azure Government Cloud

    Microsoft introduced Azure government cloud with a motive to transform the computing capabilities of US Government agencies by ousting the current outdated technology. Microsoft government cloud is a holistic platform specifically designed for the US local, state, and Federal Government.

    Apart from providing rigorous compliance and security standards, it also offers cost-saving opportunities along with the flexibility to run in private, public, or government clouds with an integrated open platform.

    The Azure Government cloud is a physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure offering world-class security and compliance services necessary for US Federal governments systems and applications. The dedicated instance can be accessed by only the tribal, local, state, and federal government and their partners that are operated by the screened US citizens.

    The Azure Government cloud provides the option to choose from six government-only data centers that include two areas granted an impact-level 5 Provisional Authorization. Besides, you also get the flexibility to use hybrid cloud

    Microsoft Azure Government cloud allows you to gain cutting-edge capabilities with the new data analytics, high-performance computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Breakthrough innovation allows you to introduce improvements as you adapt your systems to improve your citizen experiences and better manage costs.

    Office 365 Government

    Microsoft recommends Office 365 Government or Microsoft 365 Government for all the government agencies using Microsoft government cloud. It represents an intelligent solution for government entities that bring together the best of Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility with a layer of highly advanced security from the Azure Security Center required to address various levels of US government.

    Office 365 government GCC has the following features,

    • Complies with all US government data protection, and security standards.
    • Stores all the content at data centers located within the US continent.
    • It supports covered defense information, export-controlled data, criminal justice, and federal tax information.
    • Complies with Section 508 and supports HIPPA and other security frameworks.

    Microsoft 365 Government is designed for teamwork. With it you get complimentary access to Outlook, Calendar, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, connect to apps, people, SharePoint, and co-author with Office 365 Pro-Plus. Apart from this, Office 365 government community cloud minimizes TCO across deployment, management, and servicing, decreasing data center footprints with cloud infrastructure, and getting broad support for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms.

    Dynamics 365 Government

    When you are eligible to access the Microsoft government cloud, you get an option to access select Dynamics 365 Government products that are usually available for customers through deployment into the Government Community Cloud (GCC). It enables single sign-on and seamless integration with Microsoft 365 GCC High deployments.

    The US customer base of US Department of Defense contractors and other federal agencies are leveraging Microsoft 365 GCC High to use the Dynamics 365 US Government GCC High deployment option. However, it enables and requires the customer to leverage Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID) Government for customer identities, in contrast to GCC which leverages Public Azure AD (Microsoft Entra ID). Microsoft ensures the customer base of US Department of Defense contractors using these services meets ITAR commitment and DFARS acquisition regulations, as documented and required by their contracts with the US Department of Defense.

    The Dynamics 365 Government offers four functions under the government cloud – Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation.

    Eligible customers can purchase available User Subscription and Add-ons through the following purchasing channels:

    • GCC: Volume Licensing (VL) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
    • GCC High: Volume Licensing (VL)
    • DoD: Volume Licensing (VL)

    Benefits of Microsoft Government Cloud

    Microsoft government cloud is being continuously evolved and up to date to preserve up with the ever-dynamic marketplace necessities. The benefits of Microsoft Azure government cloud add up with each new replace and the list keeps growing:

    • Developers, System Administrators, and Architects discover the platform smooth to navigate, migrate from the past framework, oversee applications, seamless access to assets for accelerating the pace of innovations.
    • Microsoft Government cloud offers developers the flexibility and scalability to select the tools, framework, architecture, and operating system for building the desired cloud solution.
    • Microsoft Azure Government Cloud helps auto-scaling to optimally make use of resources, minimize costs, stabilize overall performance in line with purchaser requirements.
    • Scalability is crucial for government agencies and the solutions they use to keep away from undesirable hold-ups.
    • Azure Government Cloud is a reliable infrastructure as it allows to scale up or down by adding servers automatically.
    • Then high standard security and compliance certifications and requirements followed by Microsoft government cloud enable it to handle controlled unclassified data, privacy information, protected health records, and other such secured information.
    • Microsoft Government Cloud is a physically isolated network, separate from general networks, and is maintained such that it prevents unwanted communications. Unauthorized users are blocked by network access control.

    Microsoft Government Cloud gives far-flung access to customer data. Backed by multi-factor authentication, accessing essential client information is possible in a secure environment. This is a big benefit because the facts may be accessed remotely without compromising on safety components and excessive productiveness is maintained without compromising on quality.

    How EPC Group can Help?

    EPC Group taps into the power of Microsoft technologies necessary for developing software solutions for federal, state, local, and commercial organizations. Until now, EPC Group has helped many Government bodies to migrate to the Microsoft government cloud and helped them create enterprise applications that played a pivotal role in their client’s success.

    The Microsoft certified consultants at EPC Group take over project-based engagements for providing services related to planning, implementing, and adopting solutions that accelerate the value of customers derived from the Microsoft government cloud.

    EPC Group specializes in providing IT support for custom applications, Office 365 government, Dynamics 365 government, Azure government cloud usage, and adoption that create efficiency while keeping data secure and delivering peace of mind.

    Enjoy 24/7 fanatical IT support from our domestic US teams for cloud architecture, planning, upgrades, migration, deployment, application development, and data insight solutions.

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