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Office 365 Cloud Solutions

Office 365 Cloud Solutions The Office 365 cloud solution involves an array of features and capabilities that can help organizations with a range of services that include:
  • SharePoint Online
  • Exchange Online
  • Lync Online
  • Office Professional Plus

    Office 365 Cloud Solutions

    The increasing competition in the industrial arena has made business operations in the cloud environment, an utmost necessity.

    While cloud computing is the new normal, several organizations find it difficult to migrate from the on-premises environment to utilizing cloud resources for the centralized management of organizational data.

    To derive the maximum benefits from the cloud services, organizations need to choose a consulting partner that can introduce them to the cloud solution partner that has the potential to fulfill their business needs. The EPC Group is one such dedicated consulting partner which provides round-the-clock customer support to organizations to help them actualize the cloud benefits.

    What Are Some of The Office 365 Cloud Solutions Provided by EPC Group?

    The EPC Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a popular cloud solution provider. This is the reason why we provide certain services related to the subscription-based services within the purview of Office 365 Cloud Solutions to our customers. These services include the following: –

    • In-depth architectural guidance
    • Administration and operation of systems
    • Monitoring and reporting regarding the internal system
    • Testing and tuning the performance standards.
    • Round the clock customer support
    • Single point of contact for support
    • Ensuring disaster and backup recovery
    • Database administration

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    What Is Office 365? What are the Cloud Services Provided Under It?

    Office 365 is a Software as a Service application created by Microsoft that provides the user organizations with a range of services that include SharePoint Online which is used to share files, Exchange Online, Lync Online, and Office Professional Plus. 

    The Office 365 cloud solution involves an array of features and capabilities that help in attaining actionable insights in real-time while allowing remote access to its features from various mobile versions. All these features collectively help in maintaining business continuity for the user organizations. This is the reason why choosing an annual subscription to an Office 365 license is a crucial step. The licensing details can be broadly categorized into the following: –

    • Business plans
    • Enterprise licenses

    Office 365 Business Plans:

    After the renaming of Office 365 into Microsoft 365, the business plans included within its purview have also been renamed to identify with the features provided by them. But, apart from the change in the name, the beneficial features, pricing structure, and advanced security capabilities have not been altered. The categorization of the business plans can be done in the following manner: –

    • Office 365 Business Essentials has been altered to Microsoft 365 Business Basic.
    • Office 365 Business Premium has been altered to Microsoft365 Business Standard.
    • Microsoft 365 Business has been modified to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.
    • Office 365 for Business is not Microsoft 365 Apps for Business.

    Office 365 Enterprise (E1, E3, E5) Plans:

    The Office 365 Business plans are suitable for companies that require limited functionality from their software applications. On the other hand, Office 365 Enterprise plans are suitable for companies that require more robust functionality. Within the Enterprise Plans, the user organization has the option of selecting from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans. While Office 365 contains only the features of Office, Microsoft 365 is a consolidated suite of features including Office 365, Enterprise Mobility, distinct security policies and Windows 10 Enterprise. The licensing details of this suite can be categorized as follows: –

    • Office 365 Enterprise E1
    • Office 365 Enterprise E3
    • Office 365 Enterprise E5

    In addition to this, the licensing format also includes First-Line Worker plans within Office 365 Enterprise plans, which are categorized as Office 365 Enterprise F1 and Office 365 Enterprise F3.

    What Are the Benefits Offered by Office 365 Cloud Solution Suite Essential?

    The features and certain other additional services included within the Office 365 Cloud Solution suite provide the user organization with an array of benefits that subsequently help in increasing the productivity of the employees and improving the overall performance of the organization. The benefits of using these features can be categorized into the following: –

    • Enhanced efficiency and productivity – The features included within Office 365 cloud services can give the employees within the user organizations, a clear and consolidated view of the tasks, assignments, workflows, timetables, and others. In addition to this, the employees involved in a project can have remote access to the workflows which increases productivity. Along with this, the offline access feature allows everyone to get a real-time sense of progress.
    • Mobile access to shared activity – The Mobile Device Management feature allows the user organization to send business-class emails, check the emails against spam, edit documents and gain access to the shared cloud information anytime from any given location through mobile apps.
    • Synchronization in the workflow – To keep stable communication with their respective clients, the user organizations can use the features included in the Office 365 suite. The features encompass instant messaging and performing voice calls. The employees can also schedule meetings with their employees as well as clients as and when required.
    • Using the financial resources wisely – The centralized management of organizational data in the Admin Centers of the cloud allows the user organization to save the infrastructure costs along with the use of features in the annual subscription The subscription-based services allow the organization to pay for what is used and nothing more.
    • Advanced threat protection – The Azure Security Center has strict security policies that are adept at keeping the organizational data secure from any outside threat.

    Which Cloud-Based Services are Provided by EPC Group?

    EPC Group is one of the most popular cloud services consulting partners in the global market. We have a dedicated group of experts that aim to help customer organizations to transition from on-premises operations to cloud computing. In addition to this, the cloud services provided by us include the following: –

    • Strategic planning for cloud management – The experts within our organization are inclined towards providing real-time support and IT consultation through a clock help desk. In addition to this, the strategic meetings with the experts of EPC Group help in data management in the cloud.
    • Consistent cloud infrastructure – The customer organizations protect their business assets through the comprehensive patch management system and advanced data security provided by us.
    • SaaS integration – The EPC Group provides certain cloud services that help in connecting business applications including Salesforce and Dynamics to create and enhance the business value from the SaaS applications.
    • Continuous monitoring and Support – We as a consulting partner have the potential to identify and resolve operational issues before they turn into costly troubles while making sure that the user organizations have access to the systems that are required by them.

    Predictable and cost-effective rates – The fixed monthly rate of our consulting services with no hidden fees makes our pricing structure cost-effective and predictable to the user organizations.

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