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Dynamics 365: Modern Point of Sale (POS)

Empowering Retailers with Cutting-Edge & Dynamic Solutions to

Microsoft Dynamics POS

The modern-day customers live in a highly connected world. When it comes to making a purchase, they are well informed even before walking into a store. In the era where consumers are shopping on their own terms ‘you’ the seller needs to find ways to better serve them by providing amazing in-store experiences. But in order to achieve this, you have got to prepare your employees first. They must be able to do the basics like:

  • Traditional point-of-sale, &
  • Time clock and shift management

What if you could give them real-time inventory management across any store channel consolidated customer data at their fingertips. With Microsoft Dynamics for retail, you don’t just get a fantastic point-of-sale client they also get a system that provides the information they need and that can also be tailored to their role.

Role-Based Flexibility and Customization

  • Let’s see how this makes it easier for store associates to do their job well. First, you can customize the point-of-sale look-and-feel font color graphics, etc., and optimize at various levels by region by store by role, and even by the user. For example, the cashier may have access to specific capabilities beyond tender such as adding a loyalty card and looking up inventory.

    Meanwhile, a store manager may have access to store reports and real-time sales data. Here we see the information a floor manager needs to know, such as – sale numbers by staff in a table view and graphical view. This modern point-of-sale also gives the store associate options for viewing product information and helping customers evaluate products. For example, the store associate can select multiple options and present the customer with a side-by-side comparison.

    Moreover, you can provide the visitor with basic relevant information such as pricing descriptions and features. And even things like reviews from other customers, who may be rating or talking about these products and other channels. Associates can even drill into a particular product to get an even deeper level of information.

Leverage Dynamics 365 for Retail Sales

Even clienteling is a snap with Microsoft Dynamics for retail. Store associates have access to customers purchase intelligence including

  • Recent purchases
  • Order history
  • Buying patterns
  • Preferences
  • Wish lists

This lets them provide a more successful engagement with customers recommending additional products or services that make sense for a particular customer. Putting these insights and information into the hands of the sales associate helps them to be more effective at their jobs. Providing better experiences for customers and increasing conversion rates.

In addition, Bing Maps integration allows a real-time inventory search across store locations.

This modern client takes the best of the Windows platform and combines it with a rich transactional experience at the point-of-sale intelligence from your various channels and customer engagement.

Wide Range of Device Compatibility and Flexibility

Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) is built to support any platform form factor and peripherals that retailers use and need the most. With the flexibility of tablets and phones these mobile point-of-sale devices, your store associates never have to leave the customer side. In a world where technology becomes an extension of your brand, Microsoft Dynamics for retail can give you the edge you need to –

    • Better engage customers
    • Provide them with amazing experiences
    • Keep them returning to your store and
    • Connecting with your brand

Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) for Retailers

When you invest in a retail solution from Microsoft and EPC Group that includes Modern Point of Sale (MPOS) and Cloud POS solutions you get class-leading capabilities for your industry along with all the benefits of a modern platform. These include:


Business Intelligence

Know your customer better and clearly see how your business is performing. Also, you will get access to a wealth of insights dashboards, and reports.

Moreover, personalized and role-tailored dashboards are created specifically for individual jobs. This helps people at various levels in the organization get the information most relevant to them.

Now, you can convert insights into impact with all the data at your fingertips providing you with the right information, at the right time.


Workflows in Dynamics 365 POS solve simple scenarios, such as showing UI controls based on user input, or complex scenarios encountered by large enterprises.

These features of order processing and inventory control contribute to removing some of the manual operations characteristic in various types of processes in the organization.

Also, you can track inventory in real-time, maintain accounts receivables, save labor records, track work orders, backorders, sales orders, quotes, and more.

Mobile Solutions

Business firms that have field sales, or employ mobile professionals and mobile service technicians, or support staff can create greater efficiencies with connected mobile and portable solutions that are based on cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Windows Mobile platform.

Mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide a user-centric, flexible, and cost-efficient platform. This helps open new business opportunities, drive increased productivity as well as reduce costs at the same time.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Point of Sale (POS) are built to deliver widespread interoperability. This gives the users a consistent, comfortable experience as well as seamless interaction with Microsoft Office. This in turn delivers improved compatibility and alliance across the extended supply chain operations. With a real-time view of your business and products, you have the control you need for –

  • Buying
  • Replenishment
  • Order management

Warehouse and transportation logistics

We Understand Your Organization Is Unique!

At EPC Group we create technology solutions for you with the realization that they should match your business processes as well as your unique way of doing things.  

When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) we help your people to be more productive making the organization perform better by customizing and developing the solution in a way that it works the best for you.

Speak to EPC’s Microsoft Dynamics Specialists to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics Point of Sale (POS) can help you today and in the future!

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